In-form Stewart gets through to bowls quarters

16:00, Jan 02 2014

The rise of Rangiora's Paddy Stewart continued at the New Zealand bowls championships in Dunedin yesterday.

Stewart, who earlier this season was elevated to the senior Canterbury representative side, won four games to make this morning's men's singles quarterfinals. He secured his spot in the last eight with a 21-13 win over Christchurch-based Gary Lawson, who belongs to the Victoria club in Wellington.

Leeston's Trevor Kennett was the next best performed Cantabrian in the men's singles. He won three games, including a third-round 21-17 victory over the in-form Craig McCaw (Kaikorai), before going down to New Zealand representative, Blake Signal (Stokes Valley) 21-3.

Andrew Kelly (Redcliffs) had two wins, before he lost 21-17 to Lawson.

Craig Carter (Methven) and Paul McKinnel (Elmwood) both lost their second post-section games, while Kevin Diggs (Halswell), Michael Abel (Beckenham), Simon Fleetwood (Methven) and Brian Hemi (Parklands) all fell at the first hurdle.

Havelock's Ali Forsyth is on course for a third singles title after being the biggest name to come through post-section play.


Forsyth, the 2003 and 2004 winner, is joined in the last eight by just one past titleholder from the nationals, Black Jacks team-mate Blake Signal (Stokes Valley).

A dream women's pairs final is on the cards after both Jo Edwards (United) and Sandra Keith (Dunsandel) successfully skipped their teams through post-section play.

Edwards and Val Smith have previously won the title twice, as well as the 2008 world championship, and they worked into the last eight without too much bother.

After accounting for Cathy Richards and Shirley Whyte (Timaru Town and Country) 22-6, Edwards and Smith saw off the challenge from the national club titleholders, Averil Fowler and Sue Kincaid (Balfour), 20-11.

Keith and Serena Matthews, the reigning champions, were also impressive. They beat Judy Howat (The Park Kilbirnie) and Tui Opai (Lyall Bay) 20-10 and then pushed aside Leigh Griffin (Victoria) and Kirsten Griffin (United) 19-7.

A final between Edwards and Keith is on the cards, with both on opposite halves of the draw.

However, between them lie six noted combinations.

This morning Edwards and Smith play the 2005 champion, Anne Bateman (Hikurangi), who is teamed with Rachael McDowall (Andersons Bay). Auckland's well-regarded Karen Hema and New Zealand under-18 Selina Goddard (Carlton Corwall) play singles finalist Helen King and current Black Jack Lisa White (Victoria) in the other match in the top half of the draw.

Keith and Matthews will tangle with Paritutu's Heather Johns and Val Keightley, both members of last year's winning fours side, while the other game sees national president Ann Muir (Kensington) and Carolyn Crawford (St Clair) up against Amy McIlroy (United) and Clare McCaul (Silverstream).

While Keith and Matthews were the only Canterbury women's pair to survive the day, creditability was achieved by Theresa Woodham and Pam Phair (Elmwood). They beat Sandra Holdom (Allenton) 17-14 and Shona Klimeck (Gore RSA) 23-15 before losing 18-14 to Ann Muir (Kensington) in the last 16.

After an opening win, Sheryl Pearce (Canterbury) lost to Amy McIlroy (United) 14-13, while the duos skipped by Karolyn Boon (Dunsandel), Mandy Boyd (Burnside) and singles finalist Tayla Bruce (Burnside) all fell in round one.

Results of post-section play yesterday:

Women's pairs, round 1: T Woodham (Elmwood) 17 S Holdom (Allenton) 14, D Strawbridge (Kensington) 18 F Cosgrove (Green Island) 11, S Hodges (Outram) 20 D Samuel (Te Atatu Peninsula) 14, A McIlroy (United) 18 E Blackwell (St Clair) 7, S Pearce (Canterbury) 16 B Hutton (Green Island) 15. Round 2: K Hema (Carlton Cornwall) 20 C Hargrave (Beckenham) 13, D Rayner (Johnsonville) 15 K Boon (Dunsandel) 12, K Guilford (Johnsonville) 16 T Wheeler (Petone Central) 9, H King (Victoria) 20 M Boyd (Burnside) 5, C King (Balclutha) 16 M Jones (Waverley) 12, A Bateman (Hikurangi) 16 C West (Forbury Park) 9, A Fowler (Balfour) 20 C Andrews (Paritutu) 18, J Edwards (United) 22 C Richards (Timaru Town and Country) 6, S Keith (Dunsandel) 20 J Howat (The Park Kilbirnie) 10, L Griffin (Victoria) 19 L Ralph (Pakuranga) 11, H Johns (Paritutu) 16 E Grant (Clutha Valley) 11, F Sayles (Northern) 17 T Bruce (Burnside) 15, A Muir (Kensington) 21 J Low (Te Rangi) 5, Woodham 23 S Klimeck (Gore RSA) 15, Hodges 22 Strawbridge 11, McIlroy 14 Pearce 13. Round 3: Hema 21 Rayner 9, H King 15 Guilford 13, Bateman 17 C King 11, Edwards 20 Fowler 11, Keith 19 Griffin 7, Johns 21 Sayles 13, Muir 18 Woodham 14, McIlroy 25 Hodges 3.

Men's singles, round 1: G Schaumkel (North East Valley) 21 J Susilo (Andersons Bay) 16, G Watson (Nelson) 21 G Skellern (Tauranga) 17, A Phillip (Milton) 21 B Hemi (Parklands) 6, T Scott (North East Valley) 21 B Andrews (West End Timaru) 16, T Grantham (Birkenhead) 21 T Drake (Alexandra) 10, M Nagy (Taren Point) 21 J Flynn (Te Rangi) 17, C Carter (Methven) 21 M Toomata (Makarewa) 13, B Gibson (Johnsonville) 21 R Kerr (Kia Toa) 16, K Becks (Kaikorai) 21 C Grant (Roselands) 5, J Scott (North East Valley) 21 S Boon (Dunsandel) 8, L Guy (Victoria) 21 R Hambleton (Taieri) 5, T Garelja (Carlton Cornwall) 21 P Hodson (Stoke) 7, S Beel (Mt Maunganui) 21 W Simonsen (Mornington) 17, P McKinnel (Elmwood) 21 R Ashton (Johnsonville) 15, C McCaw (Kaikorai) 21 S McIlroy (Stoke) 9, B Clements (Alexandra) 21 L Bellis (Stoke) 16, D Reece (Waihopai) 21 G Keats (Browns Bay) 18, T Kennett (Leeston) 21 H Gonsalves (Kaikorai) 11, M Grey (Green Island) 21 J Bisset (Kaka Point) 10, B King (Wilton) 21 S Bagrie-Howley (Gore) 19, B Schischka (Johnston Park) 21 W Marsic (Carlton Cornwall) 13, B Signal (Stokes Valley) 21 M Bissenden (Balclutha) 7, D Thomas (North East Valley) 21 D Mercer (Taieri) 9, A Kelly (Redcliffs) 21 B Henderson (Johnsonville) 15, G Lawson (Victoria) 21 K Rokotakala (Tawa Services) 7, C Muir (Clyde) 21 K Budge (North East Valley) 10, A Brash (Arrowtown) 21 P Wilson (Forbury Park) 18, P Stewart (Rangiora) 21 R Corry (Victoria) 20, A Lusby (Andersons Bay) 21 L Tasker (Birkenhead) 16, S Pascoe (Blaketown) 21 P Gillespie (Mornington) 11, C Wheeler (North East Valley) 21 G Cocks (Andersons Bay) 10, C Merrilees (Waikiwi) 21 B Thomson (Balclutha) 12, G Wilson (Kaikorai) 21 C Le Lievre (Eastbourne) 16, K Walker (Taieri) 21 M Watt (North East Valley) 19, I Andrews (Paritutu) 21 S Roddick (Eastbourne) 12, A Forsyth (Havelock) 21 P Belliss (Aramoho) 19, G Wakefield (Johnsonville) 21 G Low (Te Rangi) 8, A Smith (Havelock) 21 R Martin (Victoria) 4. Round 2: M Kernaghan (Kaikorai) 21 B McAuley (Forbury Park) 13, M Carroll (Eastbourne) 21 K Diggs (Halswell) 15, T Cockerill (Gore) 21 S O'Driscoll (North East Valley) 14, A McLean (North East Valley) 21 A Booth (Mangawhai) 17, S Ingham (Broadbeach) 21 L Newman (Victoria) 4, B Johnson (Andersons Bay) 21 R Boffa (Paraparaumu Beach) 15, P Sain (Carlton Cornwall) 21 M Abel (Beckenham) 11, B Hopkins (St Clair) 21 J de Malmanche (Balclutha) 10, R Thomson (Fairfield) 21 O Mason (Forbury Park) 9, S Sanders (Te Rangi) 21 D Angus (Caversham) 15, T Ludlow (Alexandra) 21 D Lowry (Rahotu) 8, R Wilson (Clutha Valley) 21 S Fleetwood (Methven) 1, R Jefferson (Gisborne) 21 P Houlahan (Alexandra) 20, Watson 21 Schaumkel 10, T Scott 21 Philip 9, Grantham 21 Nagy 18, Gibson 21 Carter 9, Becks 21 J Scott 11, Garelja 21 Guy 10, Beel 21 McKinnel 12, McCaw 21 Clements 9, Kennett 21 Reece 15, King 21 Grey 1, Signal 21 Schischka 6, Kelly 21 Thomas 14, Lawson 21 Muir 3, Stewart 21 Brash 16, Pascoe 21 Lusby 20, Wheeler 21 Merrilees 20, Walker 21 Wilson 19, Forsyth 21 Andrews 13, Smith 21 Wakefield 13. Round 3: Kernaghan 21 Carroll 8, McLean 21 Cockerill 12, Ingham 21 Johnson 7, Sain 21 Hopkins 10, Thomson 21 Sanders 13, Wilson 21 Ludlow 9, Watson 21 Jefferson 13, Grantham 21 T Scott 16, Becks 21 Gibson 9, Garelja 21 Beel 20, Kennett 21 McCaw 17, Signal 21 King 19, Lawson 21 Kelly 17, Stewart 21 Pascoe 9, Wheeler 21 Walker 14, Forsyth 21 Smith 20. Round 4: McLean 21 Kernaghan 13, Ingham 21 Sain 16, Thomson 21 Wilson 9, Watson 21 Grantham 15, Becks 21 Garelja 10, Signal 21 Kennett 3, Stewart 21 Lawson 13, Forsyth 21 Wheeler 8.

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