Festive season special in Sicily

21:31, Jan 20 2013
Fun with friends: Mackenzie College student Abby Anderson, who is on an AFS exchange in Sicily, enjoys New Year celebrations Italian-style.

South Canterbury teenagers are a globe-trotting lot and Attitude is following some of them while they discover many wonderful parts of the world. This week, we catch up with Mackenzie College student Abby Anderson, who is in Sicily, Italy, on an AFS exchange. This is the latest entry in her blog.

Christmas has come and gone just like how all time seems to be passing here. 

Barely a blink and a month has passed. As hard as it was being away from my family on such a family-orientated day, it was really something special.

One huge thing that stuck out saying ‘‘I am not a NZ Christmas’’ was the weather. 

Nowhere near as cold as my other KntsGknteiwi friends up north, but a 10-degree Celsius Christmas wrapped up in the warm house was something different.

I spent my Christmas tasting some of the most delicious classic Italian food, where on Christmas Eve we didn’t finish dinner until 11pm.

On Christmas Day I learnt Sicilian card games, was spoilt by my host family and was even treated by my sisters to an English-speaking lunch. The new year has just ticked over, after having spent a few days with  an Italian friend and American exchange student in the centre of Sicily. Pizza, champagne and fireworks,  followed by something their friends seemed to take quite seriously .th.th. Bingo. It could have been the betting involved that made this more enjoyable and worth playing, especially when I won it!


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