Pet hates get comic's twist

01:48, Nov 23 2012
Neil young
ON HIS (s)HITLIST: Australian comedian Heath Franklin as Chopper.

Will the real Mark "Chopper" Read please stand up?

Lists, lists and more lists. We all make them and they all include pet hates. Take your pick, as Heath Franklin did last night. Chopper Read, actually.

He impersonates the notorious criminal with a slice of biting humour. Nothing escaped his clutches - Subway, speed cameras, vegetables, Aussies and Kiwis.

And the "shit list" continued with confidence commercials, politicians, Posh and Becks. Heath Franklin bases his character on the infamous Mark "Chopper" Read, who kidnapped, robbed and tortured.

With a comedic twist, his delivery is fast and punchy, full of expletives and straight-up Aussie dinkum.

The audience wasn't spared either, with humorous assaults from all angles.


Two men from the audience, an Aussie and a Kiwi, battled it out in a trans-Tasman tussle for ownership rights of pavlova, Phar Lap and the Gold Coast.

The contest culminated in a dry Weet-Bix eating competition.

And the jokes kept coming - public toilets, dole bludgers, gingers in the desert and an Australian prime minister who talks like a goat.

A great night out and heaps of laughs.

The Timaru Herald