What happens when you drop an iPhone from the tallest building in the world

Ukrainian vlogger climbs the world's tallest building, then throws his new iPhone 7 plus off it.

Tourism organisations using phone tracking information to gather event data

Part of the crowd at a large event? Chances are you're being tracked.

The death of anonymous apps

In the two years since the heyday of Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret, most apps have slowed down or closed.

Android's Nougat update isn't flashy, but still pretty handy

Nougat, Google's latest update of its Android smartphone software, isn't particularly flashy; you might not even notice what's different about it at first.

No Man’s Sky investigated over 'misleading' ads

The UK Advertising Standards Authority is looking at whether the game's advertising was misleading.

How to become a VR developer

Online education startup Udacity promises to give the next generation of VR developers the skills they need.

Blackberry stops making phones

The company is handing over production of the phones to overseas partners while it focuses on software.

iPhone 7: impressions of an Android user

As ever, it's a case of convenience and consistency versus freedom and flexibility.

Africa welcomes anti-poaching drones in Google and the WWF initiative

Africa has welcomed the Google and WWF initiative which aims to protect wild animals.

App and website gives travellers the wifi passwords for world's airports

You can now connect to the internet at any airport thanks to a handy website and app.

Snapchat's playful shot at high-tech glasses

Snapchat Spectacles could become the first piece of high-tech headgear that people want to wear and feel comfortable being around.

Is Twitter looking for a new nest?

Suitors are hovering over the social network where growth has slowed and losses continue to mount.

Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond Yahoo

Security experts worry that the record-breaking haul of password data could be used to open locks up and down the web.

Xiaomi guns for Apple with latest premium smartphone

Xiaomi revealed a plus-sized device with dual cameras and a pressure-sensitive screen that's less than half the price of an iPhone.

DJI's response to GoPro drone is smaller, easier

The Mavic Pro is the size of a water bottle, has a 4K camera and the ability to track a person on the ground.

Peter Cullen: An employee tracking badge - a step too far?

OPINION: An all hearing, all seeing badge worn by workers could leave you with nowhere to hide.

Disney said to be working with adviser on bid to buy Twitter

Twitter could sell for up to US$16 billion and there could be some serious interest.

Review: Professional Farmer 2017

This is a tedious and under-developed game which does nothing for future farmer recruitment in NZ.

Apple apps said to reveal its health ambitions

The company wants to use its apps to interpret data and turn it into advice for users, doctors and others.

A week with slow internet and cellphone speeds

I really like my smartphone, but this week I felt like throwing it at brick wall.

Why an Apple-McLaren merger makes sense

OPINION: McLaren may have denied it is in talks with Apple about producing cars, but such a deal could work.

US spies finally embracing iPhones

US spies are catching up to the masses in their gradual embrace of 21st-century technology.

How to bring your app idea to life

​I've got an idea for a great game, just like a million other people, so what do I do next?

Leica to launch instant picture camera

The world's most prestigious camera maker latest device will only cost $420.

Renault, Nissan partner with Microsoft for connected car technology

Renault and Nissan bring in Microsoft to develop cloud-based navigation, maintenance and software updates.

Pokemon Go fervour has cooled, but the game isn't dead yet

The game needs to evolve to have real staying power - just like its namesake digital creatures.

Phone dead? These companies want to charge it from a distance

Tech that may allow phones, tablets and smartwatches to be powered from across a room could arrive next year.

Why the new Siri is still maddening in so many ways

Siri is slightly improved, but only if you take the time to enunciate correctly and slowly.

Online services want your birthdate

Of all the personal information people tend to give out willy-nilly on the internet, birthdate is perhaps the most ubiquitous.

Review: iPhone 7 headphone adaptor

Apple's lightning-to-3.5mm audio adaptor is about to become a necessary evil.

One third of smartphone users never make calls

A major survey showed 33 per cent of people not made any voice calls in the past week.

Can selfies make you happier? Scientists say yes - but another type of photo is better

Sending a selfie a day will help keep the blues away - but snapping another type of photo is even better.

No, you can't drill an iPhone 7 headphone jack

YouTube video shows how to add a "heaphone jack" on the iPhone 7 - but it's not all that it seems.

Snapchat is making sunglasses with a built-in camera

Not only are they moving into the wearable tech market, they've also changed their name too.

A tale of two fridges - the digital divide reaches the kitchen

Ailsa McLennan's Kelvinator has been going for 56 years. And the $10k Samsung Family Hub?

Limitless watches clock up crowdfunding cash

Start-up wristwatch business Limitless is on track to raise more than $30,000 in cash.

Cyberhood: Welcome to your friendly cyberhood

OPINION: Forget Facebook - neighbour networking apps are the future.

Australia clamps down on misleading consumer reviews, but rules differ here

Australian investigation into likes of Uber and Airbnb may not be mirrored in NZ.

Hands on: Google Allo smart messaging

COMMENT: Google's AI-powered smart messaging app Allo aims to be your new virtual best friend.

DNA crime profiling tool invented in New Zealand playing major role in US trials

The mystery of the murdered 12-year-old boy and the groundbreaking Kiwi forensic tool that can't be used.

Yahoo confirms 500m users affected by data breach

Yahoo confirms the account information of half a billion people was stolen in what's being called the 'biggest breach ever'.

Robot rides may force error-prone human motorists off the road

New rules of the road for robot cars could lead to the eventual extinction of the human driver.

Hackers post purported image of Michelle Obama's passport in latest email dump

Image purported to be a copy of US first lady's passport published along with White House staffer's personal emails.

Social media can destroy lives, but can it also force a return to gentlemanly values?

It can be shockingly nasty, but can online shaming also get men to give up their train seats?

Can an app help us find mindfulness in today's busy high-tech world?

Can the Apple watch's new Breathe app, or any app, help us find mindfulness in today's high-tech world?

Australian police issue Warning not to use dodgy letterbox USBs

Aussies told not to use unsolicited USB drives after harmful flash drives were dropped in Melbourne letterboxes.

China's Tiangong 1 space station will fall to Earth - somewhere - in 2017

China's Tiangong 1 is out of control. No one knows when, or where it will crash land.

Google phone: reveal set for early October, expected to be called Pixel and Pixel XL

Dates are set for the 'first phones built by Google', so what might we expect?

The ugly side of Snapchat's butterfly filter

OPINION: Why there is something not quite right about Snapchat's popular butterfly halo.

Taiwan asks Google to blur images showing new South China Sea facilities

Taiwan asks Google to blur images showing what appear to be military installations.
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