Foreign drivers steered right by app developed by Kiwi 14-year-old

Generic alerts like "keep left" are provided every 15-20 minutes wherever user is driving.

Ex-BioShock developers new horror game casts players as blind woman

Industry veterans behind BioShock and Dead Space reveal a first-person horror game where you have no sight.

Android users can now use Periscope

Twitter is finally making its live-video app available to the majority of smartphone users.

Tech blog spinoff Re/code acquired by Vox Media

Tech news blog Re/code gets new owner just 18 months after spinning off from The Wall Street Journal.

Apple taps innovation expert Jonathan Ive to head design

Man who conceived the iconic look of the iPod and iPad promoted to Apple's chief design officer.

Hyundai becomes first with Android Auto

Hyundai thinks it has found the most seamless way yet to let drivers integrate their smartphones seamlessly into their cars.

#CharlieCharlieChallenge: the 'demonic' teen game overtaking the internet

#CharlieCharlieChallenge has surged to the top of the global social media charts. But why?

Chorus hopes to connect homes to UFB on Saturdays

Chorus plans to start Saturday installations of ultrafast broadband after admitting it cancels one in eight appointments each weekday.

LG's paper-thin curvy, sticky wall-television concept

Korean company wants to make mounting your TV just as easy as sticking a magnet onto your refrigerator.

Freedive game helps save dolphins

Wellington game studio teams with NZ's top free diver to help save endangered dolphins.

Perils of Man a good tale, even if time runs short

REVIEW: Pixar-like art style and time travel moral dilemmas make Perils of Man a welcome, refreshing game.

Carpark in New Plymouth beats all comers

A computer engineer is using the power of Twitter to expose a notorious carpark.

The top five Gmail hacks for getting work done

If your Gmail has the same features it did when you first signed up, you could be missing out.

When artificial intelligence bot Claudico takes on poker pros, all bets are off

One of the world's best poker players takes on a computer program named Claudico in a $136,000 exhibition.

Taking vertical phone videos is a big no, no

OPINION: If you ever take a video in portrait mode don't be too surprised if you get tapped on the shoulder and told off by a film-loving passerby.

The cute robot that may eventually take your job

Today’s robots are writing a new chapter in the age-old debate over people vs machines.

Factory reset flaw leaves data on 'wiped' Androids

Half a billion users' details potentially exposed by flaw that leaves data on 'wiped' Androids.

Life-size robot mecha built for Mobile Police Patlabor film

Movie manga robot model measures eight meters high and weighs 3.5 tonnes.

UK research into Facebook users shows we're all desperate, vain jerks

UK research into Facebook users shows we're all basically desperate, vain jerks.

Government departments have a laugh on social media

The world of law enforcement and government departments can be a solemn one, thankfully not all employees take the job too seriously.

Ten years of YouTube shows content sharing works

The 10-year-old site provides a stage for exhibitionists, narcissists and activists to broadcast opinions, talents, interests, and of course, cats.

How YouTube redefined celebrity

Connor Franta isn't a singer, chef, comedian or athlete, but he's angling to be Oprah for millennials.

It's finally 2015 - man breaks hoverboard record

A Canadian man has smashed the world record for hoverboard travel.

Sky TV to let viewers scroll back to the future

A new feature will soon let TV viewers scroll back to programmes they have missed.

Blizzard removes StarCraft cigar - guess why

According to Blizzard, removing main character's cigar was a better use of resources.

The Witcher 3: Raising the bar for epic adventure

REVIEW: The Witcher 3 is an instant classic and arguably the best epic adventure game ever made.

Save the Children teams with Aussie developer for charity mobile game Sustainavile

Free-to-play Sustainavile has all proceeds from microtransactions go to the Save the Children.

Wellington police fight uphill battle against fake IDs

New technology is making it "virtually impossible" to tell genuine drivers licences and ID card from forged ones.

Has Google's dominance peaked?

Google has been a tech industry leader for years, but now it's jostling for position with firms that have an eye on apps.

NSA closing data collection programme after Patriot Act extension blocked

The NSA is closing a program to collect phone metadata following the Senate's failure to pass Patriot Act extension.

It's easy to tweet your way to unemployment

Losing a job in just 140 characters is all too easy.

US Senate fails to pass Patriot Act metadata extension

NSA begins winding down its collection and storage of American phone records after the Senate failed to agree on a path forward.

Angry robot aims to cool call centre tempers

What's scarier than an evil robot? A human who's spent 10 minutes on hold.

Targa Rally thrills, spills and online wake-up calls

OPINION: Each time you use "free" online platforms like Gmail somebody's laughing all the way to the bank through the sale of your data.

Rockstar sues BBC over Grand Theft Auto game violence censorship film

Game Changer docudrama starring Dan Radcliffe allegedly using Grand Theft Auto trademarks without permission.

Play your phone as a cowbell with new app

Would you ring an electronic mooloo bell?

Apple may have accidently published pic of rumoured iPhone 6C

Apple may have accidently published an image of the rumoured iPhone 6C on its website.

Southern Cross Cable cuts a 'timely reminder': Tuanz

Southern Cross Cable breaks leave NZ at risk of losing connection to the rest of the world, group says.

Serko riding a 'rocket ship' of sales

Travel software company Serko's sales have performed like a "rocket ship", but profits suffer.

Cable cut for second time in three months

Southern Cross' international traffic was diverted after a cable cut.

Saying 'I do' ... with a drone

The wedding photography business continually pushing the limits, with photographers employing GoPro, drone and time-lapse technology.

Flexible laptop comes at a price

REVIEW: If you've ever touched your laptop screen after using your smartphone and being disappointed nothing happened, it might be time to look at a hybrid computer..

The day I reached my 'technology ceiling'

OPINION: All my life, I had sought and conquered the latest gadgets. But then one day, I didn't care anymore.

The risky strategy behind the world's biggest mobile game

Mobile games maker Supercell seeks to remain the world's top-grossing company in the sector.

How to improve your broadband speed

Having slow broadband speed is as frustrating as watching an All Blacks game in slow motion.

Mega-accuser won't say if it stands by claim

NetNames has gone silent after a legal threat from Mega.

How many memes can you detect in Delta's latest inflight safety video?

Why settle for Hobbits and swimsuit models when you could co-opt the entire internet into your safety video?

Spotify to start offering videos

Spotify will soon be providing video content from musicians, news organisations and TV networks.

Ban mobile phones to help underperforming students: study

Research indicates stricter rules around phone use in schools may improve test scores.

Face of Gigatown welcomes debate over faster rollout of ultrafast broadband

Face of Dunedin's successful Gigatown campaign welcomes debate over ultrafast broadband.
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