Apple protects crop of inventions

A phone that rotates like a cat midair to avoid landing on its glass face might not hit the shelves soon but it's in Apple's patent portfolio.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Steve Jobs got it wrong

He was a genius and a visionary with an amazing track record of picking winners. But he got it wrong with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Watch available from April

Apple's smartwatch will go on sale in April though it is still unclear when Kiwis will be able to buy one.

iPhone helps Apple smash sales records

Apple had another blowout quarter, earning $100b in three months thanks to 'staggering' demand for its phones.

G Flex 2 release date announced

LG said it will start selling its new curved smartphone next week - but only in South Korea.

Batteries still suck

Battery capacity has tripled since 1990, but that's nowhere near enough.

iPad stylus on the way?

A stylus would be out of character for Apple, but reliable sources indicate one could be coming.

School costs pile up for parents

Parents shocked to find $500 laptop computers added to compulsory stationery lists.

Industry-specific tablets? HP's new push

After failing to keep up with the boom in mobile and cloud computing, HP is fighting back with tablets designed for doctors, retailers and other professionals.

Jingle helps asthmatic kids

The theme song to The Simpsons has helped dramatically improve the lot of asthmatic children.

Drones a disaster in the making

OPINION: What will happen when the sick, twisted and reckless get their hands on this technology?

Crowdfunding propels science

Scientists turning to online fundraising to help bring their hi-tech inventions, such as rocket thrusters and cancer cures, to life.

Device may catch cellphone drivers

Electronic detectors could be used to nab drivers on their phones, as nearly half of mobile use goes undetected.

Google halts Glass sales

After less than a year of disappointing sales, Google are halting sales of their much-mocked wearable, but claim this isn't the end.

Xiaomi challenges the iPhone

China's largest smartphone producer has unveiled a new flagship - the Mi Note, and they aren't shy about who they are challenging with it.

Is Ara the future of phones, or mere gimmickry?

Google announced a market trial in Puerto Rico later this year for a phone unlike any other.

How to smuggle 94 iPhones into China

Well, we always knew Apple were getting into wearables.

Samsung want to buy Blackberry

Samsung are interested in purchasing the struggling smartphone maker - for patents.

Nine things from CES you may actually want to buy

A lot of the funnest stuff at CES will never make it to market. This stuff will.

Are Apple taking on GoPro?

Apple has just been granted a patent for a wearable camera similar to a GoPro.

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