Why there aren't many 3D Touch apps for the new iPhone yet

3D Touch is the standout reason to buy the new iPhone, but barely any apps use it. Here's why.

Finding the best video game console for you

Choosing a console will depend on the preferences of the users. Here's the advantages of all three.

What's next for Yahoo?

Yahoo has starred in a decade-long soap opera as it struggles to return to its glory days.

Walk-Man the humanoid walks tall

Engineers create droid that could replace firefighters, soldiers and bomb disposal experts

How to protect yourself from cybercrime this Christmas

Online fraud spikes during the holiday shopping season, but there are easy ways to avoid it.

NSA ends phone surveillance

The NSA programme is shut down 14 years after it was started in secret.

Silicon Valley professionals take LSD to boost productivity

Coffee may be your mind-sharpening tool of choice, but some of Silicon Valley's brightest brains are relying on something substantially stronger.

Transport Ministry predicts drones, self-drive cars and a car butler in future

Flying cars? Hovercraft? The Ministry of Transport reveals its predictions.

How to buy tech as a Christmas present

Tech is one of the most popular types of presents you can give at Christmas, but buying gadgets for others can be tough.

Big brands don't mind live Periscope stumbles to reach millennials

Big brands are continually looking to find the best ways to reach their audience, and it seems Periscope is the latest tool.

I went on a week-long social media diet, and here's what happened

OPINION: The day I gave up social media, I went on Facebook three times. 

Li-fi: 100 times faster than wi-fi

The new form of wireless tech has clocked in at speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second.

10 internet moments of 2015 that we wish we could forget

This year, many, many things have happened online that were bad or annoying or depressing. 

PlayStation 2 games are coming to PlayStation 4

Veteran gamers are rejoicing at the news Sony is working on a way to play PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4 consoles.

Explained: Snapchat's Story Explorer

The new feature debuted this week and enables users to see more than just one or two vantage points of a moment.

Crackdown on drivers using phones catches 4195 in one month

Driver with beer in one hand and phone in the other is among thousands caught.

Google underestimated popular New Zealand tourist route

Internet giant off with popular tourism route estimate.

Top fitness trends for 2016: Goodbye bootcamp, hello wearable tech

Say bye bye bootcamp and hello to yummy mummies, fitbits and streamed gym classes.

'Tindall-gate' case could have implications for Wikileaks, downloaders and hackers

The saga of the bouncer, the Royal and the Supreme Court has wider legal implications, experts say

New form of transport set to send Taranaki into state of flux

An New Plymouth entrepreneur hopes a new form of transport will take over the coastal walkway.

Jeff Bezos' space company's New Shepard landing hailed a breakthrough

Space-mad Amazon boss is another step towards opening up the cosmos to the masses.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 game won't get released in the West

The Dead or Alive series has come under fire for its sexualised female character designs and "boob physics" sliders.

Vodafone apologises to fuming customers over internet outage in Wellington

Vodafone apologises for a network fault that left Wellington without internet access.

Doctors bring stethoscopes to your smartphone

HeartBuds is a listening device that resembles a regular stethoscope.

How the internet 'killed' Drake

This wasn't the first death hoax involving Drake - he was the victim of hoaxes twice in 2012.

Tech giants divided over digital assistants

As companies rush to dominate the digital assistant market, debate continues over whether they should be sassy a woman or a machine.

Is Halo 5 really a blockbuster?

There are conflicting accounts about the success of one of the biggest games of the year.

Sony back to normal after cyberattack

Sony wants to keep the worst cyberattack in American corporate history squarely in the rear-view mirror.

The secret origins of Telegram, the app favoured by Islamic State

An encrypted app called Telegram has been adopted by IS as its preferred platform for messaging.

NZ Post may impose $20 parcel delivery fee if GST threshold slashed

Online shoppers buying items worth less than $100 could pay $65 in customs and postal fees, NZ Post warns.

How good is the Warehouse mobile plan?

How the latest entrant to the New Zealand mobile phone market stack up?

Kiwis overly confident with their online security

Kiwis are increasingly aware of cybercrime, but are overconfident in their ability to avoid it, a study shows.

Couple get their dog to film their wedding with the aid of a GoPro

If you're gobsmacked by the astronomical cost of hiring a videographer for your big day, then here's your solution.

Yahoo blocks email users if they use ad-blockers

Some Yahoo Mail users can't see their emails until they turn off ad-blocking software.

Using tech to log your life

Technology is often blamed for distracting us, but can it also be used to make us more focused on our lives?

Arcade exhibition celebrates golden age of gaming

An art exhibition inspired by 80s video games is entrancing gamers young and old.

GameStop hurt by mobile and digital

Weak physical sales of Halo 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront are hurting the company.

Review: Need for Speed

The game has a lot of expectations to live up to, but it didn't completely deliver.

Star Wars fan? Google has apps for that

You can get a Star Wars theme for Google apps including Maps, Gmail, search and YouTube.

The camera that could bring virtual reality to the masses

Your next camera could be a 3D, 180-degree virtual-reality device.

For Instagram, video is the future

The co-founder of Instagram says video and "teleportation" are the future of the app.

Green car technologies collide in Los Angeles

Asian automakers are opening up a new front in the contest to define the future of cars.

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing draws to a close

Dotcom extradition hearing wraps up.

Second-worst ever PS4 game pulled

Afro Samurai 2: The Revenge of Kuma has been cut short and pulled from sale due to being "a failure".

Google launches quake alerts in NZ

Kiwis can now get details about earthquakes through Google services on their phone and computer.

Warehouse Mobile offers 4c calls for $10 minimum monthly spend

Telecommunications Users Association says it is the kind of 'innovation' it wants to see.

Don't get burnt buying fake Apple products

In-demand Apple products such as Beats headphones and iOS accessories like chargers and cables are ripe targets for counterfeiting.

Victims made to tweet "Meow, I <3 catfacts" at Edward Snowden

Twitter users who've carelessly shared their phone numbers online are apparently falling victim to a unique new spam attack.

A guide to 'computerbabble' from 1985

"Complex" computer terms listed in a 30-year-old guide are now common to most people.
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