Kindle Oasis aimed at avid readers

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon's sleekest yet - and at $599, unnecessary unless you're a die-hard reader.

Are phones doomed like PCs?

The industry has yet to identify and market the next big idea to take the place of smartphones.

Contact lens will record your life

Sony is the latest company to put forward a plan for futuristic optical devices.

Tech to beat the burglars

Are smarthome alarm systems better than the old-school variety?

'It's better than Game of Thrones'

An iPad misplaced at the airport went on its own vacation, as the internet sat back and watched.

Remotes: the most hated gadget

Remotes have managed to deliver more tech pain than any other gadget.

Hands on: Ultra HD Blu-ray

​One of the first Ultra HD Blu-ray players delivers the goods but you'll want a top-shelf television.

Oculus Rift delays flatten fervour

Some longtime supporters of Oculus have defected to rival VR systems.

Are Google smart lenses on the way?

Google has lodged a patent design in the US for a smart lens intended to correct poor vision.

Formless computers of the future

You've heard of the internet of things. But what about computers that aren't things at all?

Check before you fly

Letters about the new rules have been sent out to known drone operators in the area.

Kiwi tech attracts News Corp

Christchurch brothers are making real waves in the world of augmented reality.

Camera drone can follow you

Drones have long been used to take aerial photos, but now you can get one that follows you around.

Don't compare Watch to iPhone

It's too premature to declare the Apple Watch a knockout or a failure.

Microsoft should stop making phones

Did you know Microsoft makes smartphones? It does. But it shouldn't anymore.

Apple reveals lifespan of iPhone

iPhones and iPads are only expected to last three years, according to information from Apple.

The smart sofa is here

Meet the adaptable sofa that can be controlled by phone and will move itself when it gets bored.

Inventions that make humans look stupid

Our ability to innovate is the driver of human progress. But sometimes, we get a bit carried away. 

Device targets driving texters

Privacy looms as the major roadblock in a crack down on rogue texters behind the wheel.

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