How computers got amazing

Gordon Moore, co-funder at Intel, pushed the computer industry to ever-greater heights.

Could these change your life?

Are these the must-have gadgets of the year - or a sign of technology gone mad?

Macbook compromises a bit much

I’m not sure if I’m ready for the new Macbook. I’m not sure Apple are either.

First Apple Watch game revealed

We now have our first decent idea of what watch-based play may look like.

Westpac's Apple smart watch plans

The app will let customers make payments and transfer money with their wristwatch.

Chimps no chumps with drone

Forget privacy laws. When chimps see a drone they don't call the cops. They smash it out of the sky.

REVIEW: New Macbook brings iPad's minimalism to laptop

From the moment I took it out of the box, Apple's new MacBook looked and felt like an iPad.

Big turnout for glimpse at Watch

Aussie Apple fanatics crowd Sydney street to get the world's first up-close look at smartwatch.

Amazon's latest drones get green lit

Online retailer has won approval from US federal regulators to test a delivery drone outdoors.

Samsung expects S6 shortage

Korean tech company expects new Galaxy S6 models to set shipments record.

Living with the Apple Watch for a week

The first thing I can tell you is that it's quite an addictive little device.

Apple Watch: Early reviews are mixed

What are they saying about the Apple Watch? It's the best out there, but it has a way to go.

Apple doesn't want lines for Watch

Internal memo urges staff to tell customers to order Apple Watch online instead of waiting outside stores.

Bionic boot a robot you can wear

Engineers create unpowered exoskeleton to make walking more efficient and easier.

Charge your phone in 60 secs

Scientists at Stanford University invented an aluminium battery so powerful it could revolutionise the industry.

Smart watch could be a time saver

New wearable tech could be the missing link for businesses.

Tablet trailblazer at five

Happy fifth birthday to the leader of the tablet revolution, the Apple iPad.

Review: Samsung A3 smartphone

REVIEW: It may be described as a 'selfie camera', but don't dismiss this phone if you're over 25.

Microsoft launches 'budget' Surface tablet

Microsoft has rolled out a lower-priced Surface tablet in an effort to reach students and budget-conscious families. 

3D printing prosthetics

Seven-year-old's 'robohand' only costs $50, and when she outgrows it can easily build a replacement.

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