Analysts expected rate rise


The Reserve Bank may take an extended winter break from raising interest rates after another move up in June, some economists say.

Telecom deal seen as expensive

Users group criticises Telecom for lack of info on how new uncapped broadband plans will be work.

Sea mining company raises $1.79m

Chatham Rock Phosphate

NZX-listed Chatham Rock Phosphate has raised new capital of $1.79 million through issuing new shares to existing shareholders.

Cash sought for anti-inflammatory product

Charles Daily

Promisia Integrative will begin a share purchase plan to raise $2.8 million to scientifically prove its dietary supplement works.

Aviation painting firm folds

Aviation Painting Services

Two years ago, Aviation Painting Services expected to be expanding now. Instead it will be closing its doors on Wednesday,

Retail wages expected to rise

coins money new zealand kiwi

More than a quarter of retail and hospitality workers can expect a pay rise in the next year, an industry survey shows.

Demand for skilled labour taxes supply

Construction worker/ Hard hat

Labour demand in Canterbury is growing at a greater rate than nationally, with evidence many job vacancies are hard to fill.

Higher interest rates 'fact of life'

EPL boss Tom Thomson

Canterbury businesses are taking the rise in interest rates in their stride.

Savers back in the money

NZ money, cash

Savers with money in the bank should get a boost after five years of poor returns.

ANZ first to raise rates

mortgage rates

ANZ blinks first after the RBNZ lifted the official cash rate today. | More interest rate rises expected

79 mill jobs to go

timaru logs

A worker laid off as part of the Southern Cross Forest Product mill closure says more than just low log prices are to blame.

Ross banned by accountants

David Ross

"Difficult to imagine more serious professional misconduct," accountants' institute says.

'Stars aligned' for NZ business

Nz dollars

Business conditions dubbed best in three decades as report finds NZ business confidence is among world's highest.

ComCom forces probe co-operation


Watchdog uses law to gather evidence into Countdown's alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

Crop-seed farmers pressured by rain

radish seeds

Canterbury's prolonged wet spell is threatening the supply of specialist seed and cereal crops.

Facial eczema warning

Facial eczema spore

North Island farmers have been warned to check their stock for signs of facial eczema following a sharp jump in spore numbers.

New formula rules introduced


Around 50 infant milk formula companies face uncertainty over exports to China, as tighter regulations are introduced.

Mediaweb owes creditors millions

NZ money, cash

Business magazine publisher in receivership owes creditors more than $2.5 million.

Corporate buzzwords everyone hates

Swearing, cursing, swear words

Just before Easter I was running a workshop for an executive team at a large Australian bank and the leader stood up and said: "I don't ever want to hear the words 'transformational change' or 'competency framework' in another internal presentation."

Why you hate your job

angry co-worker

Look at the colleague to your left. Now, to your right. At least one of them hates their job. Maybe you do, too.

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