English tourist lost on Mt Somers

01:51, Aug 15 2014

A 48 year-old Englishman who was lost on the Sharplin Falls track in the Mt Somers area near Methven, Canterbury, has been found unhurt.

He was found by the Methven LandSAR group at 5.30pm.

Tekapo Police Senior Constable Brent Swanson said six land search and rescue people from Methven had gone to the track to look for the Englishman.

"He suffered no injuries. He was just lost."

He is a tourist staying with family in Christchurch.

Swanson said the tourist had been walking and got lost on the way to the Pinnacles Hut. He rang police on his cellphone. They were able to triangulate his approximate location from that, Swanson said.


The Timaru Herald