Reading nooks to inspire you

19:20, Jan 24 2013

For a few months last year, I was really into Pinterest. Unlike most of my friends, who go on to look at pictures of tasty recipes and cute fashion items, I mostly went on to perve at book porn.

Actually, note to self: bad phrasing. I meant literary porn. Oh wait. I meant, I liked to go on and look at pictures of reading nooks I would like to recreate someday when I have my own house. Just so we're clear on that.

I have a whole bunch of reading spots I like to use, both outdoors and in - but my favourite nook is probably my bed. It has ideal conditions for reading. A soft mattress, pillows to prop my head, a Cuddle Buddy for my back, reading light, bedside table to put my cup of tea on, and a warm duvet to snuggle under. Best of all, if I fall asleep while reading, I don't have to worry about having to wake up and stumble to bed...because I'm already there.

Still, I have encountered many photos of wonderful book nooks that I can imagine cosying up into, like a squirrel hibernating in autumn in a hollow tree trunk among fallen leaves and damp moss, with my nose buried in a riveting tale.

It's got me to thinking - what exactly makes a good book nook? Certain criteria have to be fulfilled, of course.

You need a place to store your favourite books, or ones currently being read, so shelves or bookcases of some description, then you'll need a comfortable spot to lie on, which means either a mattress, day bed, couch, armchair, rocking chair or, at a pinch, a throw and some big cushions.


A book nook also needs to be in a space that's relatively hidden, so you can have some peace and quiet from a nosy spouse, screaming kids or talkative flatmates, and it needs to be well lit. It's no surprise that most of the book nooks I've fallen in love with are sun traps - there is something about sunshine and reading that just goes hand-in-hand.

Below are some book nooks I've found that may one day inspire one of my own, and perhaps encourage me to move on from my bed. No matter how comfy beds are, there are downsides to it, including the fact that if you live with a partner, they tend to be rather disagreeable about being kept up by reading lights while attempting to sleep - trust me, I speak from experience.

Which one of the below reading nooks do you find most inspirational?


This looks a little like an alien pod!












Doesn't this look divine? The ladder reminds me of one of the opening scenes from Disney's Beauty & The Beast, when bookish Belle is singing and sliding down her library.












There's something modern and intrinsically "readerly" about white couches and books...
















Perfect for littlies


















And probably my favourite of the lot, maybe minus the pastel colour scheme.












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