All at sea but ready to go

22:04, Mar 19 2014
timaru ranger dance olivia scott alexis townshend rebekah little brooke smith julia hoggh
CURTAIN CALL: Mermaids Olivia Scott, Alexis Townshend and Rebekah Little with sailors Brooke Smith and Julia Hogg. The dancers from Ranger School of Dance have been rehearsing since term four last year and are ready to perform on Sunday.

After months of rehearsal the dancers from Ranger School of Dance are ready to take to the stage.

The curtain will rise on Sunday revealing an underwater fantasy world in The Mermaids' Tale created by dance school principal Jill Ranger.

The most exciting aspect of the production for the young dancers is watching everything from the choreography to the costumes coming together.

Dancing the part of the Ruby Mermaid, Alexis Townshend, 14, said she likes watching the end performance and seeing what they have accomplished.

Although excited, there are a few nerves for Rebekah Little, 15. "I'm a bit nervous. Being en pointe means there's added pressure."

Preparations for the production started in October. Olivia Scott, 15, is also excited about the show but said it has been hard work. "I like it, it's been a challenge but that makes me work hard."


The ballet is about two sailors who have been shipwrecked after a storm and get rescued by three mermaids who give the sailors a potion to enable them to live under the sea.

Julia Hogg, 14, is having a lot of fun getting into her character Shanty the sailor, and dancing along side Brooke Smith, 13.

"We bounce off each other to get our characters. They're both different and a good contrast."

Mrs Ranger originally intended to stage The Little Mermaid but thought the story didn't suit the school, so came up with a concept of her own.

There are 85 students dancing, as well as a few adults as ring-ins, playing everything from the Emerald Queen and french rats to an assortment of fish.

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