Read wary of Henry's inside knowledge

17:00, Sep 06 2012
Graham Henry
HELPING HAND: Sir Graham Henry arrives at an Argentina training session at the Hutt Recreation Ground.

Kieran Read reckons Graham Henry will be unable to resist spilling his guts to Los Pumas this week.

No 8 Read, who played under Henry for four years, says his former All Blacks boss is unlikely to suppress his competitive streak ahead of tomorrow night's test at the Cake Tin.

That means Henry, who has been assisting Argentina, will let the good oil on the New Zealanders flow.

"He's a guy who's really analytical and does a lot of homework on teams and feeds that back to the guys," Read said.

"He doesn't really have to do much on us because he knows us so well. I think he will probably be giving them all the secrets, so we expect them to know our game down pat."

Even with Henry slipping Argentina the All Blacks' state secrets, this result is still expected to swing heavily in the home side's favour.


"If he does it, he does it," Read shrugged. "When you are out on the field you are not thinking about what they are doing. It's about our performance."

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said footage of Henry wearing Argentina's colours at training this week brought a mixed reaction from his lot.

“Laughter - and disappointment, I suppose. There is a whole range of emotions."

Although coaches constantly evolve strategies and patterns, Hansen is wary about Henry's uncanny ability to study opposition sides and produce tactics that exploit weaknesses.

"He is one of the best analysis men in the world. He will attack us in, possibly, different places."

From a personal point of view, Hansen said Henry's decision to align himself so closely with Argentina this week was a "split decision".

"You are thinking, here is a guy who has been intimate with your team for a long, long time and you are thinking ‘I hope he doesn't tell them everything'.

"And on the other hand it is really exciting . . . to have him prepare a side to play against you, at the end of it we will find out if we have got any weaknesses or not." Dan Carter, who yesterday withdrew from the starting side because of a calf strain, is relaxed about seeing his former mentor in the opposition's garb.

"Yeah, it was pretty unusual seeing him in colours other than the All Blacks kit," he said.

"It was a little bit unusual but for me personally I am not bothered at all by it. He can do what he wants."