Review: Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Light

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Light
From: Sierra
For: PlayStation 2
Classification: PG
Score: three stars

PlayStation 2 staple Spyro is back and it's a solid, competent platformer without being spectacular.

While the story is nothing earth shattering -- with Spyro having to stop Gaul, the ape king, from, ahem, resurrecting the Dark Master -- the characters are lively enough and the locations varied enough that children will enjoy it, although they might need help on some of the more complex jumping puzzles.

Back are Hollywood talents Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman and Billy West reprising their vocal roles from the last Spyro game, and it is wrapped up in a well-presented package.

OK, so the game play doesn't differ much from every other Spyro game: jump from platform to platform, run around a lot, breathe fire and ram enemies, and generally don't fall off the edge of platforms, but a new tweak is Spyro's ability to slow down time -- called Dragon time -- which comes in handy when he has to negotiate moving platforms. Unfortunately, it seems that when you activate the slowing down time activity, it seems that the flying and steering controls for Spyro go out the window, which is a bit shame.

There's really not much wrong with Spyro. It's an inoffensive game that won't take long to complete, which is what youngsters want. An enjoyable, but average, platformer that the children will enjoy. --Gerard Campbell


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