Amazon gadget picks your outfit

The Echo Look is a voice-controlled camera that uses fashion advice and trends to pick clothes for you.

Samsung S8 hit by glitch

The company is releasing software updates after some users faced red-tinted screens and spotty wi-fi connections.

Another TV format war coming

Samsung and Amazon Video are taking on LG and Netflix over High Dynamic Range in televisions.

How to cope with 'ringxiety'

The average person checks their cellphone about 60 times per day, whether they hear a sound or not.

What's the iPhone's future?

Perhaps the product that most closely approximates the iPhone's future is the venerable IBM Selectric typewriter.

Squeeze on juicer startup

Two investors in Silicon Valley gadget surprised to learn juice packs could be squeezed without using its machine.

Bose accused of spying

Bose spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, a lawsuit has charged.

Device mixes a Kindle and iPad

A new device claims to have a "canvas" display that looks and feels like real paper.

Apple readies iPhone overhaul

For the redesigned phone, Apple is testing a new type of screen, curved glass and and more advanced cameras.

The man who built his own iPhone

Some people will go to huge lengths to save a few bucks on their next smartphone.

Review: Fujifilm's latest camera

The X-T20 packs a lot of power into its small body but it's also simple enough for beginners.

Tilting phones may let in hackers

The way you tap in a PIN or password might reveal to malicious hackers what you've just typed.

iPhone may get shock absorbers

Apple has applied for a patent that would give iPhones a pop-out bumper to protect them when they fall.

Samsung delays voice assistant

While some of Bixby's features will work, it won't be able to respond to any user voice commands.

Not such a sound idea

A new device from Sennheiser promises to reduce background noise and dramatic music so dialogue is easier to hear.

The changing role of desktops

Companies may shift from making affordable computers that can work in every home to higher-end, more specialised machines.

Review: Huawei P10

The P10 looks a lot like its predecessor but there are some subtle and well thought out tweaks additions.

Can Oppo take on tech giants?

Oppo smartphones have finally arrived in New Zealand but how do they compare to Apple and Samsung?

Apple repair policies investigated

Apple's warranty policies are under scrutiny on two fronts in NZ and Australia.

Huawei phones have te reo Maori

Huawei's new smartphones are the first in the world to feature te reo Maori as a language option.

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