Boxing scrapbook full of memorabilia

20:23, May 27 2013
FULL OF MEMORIES: The New Zealand Boxing Scrapbook by Dave Cameron with Paul Lewis.


Dave Cameron with Paul Lewis
Harper Collins, $59.99

New Zealand has only ever had one world boxing champion born on its shores and that was back in 1890 when "Torpedo" Billy Murphy knocked out the "Belfast Spider" Ike Weir.

That fact and many others are part of Dave Cameron's book, which is a fascinating look at the sport in New Zealand, from those early days to the latest goings on with the controversial SBW.

The author has been collecting boxing memorabilia for 67 years and the book is a true scrapbook, including newspaper cuttings, advertisements and photos of the time as well as his recollections. Cameron points out since Murphy, New Zealand has had three residential world champions, but none were born here.

Bob Fitzsimmons, the pride of Timaru, won the first of his three world titles in 1891 but was born in Cornwall, England.


Daniella Smith, who won the women's IBF welterweight title in 2010, was born in England as well while Mascelino Masoe, who won the WBA middleweight world title in 2004, was born in Samoa.

So it seems Shane Cameron has plenty to fight for against Danny Green this month to break a 122-year drought.

The book covers the best of our boxers, decade by decade, and also looks at the pugilist All Blacks.

Cameron also dedicates a chapter to boxing's elite who have visited our shores.

"New Zealand has, surprisingly, had a large number of visits from boxing's most famous folk - usually not to fight here, but their presence is making an impact nonetheless", he says.

While this book is aimed at boxing fans, anyone interested in sport would enjoy the read.

The Timaru Herald