Solo camp completes students' rites journey

22:19, Nov 22 2012
jesse drake
TOUGHING IT: Timaru Boys' High School's Jesse Drake, 14, has a go at the Rite Journey programme.

Timaru Boys' High School students have been toughing it out on a "rite of passage" programme, called The Rite Journey, which was developed by Australian teachers Andrew Lines and Graham Gallasch.

The programme reinvents the traditional process of a rite of passage, to assist in transforming the adolescent from dependency to responsibility.

Throughout the Rite Journey, students explored and discovered consciousness, connection, communication, challenge and celebration with seven stages of ceremonies. The programme ended this week with a solo camp at Peel Forest. Year 10 student Jesse Drake tells Attitude what it was like.

"As part of the Rite Journey, year 10 students from Timaru Boys' High School had to spend a night out alone in Peel Forest. This was a challenge for many of the boys as we were completely alone and most of us hadn't done anything like this before.

"We were given an area and were left to set up our areas and survive the night in makeshift shelters. Our alone time was used to reflect on the year and set goals for the future. We used burners that we had made ourselves to cook our food and a tarpaulin and string for our shelters.

"I thought that the trip was very worthwhile and I am grateful for the experience."


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