Lasers used to take down drones

Authorities are using lasers, hijacking and geofences to control rogue drones in high-risk areas.

Apple tipped to unveil new Macs

Apple is expected to reveal new computers next week after sending out an invite to an event.

Top coach slams Microsoft tablet

A NFL coach smashed his Surface tablet saying it was unreliable and now plans to use pen and paper.

Why Nokia couldn't beat Apple

The company pioneered the smartphone but just couldn't keep up with Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Smartphone camera showdown

We compare the new Google Pixel against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7.

Review: Google Pixel smartphone

Google's new Pixel phone is a winner for anyone looking for an excellent phone.

Is a $10k camera worth it?

Not only is the Leica M expensive, it also only takes black and white images.

The amazing sweating robot

Kengoro is a sweaty beefcake among metal bipeds with the ability to do push-ups for 11 minutes straight.

Why does Google ignore NZ?

Kiwis won't be able to buy the latest Google devices unless they head overseas.

Trying out a 'hologram' keyboard

The keyboards on the latest Lenovo laptops contain no moving parts and appear only when you need it.

'Perfect' tech chair costs $8300

The workstation transitions from a standing desk to a seated table to a fully reclined platform like a dentist's chair.

Sony's new phone arrives in NZ

Sony's new flagship smartphone features the company's familiar squarish design and a highly touted camera.

Virtual reality rides hype cycle

As home VR goes mainstream, can it survive a plunge into the trough of disillusionment?

Airlines' phone fire bags

After Samsung's fire-prone phone debacle, some airlines are taking no chances with mobile and laptop batteries.

Passengers with Samsungs faces fines

Passengers face prosecution for taking fire-prone phones on planes, as airlines worldwide crack down.

Air NZ bans Note 7 phones

From 5am on Sunday, you can't take the fire-prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on all Air New Zealand flights.

Android turf war is coming

Samsung's fellow Android manufacturers such as LG and Google are in prime position to strike.

Abandoning phones is unthinkable

Power down and stop using the device? You might as well go live in a cave in a distant mountain.

How to use Apple Pay in NZ

If you have an iPhone and bank with ANZ, then you might want to take a look at Apple Pay.

Can the Samsung brand survive?

Samsung "done in China" analysts say as Note 7 death vaporises $24.1b in stock value in single day.

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