WhatsApp is about to stop working on older phones

Windows Phone 7 devices and the iPhone 3GS will soon lose support - but Blackberry gets another six months.

World's most photographed places in 2016, according to Instagram

You haven't actually arrived somewhere until you've geotagged yourself there.

Documentary streaming service DocPlay available in New Zealand

DocPlay is like Netflix for documentaries, and it's now available in New Zealand.

Australian man turns off Telstra's 2G network, says goodbye to his 13-year-old Nokia

Despite countless drops and knocks, an Australian man was granted the chance to switch off Telstra's 2G mobile network.

Spark warned off marketing new fibre plans as gigabit plans, regulator confirms

Warning for internet providers using the label for plans that fall short of a gigabit. But "Gigatown" can stay.

Review: Huawei Mate 9

They say size matters. It definitely does when it comes to Huawei's latest XXL-sized phablet, the Mate 9. 

What was it like in 1984? Google can answer that

Google has updated its interactive Earth Timelapse website with improved images.

Top 5 gaming plays of the week

The JAM Top 5 highlights some of the best stream moments from gamers within the region.

Jammer intended to take down flying drones

The DroneGun isn't meant for drone hobbyists or their vengeful neighbours.

Reddit to crack down on abuse after CEO is targeted

Reddit will monitor user reports, add filtering capacity, and take a more proactive role in policing its platform.

GoPro cutting 15% of staff and closing entertainment unit

The company is struggling to get traction with its action-cameras and new drone.

Netflix is finally letting users download videos for offline viewing

The feature is available for Kiwis on phones and tablets powered by Android and iOS.

Transpower does drone demo for school students

Pupils were immersed in technology when they turned out to watch a special aerial demonstration.

Android Pay available in New Zealand today - for BNZ customers

Google's Android Pay service has arrived in New Zealand, but only for BNZ customers.

Apple gets win against Australia banks over mobile payments

A win by Apple over mobile payments in Australia could be good news for Kiwi iPhone owners.

Review: Sony Xperia XZ

Sony's new flagship smartphone is a great device, but it faces fierce competition.

Banned from Twitter? This site promises you can say whatever you want

The social network behaves like a Twitter-Reddit hybrid for users from the alt-right.

Facebook adds free games like Pac-Man to Messenger app

New Zealand is among the first country to get the games which include classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

Grand Theft Auto game inspires boy to lead police on dangerous car chase

Canadian child spotted driving erratically "wanted to know what it was like to drive" after playing a game of Grand Theft Auto.

Xtra mail down again, Spark investigating urgently

Spark is investigating urgently after Xtra email is hit by a glitch for the second time this month.

Website encourages shoppers to buy online while staying local

She's set up a website that will help you buy online from small New Zealand owned businesses.

MacBook Pro review: Sleek and speedy laptop, frustrating workstation

The new Macbook Pro is a step towards a future many of us aren't quite ready for.

Palmerston North brothers develop rugby simulator claimed to be "most advanced" in the world

Two Palmerston North brothers have developed a realistic rugby simulator.

Megaphone To Make Shouting in Other Languages Easier

Panasonic has made an intelligent megaphone that can issue commands in Chinese, English and Korean.

Apple Glass: what the company needs to get right to make smart eyewear succeed

Apple would have to convince users that their new glasses are easy to use and will not lead us into brick walls.

Reddit boss admits to editing users' posts amid pro-Trump troll attacks

Steve Huffman, the chief executive of Reddit, knows he has some explaining to do.

Apple could launch curved iPhone next year

The curved screen is among several prototypes Apple requested from suppliers for the next iPhone.

My experience with UFB

Finally, my clunky ADSL connection with a 9Mbps download speed was being replaced.

Explained: HDR photography

HDR photography aims to produce images that are closer to what your eye sees.

Battery breakthrough could let phones charge in seconds and last for a week

A new type of battery could offer consumers days of phone life after only a few seconds' charging.

The man who became a billionaire - from selfies

Instagram's 32-year-old founder explains why photo-sharing is 'deeper than art'.

What's right and wrong about quitting social media

Is quitting social media a smart move or a bit too extreme in today's digital world?

Why I'm sharing my babies' photos on Facebook

Is sharing baby photos on Facebook a nice way to stay in touch with friends and family or is it dangerous?

UK law allows govt to track users' internet use

A new law gives authorities powers to look at the internet browsing records of everyone in the country.

How billionaire investor Peter Thiel picks game-changing start-ups

Billionaire Peter Thiel is most famous for his early investment in Facebook, but he's had many other successes.

Ultra-fast broadband terminal installed in toilet

An ultrafast broadband installation technicians jokingly dubbed "fibre to the throne" leaves Chorus red-faced.

It's undeniable: mobile phones are killing us

OPINION: A lobby of baying voices continues claiming that mobile phone companies are the new Big Tobacco.

The new frontier for drone warfare: Under the oceans

Silent, autonomous and deadly: The US military wants to deploy robots to patrol the sea floor.

Civil Defence plots tsunami text alerts but questions raised over cost

When a wave is heading our way, Civil Defence wants a text on every Kiwi's phone to warn them.

Modern Etiquette: When and how should I respond with good manners to Facebook postings?

Just because there are no defined rules, doesn't mean you can't apply common social etiquette to Facebook.

Electric avenues: Solar-panel roads to be built across four continents in 2017, but not NZ

Solar-panelled roads to be built across four continents in 2017 as entrepreneurs push tech to the limits.

How Apple lost China to two unknown local smartphone makers

After initially making good progress, Apple has been shunted aside by two phone companies who came out of nowhere.

Top 5 gaming plays of the week

The JAM Top 5 highlights some of the best stream moments from gamers within the region.

Hutt City councillors disagree over the right to use cellphones

Hutt City Council livestreams its first meeting of its new council.

US wants phone makers to lock out apps for drivers

The US government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when the phone is being used by someone driving a car.

Hold off on eulogy for PC market, there's some life left

Personal computers may not matter as much as they used to. But they still matter, and money remains to be made.

Facebook builds censorship tool for China

Facebook developed the tool to persuade China to allow the world's network to re-enter the country.

Twitter boss Dorsey has own Twitter account suspended

Jack Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter a decade ago, posted this tweet: "just setting up my twttr...again".

Hawaiki Cable says NZ landing station to be completed mid-next year

Hawaiki Cable says NZ cable-landing station to be completed mid-next year.

Don't use social media to accuse people of crime, police say

Police advise against shaming without proof, after woman shares a post accusing a man of fondling himself in public.
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