REVIEW: Game of Thrones, Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness

An action packed flurry of confrontations, with a plethora of difficult decisions that ensures the second half of this gripping series begins with a bang!

Google turns NZ streets into a giant game of Pac-Man

Why drive our streets when you can play them? Google has turned every one of our towns into a game of Pac-Man.

Microsoft launches 'budget' Surface tablet

Microsoft has rolled out a lower-priced Surface tablet in an effort to reach students and budget-conscious families. 

3D printer provides 'robohand' to 7-year-old girl

Seven-year-old's 'robohand' only costs $50, and when she outgrows it can easily build a replacement.

Trade Me helps test rescue drone

There's a lot of hype around using drones for commercial deliveries but they may have more important uses, Trade Me boss says.

Jay Z, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and more spark backlash with Tidal launch

Stars spark backlash after creating an online movement to promote Jay Z's new streaming service.

Bionic ants could be tomorrow's factory workers

Robotic ants the size of a human hand that work together could be the future of factory production systems.

Semble launches mobile wallet app

Snapper joins new mobile wallet app, Semble, which lets your smartphone act as a debit card.

Spotify Launches on PlayStation Music

Spotify joins forces with Playstation releasing it's music streaming service today.

CAA cracks down on drones

A move to toughen penalties for wayward drone operators is backed by a Hamilton man who breached drone rules.

Apple Watch leads health, technology boom that has FDA attention

The FDA says it will give the technology industry leeway to develop new products.

Halo 5: Guardians releasing in October, Live-action trailer released

The live-action trailer for Halo 5: Guardians drops more hints and announces the game's release.

Australian team builds Google Maps for the body

Google's mapping technologies can now be used on the human body.

Physicist dedicated to building a time machine

Theoretical physicist has an equation and plans for a device that could put him in touch with his late father.

Juror in gender lawsuit sympathized with Pao, sided with Kleiner

For the lone woman in technology on the jury, an at times unfriendly workplace did not amount to gender discrimination.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U Delayed Beyond 2015

Nintendo are no longer targeting a 2015 release for the Legends of Zelda on Wii U.

Facebook betting on virtual reality explosion

The promise of VR was on display this week at Facebook's F8 developers' conference.

Battlefield: Hardline - As seen on TV

REVIEW: Battlefield: Hardline is an unashamed love letter to the crime dramas that have dominated the airwaves since the 1970s.

$60 Notel device helps North Koreans subvert laws around movies and TV shows

Portable media player is providing many North Koreans a window to the outside world despite Govt efforts to ensure isolation.

Reddit CEO loses Silicon Valley sexism lawsuit

Jury rejects Ellen Pao's gender-bias claims in case that that riveted Silicon Valley for weeks.

48 hours inside the Internet's 'most toxic' community

Scientist Ben Bell set out to quantify exactly which Reddit communities were the proverbial worst.

Switching back from smartphones to dumb phones

Abandoning your smartphone for an older-style mobile phone frees you to pay more attention to the world around you.

Trade-up deals eliminate phone envy - for a price

Is it worth signing up to a smartphone trade-up deal? Blayne Slabbert checks them out.

Sky unleashes dragons for online TV battle: Neon gets Game of Thrones

Sky TV has sharpened its Neon offering, adding the latest series of Game of Thrones.

Google's new CFO gets $70M for defecting from Morgan Stanley

Google just found out that luring a top executive from Wall Street is expensive.

Burnbook: What parents need to know about the controversial app

"This app was created to increase cyberbullying. There's no other reason."

Is the internet giving us all ADHD?

It's no secret that the internet presents a bevy of distractions. But can it make you feel like you've got ADHD?

Are you willing to pay to watch video clips online?

Vessel will charge $3 per month for exclusive early access to clips of musicians, sporting events etc.

Facebook's Messenger app to mix business with more pleasure

Facebook's Messenger app is evolving into a multitasking tool .

Young Kiwis mobile data obsessed

Survey shows half of young Kiwis would rather give up calls and texts than mobile data.

Netflix spars with Australian website over local offerings

Australian price comparison site says people could "rush into internet TV" without realising all the factors.

Australian Classification Board leaks Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition

No official word has been made, but Shadow of Mordor's special edition now has an MA15+ rating.

Facebook opens up Messenger app to developers, businesses

Facebook app can now track packages, make reservations and help businesses communicate with customers.

Intel takes aim at the mobile market again

With a flurry of new chips and strategies, Intel is mounting its biggest push ever into a mobile computing market.

US urges companies to do more to fight cyber crime

Cyber crime is a risk companies face around the world, and the US says companies need to help tackle the problem.

US Federal Trade Commision regrets release of documents about Google probe

Three US Federal Trade Commission members say they regret the inadvertent release of documents about its probe of Google.

Apple buys database company FoundationDB

Apple Inc. seeks to bulk up data capabilities with its acquisition of FoundationDB.

Samsung S6 Edge looks the part

If you love smartphones and design, Samsung has a new object of desire for your look book.

"No Plans" for a PC Version of Bloodborne

Sony has confirmed that Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, with no plans to bring it to PC.

Japanese robot aims at giant leap for 'rabbit'-kind

Japan is racing to put a robot on the moon.

FILM-ANIMATION: The pen is mightier than the pixel

Hand-drawn animation hasn't yet been erased from film.

Ultimate selfie app gets a big update

Remember Everyday? The app from 2011 has finally got a decent update.

Major update for Heroes of the Storm Beta

Beta update adds Sylvanas Windrunner, the Team League ranked mode, and more.

Tech world watching gender-bias lawsuit

Lawyer argues Silicon Valley firm created a boys club that damaged the careers of female employees.

Not sharing enough online? Try Open Humans

People eager to share personal data beyond what's on their Facebook, can now offer up their DNA profiles.

Number crunching helps businesses join the dots

Big data company tasked with calculating how to get more fans to Wellington Phoenix games and forecasting GDP.

Cern scientists to explore existence of parallel universes

Cern scientists may soon prove the existence of parallel universes and show that the Big Bang did not happen.

SXSW: Indie gaming in a sea of hipsters

The SXSW game festival guarantees you'll see something never done before.

Amazon says approval for drone tests too little, too late

Amazon says its drone approved for testing by the Federal Aviation Administration is no longer being used.

Netherlands using computer servers to heat homes

Dutch company Nerdalize wants to use the excess heat generated by servers to warm European homes.
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