Samsung unveils two new flagship phones

Samsung has released two new smartphones as it faces stiff competition in a market it once dominated.

Bronze statue built for the digital age

A traditional-style statue soon to arrive in a Hamilton street has a distinctively modern touch.

Tim Cook claims Apple Watch will replace car keys

The watch is designed to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs now used in many vehicles.

50,000 Uber drivers' data breached last year

Names and drivers' license numbers of 50,000 of its drivers breached in May last year.

Blogger porn ban backlash for Google

After "a ton of feedback," Google will now "step up enforcement" rather than outright ban sexually explicit material.

The Ascend Mate 7: think big when it comes to phones

REVIEW: Big phones are here to stay, with people flocking to devices for screens and longer battery life.

Bright ideas take Kiwi innovators overseas

Three home-grown tech companies are working hard to have an impact on the global stage.

Denise Irvine: Social media vileness is modern day sport

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

Battle Chasers game coming from comic artist Joe Madureira

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

Kiwi Global Mode creator sells service to overseas ISP

Kiwi technology Slingshot and Orcon use to help customers access geo-blocked services is itself going global.

GamerGater who terrorised Brianna Wu claims it was a 'joke'

Notorious harasser who threatened Brianna Wu now claims his videos were a 'satire' of GamerGate.

US regulator FCC approves new Net Neutrality rules

American internet activists have declared victory over the nation's big ISPs.

US internet providers cop tough new rules

American ISPs are fuming at new regulations and plan to fight the restrictions in court and Congress.

Facebook adds fill in the blank gender option

Facebook users who don't fit any of the site's 58 options can now choose how to define themselves freely.

Pebble back to kickstarter with new smartwatch

New version of smartwatch immediately smashed its funding goal on Kickstarter.

A Ride in Uber's The Order: 1886-themed carriage

PlayStation transports Aucklanders back to Victorian London.

'Smart' movement sweeps up jump ropes

It was probably just a matter of time before the smart jump ropes arrived.

Talking heads skew 'net neutrality' debate

Critics talk about Obama's net neutrality plan like it's a govt takeover of everyone's Netflix account.

Apple ordered to pay $705 million for iTunes patent violation

US jury finds Apple's iTunes software infringed three patents owned by patent licensing firm Smartflash.

Europol sweep disrupts hackers hijacking millions of PCs

Hackers that stole banking info by hijacking more than 3m computers worldwide hit by European counter-op.

Disruption for cybercrooks that infected millions of PCs

Tech firms help Euro cops put the boot into massive cybercrime ring.

Artificial intelligence beats humans at Space Invaders

Google's Deep-Q program has mastered Space Invaders, but can't yet conquer Ms PacMan.

SIM card maker admits US/UK spies probably hacked its network

Dutch firm admits the NSA and GCHQ probably did break into its system to steal codes for billions of users' phones.

Orthopaedic Skype appointments trialled

Skype appointments with orthopaedic surgeons are being trialled in South Canterbury.

Hardware failure downs Spark mobile network

Telco says a hardware failure brought down its mobile network this afternoon.

Special Edition of Dying Light to cost over $500,000

Single copy of My Apocalypse edition of Dying Light costs the equivalent of half a million dollars.

Review: Super Stardust Ultra is turbo-charged arcade nostalgia

REVIEW: Super Stardust Ultra is an excellent throwback to a simpler time, when the only goal was a high score.

Google joins Reddit crackdown on nude posts

Social giants taking a tougher stance against nudity posted without the subject's consent.

FBI says sixty different hacker groups linked to nation-states

FBI shines a torch on intelligence linking cyber attacks to countries' political motivations.

Charity-IT weekend hackathon overhauls nonprofit systems

Four charities will get a free technology overhaul this weekend from 30 volunteers.

Silicon Valley sexism laid bare in $21m trial

A Silicon Valley trial worth up to $21m reveals a tale of sexism, late-night hotel visits and one of America's biggest VC firms.

Norway's Opera browser offers free access to web apps

New features let operators offer subscribers free access to selected apps on browser.

Telltale teams up with TV studio Lionsgate for new 'SuperShows'

Your favourite game studio teams up with Lionsgate for interactive TV-like content.

Vodafone says 4G will fix NZ cellphone issues

Consumers should see big benefits when voice calls shift to 4G technology, Vodafone says.

With one DNA sample, new technology can recreate your face

New technology uses tiny amounts of DNA to computer-generate illustration of a criminal suspect's face.

Whiplash thin air with virtual drum kit Aerodrums

Are you ready to Whiplash the world's first fully drumless drum set?

Shuhei Yoshida: The man who returned Sony to the top of gaming

Short and bespectacled 50-year-old is a champion of some of the biggest indie games around.

New 'diverse' emojis are not diverse enough

OPINION: No muslims? No gingers? Experts say Apple shouldn't have opened this can of worms.

Apple adds diversity to its emojis

iOS 8.3, will bring 300 new emojis along with a handful of other features.

Japan's wearable tomato machine The Tomatan

Juice company has unveiled a wearable tomato machine at the Tokyo Marathon.

Chorus, Spark clash over copper price

Posturing over the price Chorus should be allowed to charge for its copper phone lines.

Spark, Chorus clash again over copper phone line pricing

Big money at stake in the argument over what Chorus can charge for its copper phone lines.

Major expansion of CIA online spy efforts

Agency head plans major expansion of the CIA's cyber espionage capabilities.

Rights groups call for action over NSA-GCHQ SIM hacking

Call for urgent steps to be taken following allegations US and British spies hacked into major SIM card maker.

Don’t blame Facebook for narcissists

OPINION: Is Mark Zuckerberg responsible for a perceived rise in narcissism?

Superfish points fingers over ad software

Is Superfish an internet pioneer or a computer-user's privacy nightmare?

Review: The Order: 1886 is beautiful - but not much else

REVIEW: Join the Victorian Round Table as it patrols cobbled streets battling monstrous half-breeds in 1886.

How Oscar buzz fuels online movie piracy

After nominations were announced, worldwide downloads of Academy Award-nominated films skyrocketed 385 per cent.

When games become Hollywood movies

Despite their track record, Hollywood is undaunted when it comes to mining games for franchises.

Kanye West to make video game tribute to his mother and daughter

Rapper to make a video game based on his recent single Only One.
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