Jail time for six guilty of manslaughter

03:04, Feb 26 2009
Murder victim: Wayne Bray

Tears from both sides of the court greeted the sentences of up to nine years imprisonment handed down to the six men found guilty of the manslaughter of Timaru man Wayne Kerry Bray.

The six John Oliver Jamieson, 21 fisherman;  Morgan Christopher James Parker, 18, freezing worker; Simon Antony Anglem, 18, labourer; Ashley Jordan Moffat, 18, butcher;  Nicholas John Peters, 19, freezing worker; and Daniel Raymond Kreegher, 20, boner; were sentenced by Justice Cooper in the High Court at Timaru yesterday after being found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter following a trial last year.

Mr Bray, 26, died four days after he was punched, kicked and stomped on, on a Timaru street on February 2 last year. Mr Bray had walked past a property where there had been a party. Three of the six had been invited to it, and the others had turned up with others later in the evening.

Flashback: Police collecting evidence at the scene where Wayne Bray was attacked on Bouverie Street.

There was bad blood between Anglem and Bray, and it was a chance encounter that saw him initially assaulted by Anglem before the others took off down the road after him and the assault taking place.

While the six had gone to trial on a murder charge, they had all been willing to plead guilty to manslaughter counsel told the court. That option had not been available as the solicitor general would accept only four guilty pleas to manslaughter, requiring guilty pleas to the murder charge from the remaining two offenders.

The crown had argued the six were all principal offenders, but after argument from defence counsel, Justice Cooper decided Jamieson, Kreegher and Anglem were the principal offenders with the other three having a secondary role.


The three principal offenders also received non parole terms of half their sentence.
Justice Cooper noted Jamieson had been on bail for other charges when the assault took place. Jamieson received the longest sentence, nine years.

Kreegher received an eight year term and Anglem seven and a half years.

The other three, Peters, Moffat and Parker all received sentences of four years and six months.

The sentences were greeted with tears from relatives of both the six, as well as members of the Bray family.

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