Wellington's smart motorway means relaxing and letting go of road control

For NZTA staff, Wellington's "smart" motorway means learning to relax.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sees the end of computers as physical devices

You've heard of the internet of things. But what about computers that aren't things at all?

How tech is going to change insurance

Someone from the 1960s would recognise modern insurance policies. But technology will change all that.

Snapchat sued as photos taken while crashing at 172kmh

Driver wanted to record how fast she could go on a Snapchat filter.

Nasa Space Apps Challenge hackathon soars

Coders, designers and space enthusiasts hunkered down for two days of brainstorming on Anzac weekend.

'Cactus' skin aids electric car efficiency

A cactus-inspired skin could hold the secret to creating a more efficient electric car.

SpaceX says it will fly a spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018

Private spaceflight firm plans to land a spacecraft on Mars in as little as two years.

Nintendo reveals details about new machine and mobile games

Nintendo has confirmed that its new video game system will launch in March 2017.

Talkshow app lets you text while others watch

Talkshow lets you follow a topic and watch as people text each other about it - sort of like live video for texting.

Samsung forges ahead of rivals

Gloom may be settling over the computer industry but Samsung is expected to cope better than most.

Facebook a money-making machine as mobile ad sales surge

Facebook is a money-making machine as its mobile ad sales surge.

Do you earn less than a Silicon Valley intern?

The median monthly base salary for an intern at some of the big tech companies is $9800.

Fitness app Strava faces uproar over user linked to doping

A cyclist who holds hundreds of titles on a Strava's leaderboard has been linked to doping.

Maybe Twitter needs to get used to being small

Maybe Twitter just isn't meant to be an all-encompassing social utility.

Police warn women about 'Artful Dodger' conman Paul William Todd Abbott

Is an online lothario, once dubbed the "modern Artful Dodger", up to his old tricks?

Driverless pods are the latest and coolest mode of public transport

Driverless pods are the latest and coolest mode of public transport.

Drone users need permission to fly within 4km of Marlborough aerodromes

Letters about the new rules have been sent out to known drone operators in the area.

News Corp invests in 'augmented reality' business Plattar

Christchurch brothers are making real waves in the world of augmented reality.

Vodafone NZ silent on sale rumour

Variety of explanations for heightened chatter, say analysts.

What air passengers tweet about the most - Twitter study

Twitter message to the world's airlines mostly filled with gratitude.

Porn investigation scam claims device locked for safety

This is the police, you've been blocked for watching porn, the message claims. But the police say don't fall for it.

Recovered iPhone divides families searching for answers

The two boys went missing on a fishing trip. Eight months later an iPhone was discovered.

CVV shops - how hackers get the three numbers from your credit card

How do online fraudsters get the 3-digit security code on the back of your credit card?

Secrets of the universe now online

Scientists trying to divine the fundamental nature of the universe have made their data available to anyone.

Camera drone can follow you

Drones have long been used to take aerial photos, but now you can get one that follows you around.

FBI won't reveal method for cracking iPhone

The FBI will not disclose how a third party hacked the iPhone of a shooter.

Apple under pressure as iPhone sales down, first revenue drop since 2003

Pressure mounts on Apple to come up with the next big thing after revenue slips.

Vodafone NZ may get a call from Australian billionaire David Teoh

OPINION: Aussie telco bosses seen in Auckland, so who's eyeing Vodafone's NZ business?

Real-time videos both amaze and disgust

This real-time video of a sinking Titanic was made to promoted an upcoming video game.

Hackers expose data from a website only for the 'beautiful'

The personal data of 1.1 million users of is being sold by data traders.

Pepsi goes for brevity with five-second ads for emoji bottles

Pepsi knows being interrupted by ads is annoying.

Automated systems watch skies as airports can't find enough controllers

Automated systems watch skies as airports can't find enough air traffic controllers.

Email etiquette: How to write the perfect email sign-off

Can you sign off an email with 'xx'? Are you being too formal? It all depends on what your job is.

Volpara raises $10m and lists on ASX

Wellington-based med-tech company, Volpara​ Health Technologies, is listing on the Australian stock exchange to further its global growth.

Tweens, teens and screens: How harmful is technology to young brains?

With tensions rising as parents try to rein in kids' techno habits.

LinkedIn provides bait for whaling scams to land some big 'phish'

Scammers increasingly targeting businesses and LinkedIn is useful source of ammunition, experts say.

Jimmy Fallon show eyes Queenstown's Shotover drone

A drone built by a Queenstown company is attracting attention from US television shows.

Facebook reportedly developing Snapchat-like camera app to encourage sharing, again

Facebook is developing a stand-alone camera app to increase user engagement.

Don't compare the Apple Watch to the iPhone

It's too premature to declare the Apple Watch a knockout or a failure.

Comments can be a stain on the web

Comments on stories have irked and entertained readers since they were first introduced.

US plans self-destructing messaging app for military

The US government wants to create a secure messaging service like WhatsApp.

Could skull echos and brainprints replace the password?

What if you didn't have to remember passwords - and instead they were literally inside your head?

Facebook is looking into adding a tip jar on posts

The move would provide a revenue-generating source for users, according to a survey.

Microsoft should stop making phones

Did you know Microsoft makes smartphones? It does. But it shouldn't anymore.

Out of time: Living without a watch

OPINION: Time carries on, even if you don't wear a watch.

Australian couple face A$80,000 legal bill after Facebook defamation case

A Sydney couple thought their fight with a neighbour was over. Turns out, it's far from done.

The woman who's revolutionising online dating

The founder of a "safety-first" dating app is committed to shielding users from harassment as they swipe right.

Prince dead: The superstar's complicated relationship with the internet

Prince was one of the first to use the internet to reach out to fans - and the first to realise it wouldn't work.

Supermassive blackhole as neutrino source points to new era in astronomy

Pinpointing the source of tiny speeding neutrinos as a super massive black hole in a distant galaxy brings kudos to the Warkworth Observatory team

Why I'll never use a Bluetooth pregnancy test

OPINION: "One thing a hi-tech option won't give you is the crushing, gradual indication that your pregnancy is ending."
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