Porn problem for New Plymouth District Council website

One wrong move getting to this council's website and you'll end up somewhere not suitable for work.

Fujifilm X-T2: camera review

The Fujifilm X-T2 is a serious camera designed for someone who wants the best from their photography.

Google Duo v Apple Facetime: Video chat app showdown

While Duo may be aimed at FaceTime, I'm not convinced it's going to convince iPhone users to switch to Android.

Panic over nude images shaped the web as we know it

The female body has, from the beginning, been the catalyst for attempts to regulate what's on the web.

iPhones infected with 'touch disease'

A defect in iPhone 6 models is causing screens to not work properly.

Nelson Provincial Museum uses Pokémon to lure kids to exhibitions

How do you attract more young people to see rare artefacts? Drop a Pokemon Go lure of course.

Apple on Tim Cook's watch: Five years of change

Few would deny he was the right man to take over after Steve Jobs, but an undisputed hit product has proved elusive.

Anaesthetist slams Greenpeace for 'spam attack' aimed at his councillor wife

An anaesthetist fears patient data may have been lost in a torrent of emails sent to his councillor wife.

Internet usage is increasing, but swap to high speed fibre is still buffering

Kiwis are surfing more with an increasing need for speed.

'To my daughter's drug dealer': A distraught mother's impassioned Facebook post

Instead of hugging Ashley on her 28th birthday, Tina Louden caressed the urn bearing her ashes and posted a message.

How to keep your emails safe

Be careful with your emotions and what you write about other people in emails, unless you want them broadcast to the world.

Zoo deletes its Twitter account after barrage of Harambe memes

"@CincinnatiZoo deleted their Twitter just like they deleted Harambe", wrote one Twitter user.

Chargeable backpacks feed your smartphone addiction

Backpacks that have charging and data-storing features are a booming business and sales are up almost 5 per cent.

We all waste time on the internet, but this guy became an expert on it

We all waste time on the internet, but this guy became an expert on it.

Nerve dare game in movie has real counterpart

Double Dog is a game that allows users to send and receive dares within the community on the app.

Android 7.0 Nougat: Everything about Google's latest mobile software

Nougat changes the way Android works on your smartphone in several fundamental ways.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges wants self-driving car trials to begin this year

Transport Minister Simon Bridges wants trials to begin this year - but is technology ready?

The one Google Maps hack that makes travel planning easier

Feature allows you to keep track of everything you see or read about that sounds interesting.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges keen on self-driving cars in NZ by end of the year

Government keen on self-driving car tests in NZ by the end of the year, but don't tear up your driver's licence yet.

Google rolls out new Android system to Nexus

Google is ready to start sending out the latest version of its Android operating system to a handful of devices.

Spanish police try out drones on beaches

Spanish authorities have rolled out the new technology to detect swimmers and boats in trouble.

Pokemon Go is officially in decline

Data shows Pokemon Go's daily active users, downloads and engagement are all well off their peaks.

Google opens Chromebook PCs to Android

The Google Play Store - and 2.2 million Android apps, are coming to Chromebooks in the next few months.

Shops and pubs move to block cellphones

One bar has put up a Faraday cage while several shops have stopped offering free wi-fi.

Apple and Samsung still dominate tech industry

When it comes to what matters, Apple and Samsung rule, and they're unlikely to be dislodged soon.

Two new PlayStations could signal major change in console industry

The new models are an opportunity to capitalise on technologies that have become more mainstream.

Hands on: Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset

Picking up where Pokemon Go leaves off, Microsoft's Hololens delivers a new way of looking at the world.

Harambe meme flood hits zoo staff hard

Jokes and memes around shot gorilla Harambe aren't funny and are upsetting staff, Cincinnati Zoo's boss says.

The technology geek shall inherit the earth

OPINION: I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

Deus Ex - Mankind Divided: Game scores political points by tackling tough issues

Game that sparked outrage for using "mechanical apartheid" in marketing material deserves credit for tackling tough issues.

How they make it: Good George beer

Ever wondered how they make Waikato's iconic Good George brews?

PS4 Slim images leak online before launch

Images of a PlayStation 4 Slim model appeared to have leaked online via a UK auction site.

Doctor get savvy with technology in medical consultations

Doctors increasingly use smartphones to take photos, videos and audio of patients during consultations.

No Man's Sky: Six things I learned

To say No Man's Sky is ambitious is a galactic understatement.

Teachers upskill in technology to keep pace with today's student

Students have grown up in a wi-fi, smartphone, online collaboration world.

Breakthrough batteries half the size with the same amount of power

Researchers have made a rechargeable battery that lasts twice as long as today's versions.

Twitter has a really good anti-harassment tool - and it's finally available to everyone

The automated moderation tool hides tweets that are abusive, threatening or spammy.

Five myths about the web

The history of the web includes some persistent myths and comically naive predictions.

The personal details Facebook uses to target ads to you

It's scarily accurate how the social media site knows exactly what you're thinking about.

Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs was not always such a good leader

The Apple co-founder says the myths were created by advertisers.

Masterton children making prosthetic hands for overseas amputees

A group of Wairarapa children are using a 3D printer to make mechanical hands for those in need.

Budget Buster: Let's end the 'extended warranty' hustle

It's time to learn your rights as a consumer, and unleash your inner bush lawyer.

Drone popularity sparks safety plea in Marlborough

"It's when people take their eye off the drone that problems happen."

Bound: Ballet-based platformer reopens games-as-art debate

Bound is almost certainly the world's first ballet-based platform game. But is it art?

Smartphones, wi-fi change the rules for parental control

Software installed on individual computers is not cutting the mustard says third-largest internet provider. to shut down next week is going to shut down as its parent company is sold to Univision.

Robots in class teach kids about coding

'The kids are willing to give up half their lunch to do this.'

TV head-to-head: Samsung v LG

Television manufacturers are pushing new display technology in a bid to get people to upgrade their sets.

Inventor turns his Laser Tag game into anywhere, anytime iPhone sport

Combatants to play virtual shoot-em-up anywhere using iPhones as the gun, map, scoring system and communication tool.

Sky's Fan Pass launches on Apple TV

Sky's Fan Pass has launched on the Apple TV, but don't get too excited about the Olympics.
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