End of the line for Twilight

20:24, May 27 2013
INTO THE SUNSET: Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson take a last bow as Bella and Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn – Part Two.


Dir: Bill Condon
115 minutes

Finally, the saga is over, after five movies. Thank goodness. R-Patz (Robert Pattinson) and K-Stew (Kristen Stewart) can walk off into the sunset, their future fame to consist entirely of tabloid speculation about their relationship.

That's what I went into this movie half-expecting to think when I emerged.

And let's be clear, there is an element of relief in the fact the saga in movie form is complete; I realised while waiting to see it that it was a full three years since I'd read Breaking Dawn, the last and longest of Stephenie Meyer's four Twilight books.

So it's been too drawn out, but that last book couldn't have been handled in a single movie.


But despite that, for Twilight fans - and you really need to have seen the other movies, if not read the books - there's a degree of satisfaction in the way the saga is brought to a conclusion.

Pattinson and Stewart are convincing as Edward and Bella Cullen, the latter a newborn vampire, as is Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.

In terms of acting performances, though, the versatile Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon, The Damned United among others) steals the show as Aro, the malevolent leader of the Volturi, vampiredom's ruling council.

With Bella newly immortal, and the mother of half-vampire, half-human daughter Renesmee, things seem blissful, until another vampire, Irina, mistakes Renesmee for an immortal child - a child changed to a vampire, which is strictly outlawed - and reports the "crime" to the Volturi.

That ensures a showdown with the Cullen clan, who travel the world seeking witnesses to attest to Renesmee's unusual nature before the council.

For those who have read the books, there's a dramatic twist in the tail, which is not entirely convincing, and possibly even a little cheesy, a characteristic it shares with some of the romantic scenes involving Edward and Bella.

But Bill Condon, the last in the line of directors of the ongoing saga, has made a good fist of rounding it out. Twilight fans should be reasonably happy. They may even be able to crack one of those broad Kristen Stewart smiles.

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