Politics without plot

22:59, Dec 23 2012
CRUDE HUMOUR: Will Ferrell (Cam Brady), right, and Zach Galifianakis (Marty Huggins) - join forces in Campaign.


Director: J Roach
85 mins, R16

This is crude humour delivered at a savvy time in American politics.

With the American presidential race on the horizon, two of the funniest actors in show business - Will Ferrell (Cam Brady) and Zach Galifianakis (Marty Huggins) - join forces to tell the pointless tale of two southerners trying to get into Congress.

A pointless tale, because the meaning of the word "plot" is ignored for largely the whole movie.

The two try every underhanded political move to win votes during their campaigns, which results in rather hilarious consequences.


No political situation is off limits and almost all of them are mocked.

Kissing babies, trophy wives, cheesy political television advertisements and trash talking during handshakes and photo opportunities all act as the perfect backdrop for ridiculous behaviour on the campaign trail.

Many of the jokes are made with a male audience in mind, and the movie lives up to its R16 rating.

This is your typical Ferrell film along the lines of Anchorman and Telladaga Nights, in that the movie lurches from one joke to the next while ignoring the need to build character depth or an intriguing plot.

This movie delivers on what it sets out to do. It packs plenty of laughs into 85 minutes and throws political correctness out the window.

You will enjoy it while you are watching it but it is unlikely you will remember it in the long-term.

The Timaru Herald