Roll on robots: automation's here

Bill Gates says robots will take our jobs. Stephen Hawking is concerned they are a threat to the human race.

Big Brother is watching . . . social media

Chances are your boss is covertly monitoring your social media.

Bets go off-line after TAB hit by cyber attack

Punters have been left unable to place bets online with the TAB after a cyber attack on the agency's website.

Neil deGrasse Tyson causes a stir with Christmas tweet

Scientist sent a birthday tweet on Christmas day. But it wasn't for Jesus.

Students make gloves that let humans scale walls

Stanford University students ape the sticky feet of geckos to create paws which allow humans to scale glass walls.

Technology helps blind kids 'see' stars

A Kiwi is about to teach astronomy to blind students with the help of 3D printer technology.

Xbox Live, Playstation hit by cyberattack

Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live taken down by hackers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

'Algorithmic cruelty': Facebook's Year in Review feature criticised for being insensitive

Facebook panned for forcing parent to relive the pain of losing his young daughter.

List: 10 great games for your smartphone

That smartphone or tablet you got for Christmas is more than just a tool for surfing the web. It's a great gaming machine.

Sparks fly over 4G coverage ad claims

Spark may go to Commerce Commission after Vodafone dug its heels in over its 4G advertising.

US investor helps rental-return firm into new market

Auckland tech start-up offering travellers free car hire and a tank of fuel is revving up the US car rental industry.

Glow from iPads disrupts sleep, study find

Basking in the blue glow of tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices before bedtime could be messing up our sleep patterns more profoundly than we realise, a study finds.

Huawei follow Xiaomi, and it works

You might not have heard of Xiaomi, but smartphone brand Huawei sure have.

Kids bored of balls? Try upgrading the software

Entrepreneurs are hunting for new ways to make old-fashioned toys compete for children's attention when kids seem umbilically connected to their iPads.

Google's self-driving car an actual car now

Google's self-driving car now has some new features. Like headlights.

New internet cable's legal hurdle

Commerce Commission to look into competition implications of Spark, Vodafone and Telstra’s subsea cable.

Spark might have largest 4G network

Does Spark now have NZ's largest 4G network? They think they might, and want Vodafone to stop claiming otherwise.

Apple's first ever automated OSX update

Apple has pushed out its first-ever automated security update to Macintosh computers to help defend against newly identified bugs that security researchers have warned could enable hackers to gain remote control of machines.

So what's the internet actually like in North Korea?

It wouldn't be that different to the North Korea that actually exists. And that place is more tightly controlled than you know.

Threats offer window into gamer politics

Rape threats are familiar to many accused of the crime of Gaming While Female.

Privacy will be considered a luxury in 2025

Exchanging personal data for online convenience is eroding current notions of privacy.

Who the internet loves more: Cats or dogs?

Could 2014 be the end of the reign of cats online – heralding the dawn of dogs in 2015?

US mum as North Korean internet goes dark

White House refuses to say if US responsible for internet outage in communist nation.

The Talos Principle: philosophy with Portal

REVIEW: Talos is a puzzle game in the vein of Portal that also explores the implications of AI.

Californians advised to boycott $80m health system over privacy

US consumer group calling for boycott of US$80 million computer system underpinned by Orion Health.

Pirate Bay flag flies again, sails to Moldova

Notorious file-sharing site shut down by Swedish authorities raises its mast in Moldova

South Korea preps for cyberattack after nuclear reactor data leaks

South Korea probes online leak nuclear reactor data, as the perpetrator threatens to continue.

Drones taking off among Kiwi civilians

Despite ties with war and terror, drones are being touted as 'kickass' Christmas gifts.

Eternal startup dilemma: Apple or Android?

Choosing between iPhone and Android is a common - and crucial - dilemma for startups.

Assassin's Creed creator teases next project

The first game for Patrice Desilets' new studio will be a triple-A historical action-survival title.

Pluto.TV offers an alternative to YouTube

Pluto pledges to be a more laid-back YouTube, with an almost broadcast TV ethos.

Master Chief Collection buyers compensated

Anyone who picked up Halo: The Master Chief Collection early will get Halo 3: ODST for free.

Facebook blocks Putin's biggest critic in Russia

Social network bows to pressure page protesting the imprisonment of anti-corruption blogger.

BitTorrent offer to distribute The Interview

File-sharing platform claims to be 'the best' way for Sony to release The Interview in wake of terror threats.

Obama calls Sony hack cyber vandalism not 'war'

US President Barack Obama moves to prevent US anger at North Korea from spiralling out of control.

North Korea denies hacking Sony

North Korea said US accusations that it was involved in a cyberattack on Sony Pictures were "groundless slander".

You've got to hand it to LG's smartwatch

The G Watch R smartwatch is what you've been waiting for.

Hook-up apps put gay bars out of business

Social media apps are killing the gay bar scene, claiming as their latest victim New Zealand's longest-running gay venue.

Minecraft gets storyline courtesy of Telltale

Critically acclaimed studio Telltale to write story-mode for open world brick builder.

Ten worst hoaxes of 2014: where are the pranksters now?

If 2013 was "the year of the viral hoax," what then should we call 2014 - a year slightly older, slightly wiser, and even more full of moronic shenanigans?

Android at the wheel: Google's OS for cars

Google's next iteration of it's Android operating system could be made for cars.

Sony hack won't stop Kim Jong Un game

Will the North Korean leader force-quit a new video game in his honour along with The Interview?

BlackBerry works with Boeing on phone that self-destructs

BlackBerry Ltd is working with Boeing Co on Boeing's high-security Android-based smartphone.

The Pirate Bay may have lost, but the battle has just begun

The world's most notorious file-sharing site was recently shut down. But that's not where it ends.

Project researching benefits of iPads for kids

How do kids think when using iPads?

A research project into how children think when they use iPads has been given a funding boost.

Finding out how children think when using iPads

A research project into how children think when they use iPads has been given a funding boost.

Nasa just 'emailed' a wrench to space for the first time

Now that the International Space Station has a 3-D printer, engineers can design tools on the ground then beam them to space.

North Korea responsible for Sony hack - FBI

FBI formally accused the North Korean government of being responsible for hacking Sony Pictures.

Explainer: What you need to know about the latest Sony hack

So much has happened since hackers broke in, it's hard to keep up

What it takes to make Kickstarter's staff pick you

Crowdfunders on the hunt for that elusive email: Someone on the Kickstarter team loves your project.
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