Switching from smart to dumb phones

Abandoning your smartphone for an older-style mobile phone frees you to pay more attention to the world around you.

Eliminate phone envy - for a price

Is it worth signing up to a smartphone trade-up deal? Blayne Slabbert checks them out.

Kiwis mobile data obsessed

Survey shows half of young Kiwis would rather give up calls and texts than mobile data.

Intel takes aim at the mobile market again

With a flurry of new chips and strategies, Intel is mounting its biggest push ever into a mobile computing market.

Samsung's new phones may edge out Apple

If you love smartphones and design, Samsung has a new object of desire for your look book.

Japanese robot giant leap for 'rabbit'-kind

Japan is racing to put a robot on the moon.

Drone approval too little, too late

Amazon says its drone approved for testing by the Federal Aviation Administration is no longer being used.

Using servers to heat homes

Dutch company Nerdalize wants to use the excess heat generated by servers to warm European homes.

Racing: the sport of robot-kings

A hefty bot designed for search-and-rescue and a spindly four-legged rival to face off in the debut Vecna Robot Sprint Challenge.

Microsoft apps for Samsung

Samsung's new Galaxy S6 phones will come with OneNote, One Drive storage, and Skype.

Man that refused a third of Apple

In 1976 Steve Jobs approached Nolan Bushnell asking for $50,000 in return for a third ownership of Apple Computer.

Durex wants couples turned off

Condom-maker has released a smartphone app that will turn off lovers’ smartphones at agreed times.

Would you date a robot?

The rise of artificial intelligence is changing attitudes on robot romance.

Silicon Valley meets Switzerland

Google will team with Tag Heuer, Intel to create some fancy wrist candy.

Amazon okayed to test drones

US flight regulators give e-retailer approval to test fly its drone-to-door delivery service.

USB-C cables, ports coming soon

Get ready to replace your computer cables and buy some new adapters - the ports and plugs you use are about to start changing.

Liquid Terminator printing

The newest innovation in 3-D printing looks pretty similar to the villain of Terminator 2, and that's no mistake.

Are smartwatches worth it?

Lee Suckling looks at whether people will swap their designer watches for a smartwatch.

Will the Apple Watch wean us off screens?

Screens have dominated the digital world for decades. Will wearables like the Apple Watch finally change that?

Google Glass 'overhyped'

Google X research lab boss admits its Glass gadget was overhyped for an unfinished product.

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