Cabinet goes 'paperless' with a $9.6 million online programme to read papers

The Government has gone green and abandoned Cabinet papers and minutes.

XONZ: Kiwis to get early taste of new Halo, Tomb Raider, Forza and other unreleased Xbox blockbusters

NZ gamers will get the chance to play the latest Xbox games at an event in Auckland later this month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Stylish with a stylus for those who struggle with touchscreens

The Galaxy Note 5 is handy for anyone who struggles using their fingers on a phone's touchscreen.

How to get the best out of Netflix

Kiwis have had their own version of Netflix for about six months, but there are a lot of tricks to make the experience better.

Apple to enter news market with new i-device app

Apple wants to be a central part of how you consume news.

Wellington film company reaches a new audience

A film company with a small budget has called in favours, but has a worldwide audience thanks to the web.

Trump and Bush accuse each other of liberalism via Instagram videos

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is going after Republican presidential rival Jeb Bush with a new campaign video about immigration.

Five things to watch out for at the IFA gadget show in Berlin

Beyond phones, new technology expected to be unveiled includes internet-connected appliances and rollable keyboards.

Microsoft's Project Premonition smart trap drone captures mosquitoes for use as DNA collectors

Microsoft's Project Premonition is using the insect as a biological drone to predict the spread of diseases.

Microsoft Ignite Auckland: HoloLens takes office teleconferencing into hyperspace

Microsoft's mixed reality technology will allow Jedi-like holographic calls between offices.

Another Instagram revamp: Direct private message service takes on Snapchat

Photo and video-sharing service's Direct PM aims to keep up with Snapchat.

Land Rover develops see-through tech for towing trailers, caravans

Land Rover developing a see-through trailer concept that would completely remove the blind spot created when towing a caravan or trailer.

UK cybercrime watchdog National Crime Agency targeted in online attack

Lizard Squad target Britain's National Crime Agency with a Denial of Service attack.

Apple pursued Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear co-stars

Apple is hatching plans to create its own original television shows, even making an audacious bid to secure the former stars of Top Gear, it has emerged.

Google refines logo as it prepares to join Alphabet

Google gives itself a face lift - but can you spot the difference?

Google smartwatches now work with Apple iPhones

Google is introducing an application that will connect Android smartwatches with Apple's iPhone.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer pregnant with twins

Marissa Mayer is pregnant with twin girls, she announced on the Yahoo-owned Tumblr blog.

South Wairarapa towns in running for ultra fast broadband

Southern Wairarapa towns to get ultra fast broadband as Government kicks off next phase of fibre roll-out.

Damon Odey leads regional internet plan

Councils must give farmers access to fast data transfer, Timaru District mayor Damon Odey says.

New stage show Hamlet: The Video Game turns Shakespeare into shoot 'em up

Hamlet fights zombies and Ophelia is an intelligent computer. Welcome to Hamlet: The Video Game.

Building your own PC easier than ever

The latest PC cases are making it easier than ever to build your own PC.

Stop. Using. Fullstops. In. Texts.

OPINION: Keeping up with the do's and don'ts of online behaviour is tricky, with new trends emerging each week.

Samsung unveils circular smartwatch, but are apps available?

The new S2 promises two to three days of battery life, compared with Apple Watch's 18 hours.

Coming soon, force touch and 4K

New tech and gimmicks appear nearly everyday in the tech world, with some (fingerprint scanning) becoming mainstream while others (curved phones) fail to catch on.

Girls, drugs and cyber security: the strange life of John McAfee

He's been called everything from "charismatic" to "paranoid wild man" to downright "bonkers".

Email reveals Kaspersky security founder threatened to 'rub out' AVG

Security company founder told workers they should attack rival antivirus by "rubbing them out in the outhouse".

Uber hires Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, men who hacked Jeep

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have resigned from their jobs and will join Uber this week.

Otaki entrepreneur's award-winning wheelchair

An Otaki man has won an innovation contest by designing a life-changing wheelchair.

Big names feel the power of hackers as corporate hotshots go down

Sony. Target. Ashley Madison. Big business bosses are losing their jobs because of embarrassing cyberattacks.

Spy agencies mining Ashley Madison data for blackmail material

Intelligence agencies said to be trawling data from hacked website for possible blackmail material.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition breathes new life into stealth action classic

REVIEW: For once, the "definitive" hype lives up, and reminds you why repackaging old hits isn't always a cynical cash grab.

More small NZ towns could get ultrafast broadband

Ultrafast broadband could be extended much deeper into rural NZ than previously touted.

Cloud-based accountancy firms Spotlight Reporting and RightWay in partnership

A Wellington accounting company riding on the coat-tails of Xero has set its sights on further expansion.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman quits after huge data hack

Chief executive of infidelity website Ashley Madison's parent company Avid Life Media has resigned.

Educa software helps to connect parents and teachers

Get more out of the question "how was school today?"

Privacy Commissioner watching Microsoft on Windows 10

Microsoft launched its cloud based Windows 10 operating system for free on July 29 to claims it was using the software to spy on users.

Giant American MegaBot gears up to battle Japanese rival Kuratas

It looks fearsome. One arm is a missile launcher and the other a cannon. And it's headed for Japan.

Big names the secret to getting a game funded on Kickstarter

The best way to ensure your game campaign's success is probably to get Tim Schafer onboard.

UK songwriters collective sue SoundCloud over copyright

Britain's largest copyright collective says the online audio-streaming firm did not agree on licensing deal.

Siri teases 'big announcement' as Apple sets date for new iPhones

Invites to annual September showcase show Siri may hold the key to some Apple secrets.

A billion people used Facebook on Tuesday

Facebook is boasting a new achievement, saying a billion people used the social network in a single day.

Instagram adds landscape, portrait options to its app

Your pics will no-longer have to fit into Instagram's signature square.

Essay: Virginia TV shootings were tailored for the Twitter age

Rage, narcissism, a gun and social media combine for a particularly excruciating display of horror.

Windows 10's smart approach to installation leaves some waiting to upgrade

Some personal computers are still awaiting a free Windows 10 upgrade a month after it launched.

The end of endless emails is a long way off

Despite instant messaging, texting and social media apps, email is still the top communications tool at work.

Sunday TV ad-ban could be removed amid media review

The Sunday morning and public holiday bans on TV and radio advertising might be scrapped.

Tech startups want to change the way you drive

Here are six startups that want to change the way you drive.

Roll back to your childhood with classic Transformers in Devastation

Michael Bay's Transformers are here to stay, but have no fear 80s child, the classic characters are coming to save the day.

Woman disabled by 'gadget allergy'

France has awarded a disability grant to a woman allergic to electromagnetic radiation from everyday gadgets such as mobile phones.

Over 75 million devices now running Windows 10

In under a month the operating system is now running in 'virtually every country on the planet.
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