Wanaka family app kin2kin celebrates first birthday

Founder Hamish McGregor says Wanaka community support is behind huge growth of family app.

Prominent gamer dies during live-streamed attempt to play 'World of Tanks' for 24 hours

He was attempting to play for 24 hours to raise money for charity. He only made it 22.

Tesla holds huge key party in Auckland

First eight buyers of facelifted Model S were the stars of Tesla NZ's launch party.

What's this newfangled 'Tesla' everyone's talking about?

The electric car giant is driving Kiwis crazy with excitement. Here's what you need to know.

Ludicrous enthusiasm over launch of Tesla in New Zealand

Hold on tight: Tesla has arrived. Can Kiwi fans keep control?

School robotics competition taken out by four-wheeled 'Janet'

A secondary school national robotics championship has been taken out by a robot dubbed 'Janet'.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Inside the game with Guerilla senior producer Joel Eschler

Gerard Campbell catches up with Joel Eschler, senior producer on the new PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.

The iPhone may soon be able to map your face for 3-D selfies

Apple's next smartphone may have a camera that can map your face.

Disney makes a room that wirelessly charges any device

No more cord bundles cluttering up the room and no more worrying about a dead phone.

Modern v vintage audio equipment

Are there actual reasons that older equipment can sound different or better?

Review: For Honor

How is a game about Knights, Vikings, and Samurai wailing on each other not perfect?

Apple employees to start moving into long-awaited campus in April

The company also announced the facility's main theatre will be named the Steve Jobs Theater.

Why Apple TV has repeatedly failed to take off

Time and again, engineers have been forced to compromise on Apple's vision of revolutionising the living room.

Facebook news feed issues for some users, mainly in Europe

Trouble for Facebook users all around the world as glitches in the news feed flare up.

Software that automates law documents raises $600,000 investment

Instead of sitting down with a lawyer to create your will, you could soon do it with the click of a mouse.

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a breath of fresh air, but the journey takes some missteps.

Margot Robbie races Nissan BladeGlider around Monaco circuit

Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad star helping spruik Nissan's electric car tech.

Personal robot designed to touch your emotions

If you've been dreaming for years about having your own R2-D2 or BB-8, get ready.

Hoverbike inspired by Star Wars

If you crossed a motorcycle with a drone, you'd end up with something like the Scorpion.

Fitness apps can do more harm than good, says study

People who use a tracking device can lose less weight than those undertaking standard weight loss techniques.

Samsung's reputation tanks after Note 7 fiasco

A poll shows Samsung dropping to 49th from seventh, with Amazon topping the survey.

Six simple ways to break away from your phone

The worst thing about taking a break from your phone is that you may miss an Instagrammable moment.

I'll miss TV screens in planes

Watching a movie on airplane screens can be frustrating but I'll miss them when they're gone.

The big moral dilemma facing self-driving cars

How many people could self-driving cars kill before we would no longer tolerate them?

How Google Chromebooks conquered schools

Chromebooks have defied expectations and made major inroads in an unexpected environment - schools.

Inside the magnificent McLaren Technology Centre

There's nothing on earth quite like the brand's British lair.

Google, Bing move to block illegal UK sites

Internet users will find it harder to search for illegally streamed live games and pirated music and movies.

Privacy watchdogs say Windows 10 settings still raise concerns

Microsoft is being criticised over users' apparent lack of control over their personal data.

Facebook's WhatsApp is latest to copy Snapchat-like features

It's the latest example of a Facebook-owned app building the tools popularised by its younger rival.

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's an edible aid drone

The drone costs $260, can travel 40km and can carry 50kg of food into remote disaster areas.

Webstock technology conference brings high drama to the stage of the St James

Outrage, apologies follow crude sign language joke at technology conference.

'Spy doll' pulled from shelves in Germany

Hacking fear leads to German watchdog requesting My Friend Cayla dolls to be destroyed.

How to hide your true feelings from Facebook

A piece of software randomly selects one of Facebook's six reactions so the site can't track your feelings.

Cars take place with PCs and smartphones as threat to privacy

We delete data off phones and computers when we get rid of them, but is it time to think about what's stored on your car?

Pewdiepie apologises for Nazi jokes but says the press is out to get him

​Felix Kjellberg says sorry for anti-Semitic remarks but blames media who don't "get" him.

Facebook plans to rewire your life. Be afraid.

Facebook has spawned anxieties and addictions that detracts from a user's life satisfaction.

What a new screen on the next iPhone could actually mean for you

Apple is rumoured to be changing the screen on its new phones which may increase prices.

Tech superheroes take the stress out of new technology

Like a real-life instruction manual, Noel Leeming Tech Solutions Technician Jacob will come to your home to talk you through your new device.

Halo Wars 2: Think before you shoot

We put the real time strategy take on the Xbox's flagship franchise through its paces.

New Tinder-type app for breastfeeding mums wanting to share milk with each other

Technology allows mums to share breast milk, but the trading comes with a warning.

Reality TV star's site hacked by Anonymous

US dance instructor who stars in hit reality series has her website hacked.

Dutch town lighting up footpath to save smartphone users from themselves

Town says it can't prevent smartphone distraction, so makes it safe to walk home looking at one.

Qantas offers streaming services Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify on domestic flights for free

With endless hours to pass, an airplane might be the perfect place for a Netflix marathon.

Hundreds of Kiwi accounts involved in Yahoo hack

Hundreds of NZ accounts are among the victims of a Yahoo data breach.

Bluetooth blues: When all your connected devices fail at once

Were my devices turning against me? Was this how the Age of Man would end?

Magic Leap sued for sex discrimination by woman hired to increase diversity

Magic Leap, a much-buzzed about tech firm, is being sued by a woman hired to make it "less of a boys club".

The good and bad about living with a 'dumb' phone

Dumb phones may be poised to make a comeback, but why would you want one?

Pokemon Go update brings new monsters to capture

The update expected this week introduces 80 more Pokemon, as well as tweaks to how players snag them.

Hater app matches you with people who hate the same things

A new dating app called Hater matches people on account of their pet peeves as opposed to their passions.

Tired of screen addicts, Vienna cafe says charging phones costs extra

Tired of tourists powering up batteries for hours, Austrian cafe owner Galina Pokorny has introduced a fee.
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