Facebook's drone takes flight

Facebook hopes its drone will help it extend internet connectivity to every corner of the planet.

Phone screens to get stronger

​Dropping your smartphone mid-selfie may soon be less traumatic with the latest iteration of Gorilla Glass.

The VCR is officially dead

The VCR's demise may come as a shock, mostly because many thought it was already dead.

Where will our phones go next?

After Pokemon Go the sky's the limit, says Kiwi games developer.

USB car charger maps where you parked

The in-car gadget charger and app which remembers where you parked.

Apple's iPhone 7 sneak peek?

A video posted on Chinese social network Weibo appears to feature an extended look at Apple's iPhone 7, which is expected to be revealed in the coming months.

Tips for buying a big screen TV

San Jose Mercury News

Review: Star Trek Communicator

The Star Trek Communicator is a working replica of the prop used in the original 1960s series of Star Trek.

DNA may replace hard drives

A team successfully encoded about 200 megabytes of data onto synthetic DNA molecules.

Acer gambles on virtual reality

Acer's best chance of regaining relevance in the brutal arena of computing gadgets may be virtual reality.

Apple's computer sales slide

Apple shipped 4 to 8 per cent fewer Mac computers during the second quarter of 2016.

Finally, a 32GB iPhone

The next iPhone may not be as spectacularly different, but it could come with more storage space.

Gadget can visualise thoughts

Researchers were able to pretty accurately sketch out the thoughts of participants simply by scanning their brains.

Device brings internet everywhere

OpenCellular looks like a breadbox and can be mounted on trees, poles and other objects.

Fuji releases X-T2 camera

The battle between mirrorless and DSLR cameras continues with the release of Fuji's latest product.

'Apple of drones' flies high

DJI owns 70 per cent of the market and the company essentially put recreational drone-flying on the map.

Drones keep an eye on stock

Drones could potentially measure feed levels in paddocks in the future.

End of the BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry will no longer manufacture the Classic, a beloved, updated model of the original that made the company a smartphone leader before Apple and Samsung dethroned it.

Girl's joy over Frozen printed arm

Karissa Miller, 9, born without a hand, received her own Frozen themed prosthetic.

'iPhone inventor' suing Apple

Thomas Ross of Florida launched the proceedings last week seeking $US10 billion in compensation.

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