3D printed drug gets FDA nod

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug using 3D printing technology.

Apple stock loses its flavour with investors

High-flying Apple stock continues nose-dive as investors worry if it can maintain its recent growth rate.

India reverses ban on Internet porn after public outrage, ridicule

The Indian government will lift a days-old ban on hundreds of pornographic websites after critics accused the government of encroaching on personal freedoms.

Who's the biggest liar on social media - him or her?

A study of social media lies has made what some might consider a surprising finding - women are the biggest offenders.

Rapidly growing tech firm VMob delays plan to list on Australian stock market

Auckland cloud software company shelves plans to list on the Australian stock market this year.

Apple Watch: Should you buy one?

REVIEW: Smartwatches are struggling to wind the hearts and money of consumers, as people show reluctance to unclench their hands from their beloved smartphones to try one.

Apple Watch: Which one should I get?

The Apple Watch has finally arrived in New Zealand but like any new range of gadgets it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you.

Uber gives users a ride in the rare electric Tesla

Aucklanders being offered free rides in rare Tesla to switch them on to electric cars.

Schools teaching coding gets Waikato nod

Analysis and evaluation skills are among the spin-offs, says a researcher.

Apple to debut new Apple TV in September

A new iPhone might not be the only gadget introduced during the tech giant's big September season.

Facebook makes its diversity training public to teach others

The social network most dominated by white guys makes its internal diversity training public.

Firefox slams Microsoft for pushing new Edge browser on Windows 10 users

Mozilla accuses Microsoft of making default application settings "less obvious and more difficult".

Nasa foresees drones as future personal assistants

Soon having an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle floating behind you will be as natural as pulling out your smartphone.

Chris Pratt's epic Facebook photoshop contest

Star asked his fans to come up with a new Facebook wallpaper for him and the results were insane.

Beware of bogus emails offering Windows 10 upgrade

Spam emails masquerading as legitimate copies of Microsoft's new OS contain "ransomware" attachment.

Hitchhiking robot vandalised

Robot on free ride around the world comes to a sticky end in the US.

Review: Features fail to make cut for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

With a Battlefield approach and a new cover star, the latest PGA game feels like reboot for the franchise.

Hitchhiking robot's cross-country trip in US ends in Philly

A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide met its demise in the US.

‘Ransomware’ scare for Christchurch law firm Cavell Leitch

Christchurch Law firm narrowly avoids falling victim to a cyber scam.

Electronic Arts strikes back with Star Wars relaunch of Battlefront

Publisher once called 'worst company in America' foresees extremely strong preorders for Star Wars: Battlefront.

Online store takes photographer's $3000 for lens it never delivered, then leaves NZ

Jade Cvetkov thought the money her mother left her would fulfil a dream, but it bought her only heartbreak.

Windows 10 uses customers' computers to distribute updates

InternetNZ says customers on capped broadband plans may want to check a setting used to distribute Microsoft updates.

Obama's bid to build fastest computer ever

President's latest project aims to build a supercomputer that can process a billion-billion operations per second.

Fourteen million computers are now running Windows 10

Microsoft says its new operating system is now running on more than 14 million computers across the world.

Smart rifle's Wi-Fi lets hackers take control

Security experts uncover weaknesses in internet-connected self-aiming firearms that lets hackers can take control.

24 hours with the Apple Watch

A truly wearable device should feel like clothes. The Apple Watch isn't clothing, it's jewellery.

Microsoft beats Google in closely watched patent royalty fight

Search engine punished for unfairly demanding billions of dollars for use of patents covering Wi-Fi and video downloads.

Water-strider-like robot can jump on water

Robot inspired by water striders, a family of bugs known for their ability to skilfully skim the water's surface.

Eighties' favourites He-Man, GI Joe included in Ubisoft's Toy Soldiers: War Chest

It's time to play with all your favourite 80s action figures again in Ubisoft's Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

Google fighting French order to apply 'right to be forgotten' outside Europe

Search giant may be fined for failing to apply the 'right to be forgotten' ruling outside Europe.

Facebook's airforce: Giant solar-powered Aquila drone to bring internet to rural areas

The social network unveils its giant drone, the size of a 737, which can fly for three months straight without landing.

Oracle called time on fruitless dalliance with Inland Revenue

The Government has wasted more on Oracle than it has spent subsidising Team NZ, a lobbyist says.

Toyota robot can pick up after people, help the sick

It glides around like R2-D2 and is devoted to a single task: picking things up.

Computerised fisheries monitoring may see observer numbers halved

Computer monitoring on all boats may replace fisheries observers.

Stagefright makes tech journalist says goodbye to Android forever

Stagefright finally convinces tech journalist to abandon Google's smartphones.

Passport details targeted in Immigration New Zealand scam website

A new scam website is identical to the Immigration New Zealand home page.

Fallout 4 is 'Basically Done', Bethesda Working on Bug Fixes and Polish

Bethesda says the post-Apocalypse open world was complete prior to being announced, and its focus is now on bug-fixing.

Do you text and walk? Our texting walkers obstacle course

Do you text and walk? We put pedestrians to the test in a mini obstacle course.

Nokia returns to innovation with virtual reality camera Ozo

Now you can make your own virtual reality movies with Nokia's latest gadget, the Ozo.

Reports shows Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to breach US computers

Russian hackers penetrated high-profile US defence industry by combining Twitter with data hidden in seemingly benign pics.

What's going to be in The Witcher 3's New Game Plus mode?

New Game Plus lets you carry over your experience, most items, and alchemy recipes, while also making all enemies stronger.

Will the Internet of Things listen to your private conversations?

Paranoia creeps in that the "Internet of Things" can turn anything into a secret wiretap.

Computer coding could join education's 'three Rs' under Labour plan

Computer coding could sit alongside reading, writing and arithmetic under Labour plan.

Jack Dorsey's harsh criticism of Twitter's previous policies not enough to turn company around

Twitter needs to act fast - simplify its core product and organise news feeds better, analysts say.

Yahoo finally gets its own free video messaging app - with a twist

Instead of using audio, Livetext app has a text feature that appears on top of live video.

Police investigate Silk Road-like drugs market run by Wellington students

Police investigate "dark web" market, said to be run by computer science students.

Facebook profit slides 9 per cent, heavy spending on investments

Social network owner spent heavily to boost mobile revenue and develop products like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Google apologises after contractor threatens to remove gay bars from search engine

Staff at a Sydney gay bar seeking to update Google Maps were told that Google did not support gay bars.

Using a candle to charge your smartphone

Light a candle, fill the device with water, and you have a charger.

More Kiwi icons added to Grand Theft Auto mod, but the Mongrel Mob is out

More classic Kiwi icons have been added to Grand Theft Auto, but the Mongrel Mob is out.
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