iPhone product cycle may change

Apple may only revamp the iPhone every three years instead of two years.

The ones to watch

'Groundbreaking' technology often feels a world away. Here's 5 Kiwi start-ups with tech you'll actually see.

Are always-on home speakers creepy?

How do you feel about buying a connected speaker for the kitchen that could listen to every word you're saying?

7 must-have gadgets

Winter might be dragging it's heels, but it's coming - grab a gizmo and spice things up.

Is your Fitbit telling fibs?

Some fitness trackers are out of step by more than 30pc, a researcher says.

Four rival phones compared

When it comes to the latest crop of smartphones, there's good news and bad news.

Apple working on Echo-like device

Apple is planning to make Siri smarter and eventually will deploy the digital assistant on a standalone device.

The Fitbit for your liver

Was that your second glass of wine, or your third? BACtrack Skyn can take care of that.

Bendable smartphones are coming

A little-known startup is gunning to be the first to sell bendable smartphones this year.

iPhone 7 designs leaked

Reports of a huge Apple order indicate the iPhone 7 could deliver the biggest shake-up to the line in years.

Microsoft cautious with HoloLens

While Google took a flashy approach to it augmented reality glasses, Microsoft is treading carefully.

Google reveals modular smartphone

If all goes smoothly, you'll be able to buy a Google modular smartphone next year.

Minority Report tech arrives

While coarser gesture detection has been around for a bit, the new chips are more precise.

Look who's back, back again

Two years after walking away, iconic cellphone brand Nokia returns to smartphones.

Huawei P9 arrives in NZ

​Huawei's new flagship smartphone features dual rear-facing cameras.

Google reveals new products

The company has a new smart-home speaker and virtual reality system.

Apple loses iPhone case

OPINION: The loss of a four-year trademark case does not help Apple's cause.

PCs dead? Not for gaming

Razer is one PC company that is doing well while others struggle.

Moleskine notepad goes digital

The company's digital offering is more profitable than classic paper notebooks.

Spraying from the sky

The unmanned helicopter is designed to go into areas that are dirty, dark and dangerous. But it comes at a price.

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