Sun top priority for house hunters

01:36, Jun 27 2012

Orientation to the sun and good insulation are the top priorities for house hunters, a new survey shows.

Listings website asked 1200 homebuyers which features were most important when searching for a house.

More than half said sun was their top priority, with a further third rating it of ''high importance''.

Insulation was rated ''very important'' by 46 per cent of respondents.

Sun and warmth were considered more important by those surveyed than off-street parking, open-plan living and attractive kitchens.

Just 16 per cent of respondents ranked a ''gourmet kitchen'' as being very important.

The survey asked those respondents who were also selling, or had recently sold, their homes what features they thought would contribute to a premium price.

Of the 300 respondents in this category, almost 90 per cent said environmental factors such as efficient energy, water and heating could contribute to a property fetching a higher price. chief executive Alistair Helm described the results as ''staggering''.

''This survey has certainly established that energy performance and the warmth and health aspects of a home are very much on the minds of home hunters.''

The site has recently partnered with the New Zealand Green Building Council's Homestar rating system, which rates how environmentally-friendly residential properties are.