Hands on with the BB-8 droid

It's a droid from the upcoming Star Wars that is an actual robot, not just a ball that lights up.

Hands on Samsung's Gear S2

Samsung's latest smartwatch is a bold move on many levels, and it looks like the risks have paid off.

Samsung always watching at IFA

Samsung would like to track your every move, from the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep in front of one of their televisions, but only if you'll let them. Berlin IFA gadget show:

What are Apple unveiling next week?

Spoiler alert: Next week the iPad goes pro, the iPhone beefs up its camera and Apple begins its big TV push.

Star Wars droid on sale in NZ

The new must-have gadget is not the latest smartphone, but a cute Star Wars inspired robot.

Stylish with a stylus

The Galaxy Note 5 is handy for anyone who struggles using their fingers on a phone's touchscreen.

What's hot at IFA this year

Beyond phones, new technology expected to be unveiled includes internet-connected appliances and rollable keyboards.

Android watches to work with iPhones

Google is introducing an application that will connect Android smartwatches with Apple's iPhone.

PC-building easier than ever

The latest PC cases are making it easier than ever to build your own PC.

Samsung unveils circular smartwatch

The new S2 promises two to three days of battery life, compared with Apple Watch's 18 hours.

Coming soon, force touch and 4K

New tech and gimmicks appear nearly everyday in the tech world, with some (fingerprint scanning) becoming mainstream while others (curved phones) fail to catch on.

Giant robot gears up to battle

It looks fearsome. One arm is a missile launcher and the other a cannon. And it's headed for Japan.

What's Siri hiding?

Invites to annual September showcase show Siri may hold the key to some Apple secrets.

Kiwi drones crack into US airspace

A robust piece of Kiwi ingenuity is on threshold of cracking the US drone market.

Hollywood's new toy hits NZ

It may be awhile before Kiwis are zipping around on Lexus hoverboards, but until then the Segway's cool cousin can self-propel people.

Health-tracking to extremes

Has the launch of the Apple Watch and other fitness devices got exercise fanatics hooked?

Device reduces shake in GoPro videos

Camera shake is the curse of anyone who has made a sports or action video with jiggly ruining many shots.

Bullied boy gets bionic hand

Nine-year-old has suffered years of "vicious name calling" - but this robotic limb is finally giving him his independence back.

Why we shoud ban killer robots

Here's the argument for banning killer robots before we're swarmed by them.

Ripped off by 'smishing' scam

Woman fights back after scammers allegedly charged her Vodafone mobile account.

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