Food blogger a marathon cheat

Her fitness tracker said 18.7km run in record time. One problem: The race is 21km long.

New iPhone may do 3-D selfies

Apple's next smartphone may have a camera that can map your face.

Room wirelessly charges any device

No more cord bundles cluttering up the room and no more worrying about a dead phone.

Are older stereos better?

Are there actual reasons that older equipment can sound different or better?

Why Apple TV failed to take off

Time and again, engineers have been forced to compromise on Apple's vision of revolutionising the living room.

Robot like a super-smart pet

If you've been dreaming for years about having your own R2-D2 or BB-8, get ready.

Hoverbike inspired by Star Wars

If you crossed a motorcycle with a drone, you'd end up with something like the Scorpion.

6 ways to take a phone break

The worst thing about taking a break from your phone is that you may miss an Instagrammable moment.

How Chromebooks conquered schools

Chromebooks have defied expectations and made major inroads in an unexpected environment - schools.

The world's first edible drone

The drone costs $260, can travel 40km and can carry 50kg of food into remote disaster areas.

Explaining the new iPhone screens

Apple is rumoured to be changing the screen on its new phones which may increase prices.

Customs' new drug laser

Drug smugglers and dealers beware, the drug laser is here.

Dumb phones: The good and bad

Dumb phones may be poised to make a comeback, but why would you want one?

Nokia brick may return

Its battery lasted forever, and it was almost indestructible. Now a much loved cellphone is set to make a comeback.

Rumours about the next iPhone

The next iPhone may include a new (possibly curved) screen, higher prices and wireless charging.

Do you actually own your device?

Companies are exerting greater remote control over their devices - changing how and whether they work.

Review: Oppo R9S smartphone

The R9S feels a lot like the love child of an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Passenger-carrying drone for Dubai

The craft can carry a passenger weighing up to 100kg and will begin regular operations in July.

How to stop your TV tracking you

Smart televisions can collect more information about you than you think.

Do smartwatches have a future?

Samsung's third generation smartwatch has finally arrived in New Zealand but the gadgets are still struggling to thrive.

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