Fujifilm unveils new cameras

Fujifilm has announced three new cameras as it carves out a share of the mirrorless market.

Hottest tech coming this year

Here are 31 items that won a CES innovation award and that may make it into your home this year.

Big phones all about compromise

Up until the last few weeks, all my smartphones have been four-point-something inches, which I thought was perfect.

A guide to buying a 4K TV

Here's a geek's guide to decode the buzzwords, alphabet soup and pricing of TVs.

Microsoft's phone that's a tablet

A recently filed patent may offer some ideas of what a Surface phone may look like.

Parent v gadget: Who's better?

For most parents, the idea of a device taking the parenting reins ranges from "over-my-dead body" to "I'll take two".

Review: Huawei MateBook

​Huawei has undergone a transformation over recent years, moving from being an obscure budget handset maker into the No. 3 slot in the smartphone market. 

Drone dream is crashing

China's DJI, the undisputed king of non-military drones, is crushing its competitors by cutting prices.

Android creator's 'essential' phone

Two years after leaving Google, Andy Rubin is preparing to take on the smartphone industry.

Review: AirPods + Apple Watch

How do two iPhone add-ons work without the iPhone? Like magic - mostly.

Nintendo Switch to launch in March

Nintendo unveil new Switch console, which alternates between a home and mobile gaming system.

Intel's new PC fits in your wallet

The Compute Card is that has the potential to extend the lifespan of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and TVs.

Apple removes lost AirPods app

Owners of Apple's wireless AirPods might now have a tougher time finding a missing earbud.

10 silly smart home devices

Ten apps for objects you never imagined could - or indeed should - be connected to the internet.

Smartphones reach saturation point

Explosive growth has led to saturation point amid intense competition.

Lenovo 'upscales' movies to VR

Lenovo's new gaming laptops and the Entertainment Hub software is expected mid 2017.

The moment Jobs unveiled the iPhone

Watch the video of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone 10 years ago.

Hyped gadgets that flopped

Hoverboards, smart glasses, GoPro drones - some of the mega hyped gadgets that failed to catch on.

Zombie phone brands return

Smartphones bearing the names of Nokia and BlackBerry are reappearing like apparitions.

A bed that will stop snorers

It's one of many domestic life-changers presented at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

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