More Christchurch city streets could reopen

03:54, May 08 2012

The northern parts of central Christchurch may be the next area in the red zone to reopen, Cera says.

A Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority spokeswoman said today that the authority was working hard to reopen Durham St as soon as possible as it was a "key arterial road".

"There is also still work being done on the Crowne Plaza site,'' she said.

''The next building to come down is Radio New Zealand House, so the road cannot be opened until that job is complete."

She said the area around Latimer Square was a focus so that businesses could move back into the area and that Kilmore St still needed more buildings to come down before it could reopen.

There were no timelines for removing any major cordons at this stage, she said.

"For a cordon to come down, all the building owners must be happy and all the buildings in the area must be safe, and Cera is constantly in discussion with key parties to try to open roads whenever possible," she said.

The cordon was recently lifted from the remaining closed section of Madras St between Tuam St and Latimer Square.

The Madras St reopening left only parts of Lichfield, Durham and Kilmore streets closed of the city's eight one-way streets that were cordoned after the February 2011 quake.


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