Fitbit's new tracker for swimming

The company is also releasing an motivational feature called Adventures that will be available to all Fitbit users.

What to expect from Apple's event

Apple has confirmed it will have an event on September 8 at which it is expected to introduce a new iPhone.

Watch a building burn

GoPros, google maps and virtual reality will help you escape a burning building better.

Turn your eyes into a mouse

The man who invented the LeapPad tablet for kids is betting the killer app is right in front of your face: the eyes.

Showdown: Note 7 v S7 Edge

Choosing which to plunk down a wedge of your hard earned cash for is a pretty tough choice.

Porsche's self-adjusting tech

Porsche's new Panamera offers groundbreaking new road scanning technology.

Is this camera a DSLR killer?

The Fujifilm X-T2 is a serious camera designed for someone who wants the best from their photography.

'Touch disease' infects iPhones

A defect in iPhone 6 models is causing screens to not work properly.

Chargeable bags feed your gadgets

Backpacks that have charging and data-storing features are a booming business and sales are up almost 5 per cent.

Android coming to Chromebook PCs

The Google Play Store - and 2.2 million Android apps, are coming to Chromebooks in the next few months.

Apple and Samsung still tops

When it comes to what matters, Apple and Samsung rule, and they're unlikely to be dislodged soon.

Hands on: Microsoft Hololens

Picking up where Pokemon Go leaves off, Microsoft's Hololens delivers a new way of looking at the world.

Switched on to service

Staff at a popular Blenheim store are so switched on to customer service they have been named the best in the business.

Breakthrough in battery power

Researchers have made a rechargeable battery that lasts twice as long as today's versions.

Rise of the drones

"It's when people take their eye off the drone that problems happen."

Robot dance-off

'The kids are willing to give up half their lunch to do this.'

TV head-to-head: Samsung v LG

Television manufacturers are pushing new display technology in a bid to get people to upgrade their sets.

Apple and Microsoft's ad battle

The two companies are arguing over the vital question of what exactly is a computer.

Future comes to class

One day we'll communicate with computers without keyboards and mice, enthusiast says.

Why JB Hi-Fi sells CDs, DVDs

CDs and DVDs aisles have shrunk to make room for more profitable and popular products.

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