Former student begins his career in Vietnam

18:31, Dec 10 2012
timothy brand
HIGH-FLYER: Timothy Brand has kicked off his accountacy career by immersing himself in one of Asia's fastest growing economics.

A former Timaru Boys' High School student is kick starting a high flying career in accountancy with an internship in Vietnam.

Timothy Brand, 23, is immersing himself in one of Asia's fastest growing economies having been chosen for the 12-week internship offered by the Asia New Zealand Foundation (Asia:NZ) in partnership with global firm KPMG.

He has now been working at the accountancy firm's offices in Ho Chi Minh City for two weeks, along with fellow Kiwi intern Olivia Clark.

Timothy finished a double degree in law and accounting at the University of Canterbury this year. He said he applied for the internship because the growth forecasts for Southeast Asia would give him invaluable experience.

He said his first week in the Ho Chi Minh City office had been a mixture of the familiar and the new.

"Many of the business processes at KPMG are internationally consistent in nature, while subtle differences in etiquette expound the fact that I am indeed in Vietnam and not Timaru."


He said some features of the Vietnamese tax system - such as progressive tax rates and GST - were similar to New Zealand.

"Other aspects of the tax system are notably foreign - such as a 40 per cent tax on playing cards and a 20 per cent tax on golf clubs."

Asia:NZ also offers business internships at ANZ Royal Bank in Cambodia, Kyushu Railway Company in Japan, Berlitz Corporation in Japan, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. Information can be found at

Asia:NZ is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation dedicated to building New Zealand's links with Asia through a range of programmes, including business, culture, education, research and media.

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