LG's curvy, sticky wall-TV

Korean company wants to make mounting your TV just as easy as sticking a magnet onto your refrigerator.

The robot that may take your job

Today’s robots are writing a new chapter in the age-old debate over people vs machines.

'Wiped' Androids flaw

Half a billion users' details potentially exposed by flaw that leaves data on 'wiped' Androids.

Life-size mech highly realistic

Movie manga robot model measures eight meters high and weighs 3.5 tonnes.

Hoverboard record broken

A Canadian man has smashed the world record for hoverboard travel.

Meet the world's angriest robot

What's scarier than an evil robot? A human who's spent 10 minutes on hold.

New iPhone snuck into ad?

Apple may have accidently published an image of the rumoured iPhone 6C on its website.

Flexible laptop comes at a price

REVIEW: If you've ever touched your laptop screen after using your smartphone and being disappointed nothing happened, it might be time to look at a hybrid computer..

Keepod sticks it to Windows

REVIEW: Running Android on a old Windows PC, Keepod keeps your desktop in your pocket.

Apple can't trademark round corners

Ruling that said iPhone's design was protected has been thrown out in court appeal.

Mass Effect boss joins HoloLens

Casey Hudson, who served as the director on the Mass Effect series, has joined Microsoft Studios.

End of the Apple TV dream

One of the most persistent rumours about Apple looks to have been permanently quashed.

Do you have 'nomophobia'?

What is it, you ask? Well, no-mobile-phone-phobia. Yes, that anxiety now has a name

Google's self-driving car graduates to public streets

Even as Google plans to test its fleet of 100 pod-like self-driving cars on US roads, its business model remains a bit of a mystery.

Taking a tour of the Apple Watch

It's sleek, shiny and not available in New Zealand yet. But one Hamilton firm has the Apple Watch in hand and is already working out how it will change life.

From controllers to self-driving

Nvidia is pushing to crack the emerging market for driver assistance systems.

What's in the new iPhone?

Reports of new colour, better camera and more processing power for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Robo-pets to replace real ones

Cats and dogs could be replaced with the robotic kind in households worldwide by 2025, an Australian professor predicts.

Bureaucracy barrier for exoskeleton

Despite Japan's prowess in robotics, advocates say high-tech prosthesis could be stymied by bureaucracy.

Bros conquer worlds bots

Two Auckland brothers dominate at robotics world championships.

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