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Douglas Kennedy

Hutchinson, $34.99

Thomas Nesbitt is an American writer in the middle of a painful divorce. He hides himself away in a cottage in Maine trying to write, and come to terms with the disintegration of his marriage.

As the snow threatens to cut him off from the world, he is suddenly brought back to Earth with the arrival of a package from Berlin.

The address on the box is that of a woman with whom he had an intense love affair 25 years ago when the city was divided into East and West and haunted by the shadows of the Cold War. An impulsive decision ended the love affair and Thomas returned to America.

The package holds the key to how the story unfolded after his departure.

As usual, Douglas Kennedy has written an intelligent and gripping story that is difficult to put down. This is an emotionally intense story that examines the life-changing effects of a moment in time, and a future faced with the knowledge of what could have been. It also gives a glimpse into what life may have been like in that political setting and time, where people were forced to do what would allow them to survive.

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