Man stole from neighbours

A Timaru man who stole from neighbours, then returned some of the booty, has been sentenced to intensive supervision and community work.

Andrew William Vosper, 27, was sentenced in Timaru District Court yesterday on three charges of burglary, two of arson, two of theft and one of wilful damage.

Last December Vosper was living in a rented property.

The landlord had stored property in the garage and locked it.

Vosper got into the garage and removed tools, including a circular saw.

He then went to a neighbouring property, opened a sliding door and took a motorbike helmet.

A month later he returned it to the neighbour and said he had found it on his doorstep.

His next act was to set fire to a seat at Highfield Golf Course. He also set fire to vegetation, which took firefighters three hours to put out.

The same month he went to another neighbour's property, removed the key to a door and removed the Freeview box. He returned the unit a couple of days later and said children had given it to him.

At another neighbour's property he took the collar off their dog and let it go free. While speaking to another neighbour he took his cellphone and gave it away. He then went to the neighbour's house, opened motor oil and tipped it over a retaining fence.

Judge Joanna Maze said neighbours had rightly become concerned about his behaviour.

"Most offending is for self-gain. It is extremely difficult to see what you gained out of this."

A pre-sentence report found no evidence of psychological issues, she said.

Vosper was sentenced to 160 hours' community work and 12 months' intensive supervision, and ordered to pay $5403 in reparation.

The Timaru Herald