Man on legal high headbutts his way through wall

A 27-year-old Timaru man affected by legal highs smashed through his flat wall into a neighbouring flat with his head, at 2pm on Saturday.

The man made two large holes in the walls dividing two of the units in a block of flats at the corner of Wai-iti Rd and Evans St. The wall was made of double gib board.

The noise as he battered his head terrified the woman in the flat next door and she fled to another neighbour to ring police.

The man was taken to Timaru Hospital where he is receiving treatment for bruising. He will be assessed by mental health services. Charges have not been laid yet but police are considering them.

Timaru Police acting sergeant Marcus Dominey said while it was fairly common for police to deal with people affected by legal highs in the community he had never seen anyone behave to this extent before.

''It took four constables to control him.''

The man suffered no cuts from headbutting the wall but was badly bruised.

He was suffering from paranoid delusions, Dominey said.

The Timaru Herald