Retire Richer

05:54, Aug 02 2011


A practical guide for everyone aged 25 to 85

Alan Clarke

Global Publishing Group $40

Now that the first batch of the baby boomer generation is old enough to claim a pension, there is a multitude of retirement literature that has hit booksellers' shelves.

This one, however, is worth its weight in gold coins.


Written by New Zealander Alan Clarke, it has local relevance and is full of practical advice.

It's even a fun read.

Best of all, as the title says, it's not just for retirees, it's for anyone interested in some good investment advice.

The book isn't entirely about financial planning, however.

It also includes topics on what not to do regarding retirement planning, and includes typical pitfalls for retirees.

Wills and trusts are covered, then it veers into lifestyle topics.

Travelling on the cheap around New Zealand is touched upon, and comparisons are made of caravans versus motor homes, pop-up campers and "greypacking".

The final chapter on health contains anecdotal views of the author, and doesn't really add value to the book.

A minor criticism is the occasional typo errors that occur and will, no doubt, be fixed in the next edition.

Overall, it's a handy read, and informative.

The Timaru Herald