CNN buys failsafe NZ-made drones for news gathering

CNN didn't want the drones it used to drop on top of people. So it sourced them from a NZ company.

The 12 jobs most at risk of being replaced by robots

Receptionists, lawyers, bartenders and taxi drivers are just some of the jobs that could be replaced by robots.

Call of Duty to head back to World War 2

This year’s Call of Duty is set to go back in time, at least according to reports.

I gave up TV, then qualified for Olympic marathon trials and got my PhD

I gave up TV, then qualified for Olympic marathon trials and got my PhD.

Samsung Galaxy S8 launch has surprises in store

Samsung's latest phone is due to be unveiled this week with a range of new features.

It's June 2018, this is what life is like without Facebook

It's been a year since Trump shut down Facebook, and PM Winston Peters did the same in NZ.

Latest iOS update will speed up your iPhone

The new software update should also free up storage space on your iPhone.

Facebook adds more Snapchat-like features

The company says it wants to let your camera "do the talking'' as more people are posting photos and videos.

Twitter to let advertisers buy video ads on Periscope

​Twitter signals a major push to make money off the live-streaming platform Periscope.

Is Uber's self-driving program veering off track?

A self-driving car flipped on its side seems guaranteed to make humans think twice about riding with a robot.

What are politicians doing to monitor Facebook's activities in New Zealand?

For a business that's in most our pockets, there seems to be little Government oversight of Facebook.

Six films set in 2017: Hollywood's dark visions of today

You think the world is in bad shape in 2017? It could have been worse, according to Hollywood.

Elon Musk launches company to merge human brains with computers

Elon Musk is investing in technology to merge human brains with computers.

How Mercedes-Benz will be putting Kiwi roads into its self-driving cars

Hi-tech Mercedes-Benz test vehicle will visit New Zealand this year

Star Trek-inspired gizmo could change healthcare

An emergency room doctor and his three siblings have helped create a tricorder.

Auckland woman's life stolen to set up online relationship with American boxer

A woman was so obsessed with Makaia Carr's life she wore it like a costume - enchanting a man from afar.

Facebook's Messenger app adds live location-sharing

The company found one of the most used phrases on the app was, "How far away are you?"

Samsung must get the Galaxy S8 right, analysts say

The launch of the new device this week must be perfectly executed, analysts say.

Review: Mass Effect: Andromeda

There is fun to be had in BioWare’s latest sci-fi action RPG, but you’ll have to search the stars for it.

Doing business in the Facebook world

Facebook's changing the way small Kiwi companies trade - but that helped kill off a local superhero.

Samsung to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

It plans to sell refurbished versions of the phones that were pulled due to fire-prone batteries.

It's big, powerful and multi-national - but is Facebook evil?

The boss is giving his fortune away and staff apparently love working there.

Advertisers keen to protect their image are boycotting YouTube

Premium brands don't want their ads next to a granny-falling-over-exposing her knickers video.

What to expect when you're expecting... fibre

What to expect when you finally get fibre installed at your house.

Weta Workshop raises $1.3 million to build first board game

Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor launch their first board game.

A $23,000 smartphone for the security conscious

The Android device is aimed at wealthy security-conscious users - and possibly spies.

Secretive billionaire reveals how he toppled Apple in China

Duan Yongping is the reclusive billionaire who founded Oppo which dealt Apple a stinging defeat in China.

Apple drives further into Facebook, Snap territory with video app

Clips lets customers take videos and add animated captions and titles, complete with colourful emojis.

Montblanc launches a smartwatch. Here's why it matters

Montblanc has became the first brand in the Richemont family of luxury companies to put out a smartwatch.

Google opens 'shortcuts' to information, tools on phones

Google wants to make it easier for you to find answers and recommendations on smartphones.

What's the deal with Facebook and tax?

Kiwi tax-payers give millions to Facebook for Government advertising but seem to get very little back in tax.

London attacker Khalid Masood used WhatsApp, police can't access message

Terrorist sent a WhatsApp message minutes before London rampage, but police can't access it.

Facebook wants to connect the globe

OPINION: Facebook wants to link Kiwis to the rest of the world. Every last one of us.

The disparate global locations that make up New Zealand Facebook - and your news feed

Facebook is surprisingly secretive about its New Zealand operation, so we went digging for answers.

Facebook is masking our depression, but can it help us get better?

OPINION: I have 1300 Facebook "friends", but how many of them know I have depression?

How 100 million Facebook video views affected a 24-year-old Kiwi and his great-nan

How 100 million Facebook video views affected a 24-year-old Kiwi and his great-nan.

Virtual reality used to spread the travel bug

An Auckland virtual reality company is making the most 360 video of faraway places.

British Prime Minister Theresa May calls on social media companies to act

British PM wants social media firms to do more to prevent the spread of extremist material online.

Facebook: 'You might miss out so just give away all your memories and personal data'

OPINION: Facebook peers into your past and present, making billions from the here and now, and nostalgia.

Facebook privacy policy has become less transparent, harder to understand and control, experts say

It's become harder and harder for Facebook users to understand and control their privacy settings, experts say.

Facebook, the ultimate trip - and how it keeps you hooked

Cocaine, heroin, slot machines, Facebook? How the social media giant makes sure you get lost in your newsfeed.

If in doubt, blur it out: Instagram announces new 'sensitive content' photo blurring

New Instagram policy will see controversial photos blurred to promote "a safe environment" for users.

Can you beat the Facebook algorithm? Give it a try here

Can you beat the Facebook algorithm? Give it a try with our special interactive.

Why Samsung’s name for its personal assistant may twist quite a few tongues

Samsung named its assistant “Bixby,” which is very difficult to say in some languages - including Korean.

Three things Samsung says its Bixby assistant will do that Siri can't

Samsung's new voice assistant promises to be smarter than any other assistant out there - including Siri.

Samsung's Galaxy 8 phone will convert into a desktop computer, leaks reveal

With leaks heating up ahead of the new phone's launch, Samsung is seeking to reinforce the Galaxy as the only device you need.

The complicated relationship between teenagers and Facebook

As if willing it into reality, tech writers keep saying teens don't use Facebook. It simply isn't true.

How to find out what Facebook knows about you and who it thinks you are

You told it your name and school. But what more has Facebook worked out about you?

Meet the Facebook hold-outs bucking the social media trend

Meet the people who have done away with the social-media monster.

Google Maps unveils new location sharing feature

Google will be releasing location-sharing functionality that allows users to share their locations with friends.
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