Mummy blogger Heather Armstrong says 'real voices' being silenced online

Furry animals, bland promos and ad-blocking software have created a 'perfect storm', says top blogger.

Want to upgrade your old car with the latest safety tech? Good luck with that.

Automakers show little interest in upgrading existing cars with safety tech on their own.

Pornhub's whale advocacy won't actually help the whales all that much

Porn website's "charitable" push will likely cost them less than 1 per cent of their revenue.

Sex-tech entrepreneur Cindy Gallop says NZ could 'clean-up' in industry

It's love, not porn, says sex-tech entrepreneur Cindy Gallop - and she believes NZ could play a big part.

There's now a Vegemite emoji

The popular breakfast spread is part of 40 emoji available on a new smartphone app.

Wi-fi routers are getting more expensive

The most under-appreciated gadget in your home is getting new tech and a new price tag.

6 tips to keep your Facebook clean, secure and private

Now is a good time to do some digital cleanup, while the year is still fresh.

How Twitter's new timeline works

Well, Twitter fans. The apocalypse has come. Twitter's reordered timeline is here.

YouTube wants to be Netflix

YouTube's Red subscription service began a big push for subscriptions this week.

Netflix geo-blocking crackdown hits PayPal customers

PayPal is refusing to process payments from at least one virtual private network provider.

Google's driverless cars are now legally the same as a human driver

If you hop into one of Google's pod-like self-driving cars in the US, you won't be considered the driver.

Snapchat is gobbling your data

The app is being blamed for using lots of data, but there's an easy way to fix it.

New hope for Hawaiki or Bluesky cable after Pacific Island leaders meet in Auckland

Internet access in the Pacific is expensive and limited, but with NZ's help that may change.

Final Fantasy IX available for smartphones

The game costs $25 and you'll need 8GB free on your device.

Smartphones are like slot machines

Having a smartphone is like carrying a casino in your pocket, but there are ways to curb your addiction.

Apps are the future of friendship-finding

Hey! VINA is an app specifically for women looking for friends.

How to get 2GB free from Google

Google is giving away free storage in honour of Safer Internet Day.

How to make 360 videos and photos

As long as you've got the right camera, creating these new style of videos is easy.

$75,000 headphones are like 'heroin for the ears'

These headphones may cost as much as a European car, but their sound is addictive.

Exploitation in electronics: Report reveals links to child labour

"In today's global marketplace consumers have no idea about the conditions at the mine, factory, and assembly line."

Why do grown adults subject their Facebook contacts to 'friendship tests'?

OPINION: Your online pals might not be your "true" friends... and that's OK. So stop with the friendship "tests".

Springboks' mateship and French fearlessness could have undone All Blacks

The World Cup All Blacks had extraordinary data at their fingertips, but it could only go so far.

With my laptop, it's personal

Digital etiquette is an evolving world so if you do use someone else's device, tread carefully.

Twitter share price tumbles to all-time low

Twitter's stock price falls to its lowest level ever ahead of its upcoming quarterly earnings report.

Wired debuts ad-free website to appease ad blockers

Wired readers will have choice: pay for an ad-free version of the site, or go away.

Relive old-school computer viruses

In the early days of computer viruses, a lot of malware had some text or a flashy graphic.

India says no to Facebook's "free" internet for the poor

India has banned the social network from offering a controversial service known as Free Basics.

What's planned for Titanfall 2

Changes to the follow-up game include a single-player campaign and a companion TV series.

A phone with 7-day battery life planned by fuel-cell maker

A fuel-cell powered phone could be on the market in two years if everything goes to plan.

Internet advice site answers with GIFs

Ask Cat feels different from a traditional advice column, and it's not just the tacky GIFs.

Lawyers circling Apple's 'error 53' iPhone killer

Lawyers believe Apple is forcing users to use their repair services or face "error 53".

Microsoft's Cortana will get mad if you're rude

Microsoft's female virtual assistant is programmed not to take sexism or racism.

Six weeks with no internet gave Houstons a problem

The internet is a basic part of life. So why did the Houstons of Geraldine have to wait so long?

Microsoft Xbox tweets support for cross-console 'lovers'

She's on Team Xbox. He's on Team Playstation. But Microsoft approves.

Waikato University student classifies cyber attacks with Interpol

An international policing organisation is getting a little bit of help from the Waikato.

Twitter suspends more than 125,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorist acts'

Twitter has shut down more than 125,000 terrorism-related accounts since the middle of 2015.

Fury over iPhone 'error 53' that leaves phones almost worthlesss

Thinking of updating your iPhone operating system? Read this first.

Ako Hiko bridges technology gap in schools

Costs are weighed up as devices in schools are adding extra strain on finances for parents, while the technology is preparing children for the future.

Facebook 'Friends Day' video falls flat with users

For those who didn't know, Thursday was "Friends Day".

NZ software firms well-placed to capitalise on payments move says Visa

Local boss hopes Kiwi start-ups will be quick to seize new opportunity.

Police concerned over snap-happy bystanders at crash scenes

Bystanders could be breaching someone's privacy by sharing crash photos on social media.

Why everyone hates Uber's new logo

The new logo could've been a photo of an adorable puppy and people would still hate it.

Making a holiday movie worth remembering

A movie lets you bring together images and footage to watch over (and over) again.

Fitbit puts fashion first with Alta

Fitbit wants its latest entry-level fitness tracker to be fashionable with colour like teal and plum.

Google search chief Singhal to retire, replaced by John Giannandrea

Google's internet search chief is stepping down.

iPhone 7: What to expect from Apple's next device

Several design changes are expected for the iPhone 7 including removing the protruding lens.

His internet was slow so he set up a robot to pester company

A man frustrated with his download speeds set up a Twitter bot that tweets every time his internet slows down.

Student in trouble for renting out dorm room on Airbnb

A university student was fined after renting out his dorm room on Airbnb.

SwiftKey keyboard makers become millionaires

Microsoft is buying SwiftKey, one of the most popular alternative keyboards on iOS and Android.

The rise of coding boot camps

The goal is to fill the talent gap in the technology workforce by connecting trainees and employers.
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