Naughty but not that naughty

04:11, Aug 14 2012
william bisset
WELL-SUITED: Grant Shaw gets the measure of William Bisset.

Eekkk! I totally forgot it was my official weigh-in yesterday and I went to Tekapo for a naughty weekend, which didn't help much.

Well, not that naughty; actually, I was a good boy if anything. In fact, I paid extra to get a room with a kitchen.

Week 20

Instead of going out for meals I stayed in and cooked. This is foreign to me, because usually a big part of enjoying a holiday is going out for meals. But in this instance, I did not allow food be the main focus of my time away.

Rather, I took healthy-ish food (and frozen chips) and cooked a healthy but fulfilling meal and breakfast. But I did eat a lot, and I felt full, and was not at all confident about my weigh-in.

While in Tekapo I soaked in the Alpine Springs hot pools. Usually I would feel uncomfortable exposing my stomach to the other bathers for fear of traumatising them, but I am feeling more confident with my body.


Although I'm still a "rolly-polly" I am not as grossly obese, and knowing I am on a journey to looking and feeling better makes it all OK for now.

My overweight condition has controlled my life too much and I have let it prevent me from doing fun things like going to the beach. I would usually wear a T-shirt to cover the blubber.

I have produced an interesting video found at Not only does it film my weigh-in, but you will see me at Mac Shaw Men's Clothing. Grant, the owner, has promised me a high-quality designer suit if I can fit into it this year. You can see how much more I can fit into the suit and also, something that may surprise you, is announced there.

Six weeks ago I was forced to buy new clothes because it started to look and feel like I was dressed in a tent. Even those new clothes are now far too big which is great, but also a strain on cashflow.

I met up with Gabrielle, a fashion guru, who taught me how to shop cost-effectively and gave me some guidelines about what I should wear according to my body shape. Watch this on my video; you will be surprised how you can look smart for a fraction of the cost.


It doesn't matter what good I have done, it's the naughtiness that is in focus here in the confession section. I'm pleased I have controlled myself enough not to be confessing about serious junk foods. But ... 2 Stags Cafe in Timaru make probably the nicest pies in the universe that are very much in line with my tastebuds. I have resisted these for some months, like I have resisted all pies, but the other day I had one.

It was not an accident. It was premeditated.

I was determined to have one and felt OK about my choice. I used to get them all the time and, in some ways, I don't feel too bad. I had one pie and I enjoyed it.

There is a school of thought that you need fats to be healthy and it's been a weird feeling knowing I can shallow fry foods safely in quality fats. Last week I said "hash-browns to me are like a bright light to a moth", so one night I washed and grated some potato then shallow-fried them in quality coconut fat. I don't believe we have words in the English vocabulary that can describe how yummy this was and it made the best base for a vegetable stir-fry.

Official weigh-in

Three months ago I weighed 124 kilograms. I lost 7kg in my first month followed by 5kg the second month. As the third weigh-in came around I was not expecting as much because when one starts a weight-loss programme one usually loses more in the beginning before a plateau. Combining that with the fact I still have not followed Justin's (from Performance Training) advice, I genuinely did not expect to find I'd lost another 4kg. I'm down to 108kg and I can't believe it. I have a huge smile on my face and am feeling great.

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