Houses 'prop up' land values

A wave of building will not lower Auckland house prices - in fact it will actually keep them from falling.

Health insurance - yes or no?

If you DIY instead of using health insurance in retirement, you should set aside at least $30,000.

HoneyLab's big buzz

New Zealand healthcare company HoneyLab​ is working with the world's largest consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble.

Better support for migrants needed

IT consultant Sunit Prakash wants to see a landing pad and boot camp set up to help skilled migrants in New Zealand.

Hotel negotiations under way

Negotiations are under way for two new flash hotels in Hamilton.

Ivory trade thriving in NZ, Oz

An investigation into the sale of ivory and rhino horn has found the trade is flourishing in the southern hemisphere.

Warning over Facebook 'marketplace'

Hamilton couple warning bargain-hunters to be wary of buying items sold through Facebook's new app offering.

$1700 paintball birthday party bill

It was meant to be a dream day out for his daughter's 15th birthday, but this dad claims it ended up costing him big.

Town pines for Christmas tree

Would a $30,000 Christmas tree mean bigger presents?

'$5000 is a lot of money for us'

Business shipped goods ordered via YesShop - but is yet to see any money for them. Now the channel is going off air.

Cops hunt Cinderella firebugs

It's west Auckland's very own Cinderella story. But this time, Cinders is an arsonist.

H&M neglects online shoppers

H&M celebrates Auckland store opening but leaves fans in the dark about why it has no online shopping.

Youth justice can be effective: commissioner

Children's Commission met Indian community leaders and reassured them the youth justice system was capable of working.

A pungent pairing

The sweaty socks stink of cheese floats through Hamilton's SkyCity atrium - it's the FermentFest.

'It's basically our livestock'

Hives worth thousands each are being stolen, with beekeepers and honey buyers the ones suffering.

Market research and the personality of rocks

Everybody has had a run-in with someone with the personality of a rock, but would you expect to find a rock with the character of a slick and shady businessman? Or an astrology-loving hippie? 

Mike's Brewery lives on

A beloved Kiwi craft beer brand is battling back from liquidation.

Pill prescribing doctor 'fairly' sacked

She supplied drugs including morphine to her partner, who later admitted to using P.

Lemon curd, anyone?

Eggs, honey, oranges, tomatoes, herbs and spices - all produced at Hamilton Gardens - are made into yummy souvenirs.

$1 coal mines turn to jackpots

Buying bargain-bin coal mines during commodity slump has turned into a savvy bet.

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