Thanks! or Thanks. Google can help

If you use Google's Gmail app, you may have seen something new pop up on your screen this week: suggested responses for your emails.

Mark Zuckerberg says he's not running for public office

The Facebook boss says his quest to visit every US state he hadn't before is about building relationships, not politics.

The emojis that cost over $3000

Warning! Use emojis wisely as that smiley face could land you in court.

Leaked: hundreds of internal Facebook documents on sex, violence, and terrorism

More than 100 internal policies governing what Facebook allows you to see - and what they censor - have been leaked.

LG W7 wallpaper TV a stunner

Its paper-thin design may be its headline feature, but picture quality is the real hero.

Big brother CCTV cameras and sensors to help solve Wellington's begging issues

'Big brother' technology deployed to keep capital safe. But what about privacy?

North Korea's Unit 180, the cyber warfare cell that worries the West

North Korea denies being behind the Sony and banking hacks, but evidence emerges of its spy agency's "Unit 180".

Businessman's ransom nightmare at the hands of cyber hackers

The probability of a cyber attack is certain. What can businesses do?

Twitter co-founder laments US President Donald Trump's election

Silicon Valley star says social network's role in Trump's populist rise is "a very bad thing".

Instagram is the worst social network for young people's mental health

It's supposed to help young people connect with each other. It may actually be doing the opposite.

Mike O'Donnell: A timely lesson in what works for tech businesses

OPINION: Two young dudes can teach us a lot about the tech game, Mike O'Donnell writes.

Parents divided over addition of PlayStations to Wellington libraries

Wellington libraries have bought PlayStations to attract kids - but some parents are not happy.

New Plymouth company is a finalist for work developing oceanography technology

Trying to land a military boat on a beach just got a little bit easier.

Wireless charging for electric vehicles demonstrated

Demonstration shows how electric vehicles could be charged wirelessly while driving.

Google's focus on AI means it will get even deeper into our lives

Google believe their improved artificial intelligence cuts out the middle man, better known as your conscience.

Bitcoin's link to crime is a growing worry, claims bank chief risk officer

Ransomware attack underscores the need for lawmakers to look more closely at bitcoin's role in financial crime.

New app is Tinder for baby names - swipe right on the ones you like

Choosing a name is as easy as finding a date.

Google O/I 2017: Focus shifts to apps and digital assistant

Google ramps up their AI with the ability to identify images and locations through the phone's camera.

Man who stopped WannaCry cyberattack donates US$10,000 reward to charity

22-year-old UK man who "accidentally" halted WannaCry attack plans to give US$10K reward to charity.

Volvo truck collects rubbish like you've never seen before

Volvo has joined forces with a waste management company to build an autonomous rubbish truck.

Poor cellphone reception in parts of Coatesville sparks concern

An Auckland suburb's reception is so bad people want a landline in the local hall.

Bill Gates told students to read a book and sales surged 6000 per cent

How strong is Bill Gates' reputation as a businessman? He tweeted about a book, and sales soared.

Facebook adds Snapchat-like camera filters to Instagram

Instagram has souped up its camera with quirky face-tracking filters, adding another feature similar to Snapchat.

Google fights for the right to own the name 'google'

The word Google is so well-known that the company has to fight for the right to own its brand.

Google may preview stand alone virtual reality headset at developer conference

Google's next-generation virtual reality headset will reportedly not require a PC or phone to run games.

WannaCry ransomware victims told not to pay up by Cert NZ

If you do cough up, the 'shoddy' ransomware can't actually match victims to ransom payments.

Under-the-road electric vehicle charging being tested

Wireless charging roads for electric vehicles is a step closer.

Text messages for dads show how low the bar for fatherhood is set

OPINION: A new app that text messages dads shows how low the bar for fatherhood is set.

Embarrassed companies hit by ransomware pay up, and keep it quiet

Companies are usually too embarrassed to admit falling victim to cyber attacks, and have secretly paid million-dollar demands.

Walt Disney refuses to pay hackers who claim to be holding movie ransom

Hackers threaten to release an unnamed Disney movie, thought to be Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Researchers say global cyber attack similar to North Korean hacks

Cybersecurity researchers find evidence they say could link North Korea with the WannaCry cyber attack.

Pet cam keeps watchful eye on sick pets

The gadget-like technology enables on-call vets to check on, and talk to, pets without having to leave the house.

Social media addiction: What's acceptable, and what's not

How to know when you've gone too far.

Apple's iTunes coming to the Windows Store

Microsoft has announced that Apple's iTunes will soon be available for download from the Windows Store.

Speech recognition: You can say that again!

Human language is a wonderful thing. Talking computers, not so much.

Microsoft takes fight to Google, Amazon with video analysing tools

Microsoft has turned up the heat on other technology giants by launching new image and video recognition products.

Windows 10 to play nice with Android, iPhones, Microsoft says

Microsoft has come to terms with the non-existent place of Windows 10 in the smartphone software race.

RIP MP3: audio format officially terminated

The MP3 is dead, but its effect on the digital landscape is profound.

NZ government has no policy against paying software ransoms

The government won't pay ransoms for human hostages - but it has no policy against paying to unlock computers and networks.

How to protect yourself from the global ransomware attack

How to protect yourself from the global ransomware attack.

Researchers see possible North Korea link to WannaCry global cyber attack

Evidence rogue state may be involved in global WannaCry cyber attack that has hit 300,000 computers.

The first 100 ks in our long-term Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

We're spending the next few months in an electric Prius. For now, we've just spent time in a traffic jam.

US man thanks iPhone's Siri for saving his life in explosion

A man has thanked Siri for saving his life after he was injured in an explosion.

Urgent outage at Lyttelton Port after WannaCry cyber attack

Port will temporarily shut down to secure IT system after global security threats from WannaCry cyber group.

Petrol cars will be obsolete in 8 years, says US report

Only nostalgics will cling to the old habit of car ownership, an economics professor predicts.

WannaCrypt: what you need to know about the global ransomware cyber attack

Global ransomware "WannaCrypt" has crippled computers around the world, here's how to stay safe.

Experts brace for unstoppable ransomware

Think that global cyber attack is over? Think again, as experts warn of unstoppable ransomware.

Editorial: New Zealand should be on alert as borders mean nothing for cyber-attackers

OPINION: A weekend cyber-attack that disabled computers across much of the world had the hallmarks of a gripping fictional thriller.

Online retail giants force NZ businesses to implement digital strategies

Digital consultant says businesses must be digital savvy, or they'll die.

Cyberattack hits at least 200,000 victims in 150 countries

The victims are across 150 countries, and could grow in number when people return to work.
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