Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

01:49, Jun 21 2011


David Bogan and Keith Davies

HarperCollins, $32.99

Five words make up the title, but the book's theme can be summed up in two: don't retire.

And in 270 pages, that's pretty much all it says.

The basic premise is a good alternative idea to the notion of having to retire at 65 or thereabouts, and is timely. As longevity continues to creep up, the idea of living perhaps another 30 years past a 45-year working life on one's savings is less and less realistic. And that's assuming there will still be a pension as well.


Bogan and Davies say that if you retire, you die. There's something in that.

However, their book tends to whistle to those who are in professions that are highly marketable and, if readers haven't already, they should henceforth work for themselves, to be in control of their own hours and lifestyle.

Well that's great, for those who can.

There is nothing for those who have worked in low-paid physical occupations that aren't so marketable at any age.

Health is barely mentioned.

The highlights occur midway through the book, with strategies to plan your pathway, and case studies are included throughout, to inspire.

It is written in a positive way, and it achieves its goal by planting a seed in the mind to a different life course.

But it's not enough.