Nintendo to announce Wii U price

03:28, Sep 13 2012
Nintendo Wii U
NINTENDO WII U: A mix of social, casual and core gaming - but will it really appeal to core gamers?

Nintendo said it will announce the price and other details of its new game console the Wii U tonight.

Nintendo has informed us that the Nintendo Direct Wii U preview will be streamed on September 14 at 2am (NZ time), and that Australasian-specific information will be available at Nintendo's Australian site after the broadcast.

The creator of Super Mario is fielding the successor to the hit Wii console in the run up to the busy year-end shopping season and is battling Microsoft, Sony and more recently tablet and smartphone makers including Apple to woo gamers.

Supporting two GamePad controllers designed to look and function like tablets, the first console from Nintendo in six years will come with a social-gaming network dubbed "Miiverse" and will be its first machine in 16 years to launch with a dedicated Super Mario game title.