Obama wants fastest computer ever

President's latest project aims to build a supercomputer that can process a billion-billion operations per second.

Smart rifle gets hacked

Security experts uncover weaknesses in internet-connected self-aiming firearms that lets hackers can take control.

The wearable you already own

A truly wearable device should feel like clothes. The Apple Watch isn't clothing, it's jewellery.

Microsoft beats Google

Search engine punished for unfairly demanding billions of dollars for use of patents covering Wi-Fi and video downloads.

Robot bug can jump on water

Robot inspired by water striders, a family of bugs known for their ability to skilfully skim the water's surface.

Toyota helper robot cares for the sick

It glides around like R2-D2 and is devoted to a single task: picking things up.

Goodbye, Android, hello darkside

Stagefright finally convinces tech journalist to abandon Google's smartphones.

Nokia innovates with VR camera

Now you can make your own virtual reality movies with Nokia's latest gadget, the Ozo.

Candle charges phones

Light a candle, fill the device with water, and you have a charger.

Oculus reboots 3D films

Is Henry really a movie? Or is it a game? Or something else entirely?

Photographer's drone coming to NZ

It's simple to use, and comes with a video game-style controller so you can take off, land or pause with a single touch.

EMDrive to revolutionise space travel

Nasa's controversial engine can get from Earth to Pluto in just 18 months, and a German scientist says it may actually work.

Did phone charger cause fire?

Check your phone charger for faults. It could save you a house.

Android text hack uncovered

Ninety-five per cent of Android phones may be vulnerable to a text message hack.

Ban killer robots: Experts

Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak lead a team of Artificial Intelligence experts who want the UN to ban killer robots.

Beijing police shut down counterfeit iPhone factory

Police in Beijing have busted a factory that produced more than 41,000 fake iPhones worth as much as NZ$28.6 million.

Asimo now trilingual

Honda's Asimo robot can now have simple conversations in three languages.

Remote control mouse brain

US scientists use a wireless controller to direct the path of laboratory mice with a combo of drugs and lights.

Tech to track lost items

Next generation of tracking devices use augmented reality to locate lost items.

Drone rules target businesses

Requiring drone pilots to get consent from owners of properties they fly over will affect businesses, a South Canterbury operator says.

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