Sexual assault in virtual reality is real, and it needs to be taken seriously

Is a sexual assault of a woman in cyberspace still a crime of sexual assault?

New Zealand is regarded internationally as a great place to user-test, what does this mean for Kiwis?

From pizza-delivering drones to Facebook alternatives, New Zealand is known abroad as a testing ground for new ideas.

RIP Vine: 5 classic vines to help you mourn its loss

Vine may be closing down soon, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these classics.

"RIP VINE #GoneTooSoon": Fans reel at the news Twitter is shutting down Vine

Download your Vine vids - Twitter is shutting down video-sharing service "in the coming months".

Behind the headlines: Chronicling a bizarre e-dating relationship as it blows up online

A New Zealand teenager, bullied and abused men, international headlines, and a bizarre world most of us know nothing about.

Cold call scammers target Trade Me members for credit card details

"Industrious individuals" ask members to top up their accounts in order to get credit card details.

Apple refreshes Mac lineup with new keyboard touch functions

Apple is announcing long-awaited updates to its Mac computers, including a new way to add emojis.

Apple delays its wireless headphones

The AirPods delay is the first hardware-related postponement in more than five years from the company.

Snapchat planning to raise billions in IPO

Largest tech float since Twitter expected to set the stage for a new technology IPO boom.

Hands-on: Microsoft HoloLens

I've read countless articles on Microsoft's HoloLens but nothing prepared me for my first encounter. 

Apple caught out by demand for bigger phones

Apple said it was caught off guard by how many people want to buy its biggest smartphone.

The Microsoft-Apple rivalry is alive and well

A few years ago, Microsoft was an afterthought for most in the tech world - now it's taking on Apple.

Microsoft unveils new desktop computer and Windows 10 update

The company introduced an update that focuses on creative features along with an all-in-one desktop computer.

The shock and awe of the new

Christchurch is getting a visit from the future.

New Zealand businesses slow to take up cyber insurance

Close to one in five small Kiwi businesses have experienced cyber attacks. So why aren't they insuring against it?

Pokemon Go attempts to lure back players with Halloween special

Can a special Halloween event entice Pokemon Go players back into playing the game? We put our Tentacools out.

Government announces funding for new Marlborough wine research institute

The Government has announced funding for a new wine research centre based in Marlborough.

Say goodbye to the fingerprint; it's your digital footprint the FBI wants

Investigators now learn more from the digital footprint of people than their physical fingerprint.

Xero boss Rod Drury hosting new conference for company founders

Business founders are putting their heads together to create a forum.

Kawau Bay seabed survey to get under way

Increased water traffic and bigger boats are behind a new seabed sonar survey in Kawau Bay.

Uber's self-driving truck delivered 50,000 cans of Budweiser on 193km run

An Uber robot truck has driven 193km to deliver about 45,000 cans of beer.

Wikipedia might be able to fix what's wrong with the internet

The site has managed to carve out a space on the internet where people can have sane, productive conversations.

Google adds digital whiteboard to expanding device lineup

Google has designed a giant touch-screen canvas for companies trying to make it easier for their employees to brainstorm as they work on team projects and other assignments.

Osmo is a gadget that can make your videos look professional

A gimbal can help turn your shaky videos into something more professional.

BlackBerry unveils last in-house phone before calling it quits

The 5.5-inch touchscreen device rivals the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL, but at a lower price.

How much digital media is OK for kids?

In 1970, children began watching TV at age 4. Today, children start using tech at 4 months.

Snapchat is pumping the next tech bubble with more hot air

The bubble is about to be pumped with yet more hot air, thanks to another flurry of vastly over-priced firms.

Marlborough District Council conducting review of communication policies and strategies

No social media splash-outs, but the Marlborough council is looking at better ways to get the message out.

Review: Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is the game the original Titanfall was trying to be.

Could a wearable patch be the next frontier in the fight against skin cancer?

A new wearable UV patch has been developed to measure your exposure to the sun.

iPhone 7 plus gets 'portrait mode' with iOS 10.1 update

New iPhone operating system comes with new camera mode and bug fixes.

Paper and pen is sometimes better than apps

In the years that I've owned a smartphone, I never found an app that fully replaces a notebook and pen.

Computer smarter than humans when telling Asian faces apart

Computer scientists taught an algorithm to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean faces.

Computer 'judge' predicts court findings

A computer "judge" using artificial intelligence has correctly predicted verdicts with 79 per cent accuracy.

Kodak re-enters the picture with premium phone

Kodak has teamed up with Bullitt to release the Ektra, a premium phone to go on sale this year.

How to protect your home network

Here are some tips on protecting your home network from internet attacks like the one that occurred last week.

Galaxy Note 7 recall: More than 500 sue Samsung for $616

Hundreds want $616 for cost and time spent exchanging Note 7s as well as psychological harm.

UC scientist looks to India for cricket app capable of changing the way bowlers train

A University of Canterbury sport scientist has created an app that could change how some of NZ's best cricketers practice bowling.

Australian photographer invents 'SpudCamera' and takes selfie with it

Cheaper than a new digital camera, this invention is also totally organic.

Denial of cyber attack affecting Twitter, Reddit, Paypal and Spotify

There is a large, ongoing denial of service attacks affecting well-known companies like Twitter, Reddit, PayPal and Spotify.

PayPal, Twitter, Spofiy and other sites disrupted by cyber attacks

Access to Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, CNN and dozens of other sites patchy following cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks disrupt Twitter, Spotify, other sites on US East Coast

Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb among sites disrupted after cyber attacks on servers.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella to visit New Zealand

The tech boss will speak in Auckland next month.

Nintendo unveils next-gen gaming console Nintendo Switch

The portable console can also be played on television at home.

71yo asked to stand on hot water cylinder to plug in phone after bizarre UFB install

You are the customer, stick up for yourselves, people told after awkward UFB installation.

Councils spend big on social media

South Taranaki District Council can lay claim to being the country's most thrifty when it comes to social media advertising, spending just $11.39 on Facebook.

The video that exposed Samsung's problems in China

How video of a smoking Note 7 exposed Samsung's problems in China to the world.

Computers a slam dunk for Joel Alheit

Photography, instead of basketball, is Joel Alheit's career path now.

Student uses Agile methods to teach others

Victoria student Lucy French is creating an app to improve user experience.

Vodafone offers gigabit cable broadband in Wellington and Christchurch

Vodafone has probably done enough to stop cable broadband customers defecting to UFB, says reviewer.
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