People collectively 'make a huge difference'

NETTA EGOZ: ''I fell in love with Lyttelton."
NETTA EGOZ: ''I fell in love with Lyttelton."

Netta Egoz is part of the ''city-making movement''.

The group includes organisations like Gap Filler, Life in Vacant spaces, and the Transitional Architecture Trust. Mostly young people ''pushing the boundaries'' to create the new Christchurch.

People like Egoz might be living overseas if the quakes had not happened. Instead, they stayed or returned to Christchurch, keen to play an active role in the rebuild.

''Now we have the option to be inventive, a lot of interesting people are starting to surface,'' she says.

Egoz agreed to speak to The Press as part of The Christchurch Project, which aims to tell the stories of every day folk in our community.

She plays an active role in Christchurch's recovery with her job and during her free time.

She deals with rebuild issues as a community lawyer and sits on the board of the Exchange Christchurch, an affordable space for creative people, and the Transitional Architecture Trust, which runs the Festival of transitional Architecture (Festa).

''Everything I do has something to do with the community.''

She also runs PechaKucha Nights four times a year, an informal gathering where people share ideas following a simple presentation format: you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds.

''I think people like me make a big difference. The collective difference is huge.''

You'd think Egoz doesn't have much free time, but she says she loves going on walks around Lyttelton where she lives with a flatmate and a puppy.

''I fell in love with Lyttelton, it's a beautiful place. The tunnel mentally separates you from the stress of the city.''

''I want to buy a house there so that I can always go back to it.''

Growing up, Egoz had always thought she would move overseas after her studies.

But after stints in Paris and Melbourne, she came back to Christchurch at the beginning of 2014 and is here to stay for at least five years.

''When I left, I realised the value of the city. Here you are connected to something bigger than your own life and your own circles. You have the opportunity to make a difference.'' 


Ward: Lyttelton - Mt Herbert

Neighbourhood: Lyttelton

Name: Netta Egoz

Age: 25

Origin: Born overseas but grew up in New Zealand

Occupation: Community organiser and lawyer

Quake rating: 8/10

Project: Bringing together social purpose and career

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