Investors' record share of Auckland housing

Investors responsible for almost half of Auckland house sales, as prices in the capital rise at record rates.

NZ's perfect chance

OPINION: NZ is facing growing pressures, but our best economic opportunities have been laid out.

Praise for NZ economy

International ratings agency says NZ well positioned to handle any shocks.

Housing solution not so super

OPINION: Helping some people into the market hasn't changed the problem - houses are unaffordable.

She's a real life spy

If you think your partner is having an affair, you're probably right.

Catch-22 for construction boom

Is there enough accommodation for the influx of workers needed to meet housing demand?

What makes for a happy nation

Money can't buy happiness, but it certainly helps, as does having someone to count on.

'More than pulling tits'

Eight Waikato/Bay of Plenty farmers are in a battle to be the region's best.

E-commerce key to China sales

A Kiwi built payment system helps NZ businesses engage with China's fast-paced consumers

Business is booming

Hundreds of new jobs created in Marlborough, with hundreds more in the pipeline.

Stop moaning about your student loan

Uni graduates, check your privilege - you earn more and have better job prospects than the taxpayers who supported you.

Us Two: Invivo Wines' owners

Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron were friends at school. Ten years ago, they combined their talents.

Meet and greet colleagues, clients

You don't have to be a customer to use BNZ's latest shared work space

New checklist for retirement villages

Association issues template to help people compare what's on offer.

Tax is changing

If you're a contractor in IT, design, or professional services, the way you pay tax is about to change.

"Fingerprinting" eggs prevents fraud

A Dunedin company's "fingerprinting" of free range eggs and other premium products is helping deter food fraud.

Can you 'speak' money?

Money's not an easy language to learn, and it allows people to intimidate others with jargon.

Meth fears over blown?

Some property managers claim methamphetamine is too big a risk for first time landlords to manage on their own.

Kiwi eels a hit in New York

New Zealand exports to North America more than double, year-on-year.

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