How to buy tech as a present

Tech is one of the most popular types of presents you can give at Christmas, but buying gadgets for others can be tough.

The top fitness trends for 2016

Say bye bye bootcamp and hello to yummy mummies, fitbits and streamed gym classes.

Welcome to the Fluxway

An New Plymouth entrepreneur hopes a new form of transport will take over the coastal walkway.

Doctors bring stethoscopes to phones

HeartBuds is a listening device that resembles a regular stethoscope.

Couple let dog film their wedding

If you're gobsmacked by the astronomical cost of hiring a videographer for your big day, then here's your solution.

Camera brings VR to the masses

Your next camera could be a 3D, 180-degree virtual-reality device.

Don't get burnt buying fake Apple products

In-demand Apple products such as Beats headphones and iOS accessories like chargers and cables are ripe targets for counterfeiting.

May the droid be with you

It will follow you around the house, can do some pretty cool tricks and is a must-have for children's Christmas stockings this year.

The devices that get under your skin

Fitness trackers are set to triple in popularity by 2020, and some could be skin deep.

Apple TV: Should you buy it?

The latest Apple TV is a great addition to any lounge especially as more Kiwi apps become available.

Parrot unveils drone 'for everybody'

Parrot's new Bebop Drone 2 landed this week with a promise of longer airtime.

Take care before buying a drone

Hobby drones are set to be a popular present item this Christmas, but take care before buying and flying.

Driving with Android Auto

Everybody's talking about Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but what do these systems actually do?

Static travel with Google Cardboard

It can take you to the bottom of the sea or back to WWII.

10 gadgets that are now obsolete

Do you remember trying to set a VCR or loading a roll of 35mm film into a camera?

Suit can give a 'virtual hug'

A company has unveiled a prototype full-body suit covered nodes which translate touch.

Sneak peak at CES 2016

Smarter wearable devices, zippier drones, more cars, and better TVs will be on display.

Sony finally kills Betamax

Sony will stop selling Betamax tapes next year – 13 years after the company last made a player.

iPad Pro great for work, not for play

The iPad Pro is a great device for getting work done when a laptop is too bothersome. But it's also a bit pricey, and not great for reading on.

A gadget that blocks drivers' phones

Cellcontrol makes a device that it all but locks down a driver's smartphone when he or she is behind the wheel.

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