Can we ever beat the bots on Instagram?

"Selling followers is a multi-million dollars business. And a bot is worth gold."

Spark predicts Super Rugby final will smash data use record

Fans set to share videos, photos and commentary in unprecedented numbers.

Wellington-based Open Polytechnic to sell its online education platform iQualify

A Wellington-based education provider has developed an IT platform it hopes to sell overseas.

High School students being taught how to be positive cybercitizens

The phrase "go kill yourself" is a common comment on South Canterbury teens' social media sites.

Internet in the land of the long trenches

OPINION: Just comparing New Zealand's broadband prices with those overseas is simplistic because costs are higher here.

Australia's massive game censorship crackdown is no big deal

OPINION: Aussie fans of Douchebag Beach Club may be out of luck, but this is good news.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to read minds; spills beans Facebook is working on telepathy

Mark Zuckerberg may have been tipping his hand about the future Facebook technology: telepathy.

Vodafone Prime 6: A $150 phone takes on $1000 rivals

Deciding what new phone to buy can often be driven by brands and trends rather than what you need, or can afford.

Apple Music is a hot mess

Now that Apple Music is available, you would expect things to have cleared up a little. They haven't.

Chorus victorious in Commerce Commission copper pricing decision

The Commerce Commission has reaffirmed its draft pricing decision, despite telco lobbying.

Man killed by robot at Volkswagen plant in Germany

It reads like the beginning of a robo-acocalypse sci-fi movie, but in this case the damage and the tragedy is all too real.

Report claims Warner Bros knew Batman Arkham Knight's PC port had problems before launch

Report claims Warner Bros knew Batman Arkham Knight's PC port had problems before launch.

Palmerston North's Alicia Craig takes aim at male-dominated computing industry

Alicia Craig is on a mission to get more girls into the male-dominated industry of computer science.

Google Photos tagging black people as Gorillas '100 per cent not okay'

New photo app added photos of man's dark-skinned friend to an album tagged "gorillas".

Internet's most toxic superhero unmasked: Aquaman could infect your computer

Considering the state of the earth's oceans, is it any wonder this superhero is the world's most toxic?

Child's nightmare about 'man with a light' outside his window turned out to be real

The "man with a light" outside a three-year-old's window wasn't just a dream.

Kiwis okay with social media monitoring for counter-terrorism, but not business

New Zealanders are okay with their Facebook being monitored if it catches terrorists - but hate targeted ads.

Apple Music 'tainted' by decision to censor songs, titles on Beats 1 radio station

Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station is 'cleaning up' songs and title.

Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station crashes for 30 minutes on first day; was Jaden Smith to blame?

Apple's radio station crashes after Jaden Smith requests Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme tune.

Dubai plans to 3D print an entire office building

World's first office building made using a 20-foot tall 3D printer to be added to eye-catching skyline.

Stand down, Bruce: No need to worry about asteroids hitting the earth

There's no need to send Bruce Willis; any asteroids big enough to cause Armageddon have already been found.

Australia bans hundreds of mobile and browser-based games automatically

Classification Board normally rates about 400 games a year, but new automatic age-rating tool clears back-catalogue of 150,000 before pilot.

Apple Music: What Kiwis need to know

Kiwis woke up this morning to the launch of another streaming music service, this time from Apple. Here's what you need to know.

Freeview launches new online TV streaming service

Users will need a new set top-box or smart TV, but the service will remain free.

Divide zero by zero? Don't ask Siri

Siri appeared to take umbrage when Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul asked it the internet's favourite paradox.

Sending harmful messages online now criminal offence

Cyber-bullying law makes sending harmful messages or put damaging images online an offence.

Scalpers use computer bots to vacuum up bulk tickets

Computer "bots" have emerged as a suspect in the great Super Rugby final scandal.

Gamers honoured by police for helping distressed woman

Five West Auckland gamers given police bravery awards for their role in halting an attempted carjacking.

Union to sue US goverment over Office of Personnel Management data breach

Employee union says negligence contributed to one of the most damaging cyberthefts in US history.

Google self-driving car cuts off competitor Delphi's self-driving car

One of Google's self-driving cars cuts off competitor's prototype about to change lanes.

Holiday planning in Wellington made easy

Stuck on Wellington holiday ideas? This online tool makes it easy.

Editorial: Digital communications statute a threat to free speech

New statute designed to curb offensive behaviour online is cumbersome, unnecessary and a potential threat to free speech.

Uber buys Bing Maps unit off Microsoft

Ride-sharing service acquires a portion of Microsoft's Bing mapping unit.

New Star Wars game promises to be in the vein of Uncharted

Visceral Studios' new project is not the cancelled Star Wars 1313, but is "along the same lines".

Live chat review: Communications Minister Amy Adams

See what Communications Minister Amy Adams had to say when she came in for a live chat.

Affordable 3D printing is finally here

For less than $1000 you can be printing a range of items in your home.

Can colouring your Facebook profile picture ever actually effect change?

Millions of rainbow profile pictures are not what persuaded the Supreme Court to legalise gay marriage, but it's not a useless exercise.

Leap second: Why June 30 will have one extra second

Leap years come round like clockwork, but leap seconds are a bit unpredictable, and can cause trouble online.

Australia's 'pirate blocking' law a dud

OPINION: Australia has taken a dark turn toward trying to control the internet access of its residents.

Apple Music debuts tonight, here's everything you need to know

You've probably heard of this new music subscription service launching from Apple, but here's everything you need to know.

Highlights from New York tech show CE Week

How about a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex as a pet? Or using the charge in your fingers to clean your teeth?

Chinese hackers take up white hats, become internet gatekeepers

Not every Chinese hacker is out to pilfer and destroy.

Solar Impulse plane departs Japan, headed for Hawaii

A solar-powered plane attempting to circumnavigate the globe without fuel took off from Japan early Monday after an unscheduled, month-long stop.

My Facebook account sent out porn

A grandmother reveals the humiliation she felt when her Facebook account inexplicably started posting porn images.

Rocksteady's final Batman: Arkham game Dark Knight Rises to the occasion

REVIEW: Rocksteady's final Batman: Arkham game Dark Knight Rises to the occasion, at least for console players.

Beauty app Flossie Concierge makes time for busy Wellington women

Flossie Concierge allows you to request, book and pay for beauty appointments with their smartphone.

Google's $44 million Lunar XPrize moon shoot space race nearing finish line

Sixteen teams from 13 countries have 6 months to secure a ride to the moon and Google's $44m prize.

Chewbacca the robotic car seat installs itself

Do you trust a robot with your baby? The quest to invent a safer car seat poses the question.

Rocksteady takes the lead on fixing Batman: Arkham Knight's PC problems

First patch due this weekend as Rocksteady take charge of fixing plagued PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight.

IBM's Jeopardy-champ computer is taking on cancer

"They keep telling me it will not replace me," one oncologist says. "But I am pretty sure it will replace me."
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