Hand it to LG's smartwatch

The G Watch R smartwatch is what you've been waiting for.

Last chance BlackBerry Classic

One more go for the traditional keyboard as BlackBerry bets on business workers.

Student has vision for robotics

A PhD student is hoping he can get robots to see and recognise the world around them.

France moves to ban 'e-joint'

Health minister wants to ban a controversial cannabis-extract electronic cigarette.

Robot takes to the skies

Athena becomes the first robot to travel human-style from the US to Germany.

Victory for Apple in music suit

Jury finds Apple didn't compete unfairly when it sold iPods and songs with copy-protection software.

Trouble in the bedroom

A recent survey found up to 45 per cent of people brought electronic devices into the bedroom.

Rules may clip drone wings

New US rules may stop dangerous flyers, but toy plane owners aren't happy.

Kiwi's 3D-printed record player a hit

A working vinyl record player made with a 3D printer by an innovative Kiwi is gaining worldwide attention.

'Smart' helmet response telling

Frenzied feedback about some untested drawings tells us a lot about attitudes to cycling.

Ditch the headphone port?

OPINION: If anyone is arrogant enough to kill off regular headphones, it's Apple.

iPod trial gets new plaintiff

Class-action lawsuit will likely continue as business consultant volunteers to represent consumers in suit.

Chromecast finally available

Quickflix the first New Zealand service that can be used with Google's streaming device.

PowerbyProxi on way to $30m

Kiwi firm committed to bringing the wireless charging revolution to New Zealand.

Tech ruining our memory

But should memorising information even still be a priority?

iPod Classics sell for thousands

That iPod Classic that's been gathering dust in your bedside cabinet could now be worth hundreds.

Apps keep victims in the loop

Police have got the green light to submit evidence recorded on their iPads and iPhones in family violence cases.

Apple executive jailed

Man who sold iPhone maker's secrets to suppliers will serve a year in prison and must repay US$4.5m.

'Garage a bit of a myth'

Steve Wozniak says the story about the Jobs family's Silicon Valley garage is 'overblown'.

Making a call on a Christmas phone

Deciding which smartphone to buy is, to butcher a phrase, like comparing Apples with androids.

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