Suit marks switch to healthier lifestyle

04:13, Aug 14 2012
william bisset
MAJOR MILESTONE: William Bisset in his new suit, with Grant Shaw, who donated it in recognition of his strides to better health.

If you look at the picture, this is a big moment for me.

Before I started my journey to better health and a better life, I visited Mac Shaw Men's Clothing and I discussed my idea of losing weight and documenting it for the Timaru Herald, via print and video, the latter to be found at

Week 25

Grant, the owner, provided some extra motivation, promising that if I lost enough weight this year, he would gift me a business suit.

I'll admit, sometimes I questioned whether I would ever really fit this suit. When I first tried it on four months ago I could barely put the jacket on and I can remember thinking that I would need to lose a lot of weight, and would need a good 10 or so months to do it.

Never did I think I would be wearing this new suit in four months. Every month I have taken a video of myself trying the suit on and Grant even admitted that he lowered the size. You can watch all of this at


I have lost about 20 kilograms, and gone from a man classed as seriously obese, where my size restricted my ability to buy clothes in most menswear shops. Not to mention the fatigue and potential unhappiness caused by the excess weight.

Now I am fit, my head is clear, I fit 2XL, which is a size most brands make, and while I am still overweight and need to lose another 15kg to 20kg, I no longer look really fat and obese.

When Grant handed me the suit and shook my hand I realised something. I had set a goal and developed a plan to achieve that goal. The goal was realistic and achievable, providing I was diligent towards improving my health.

I have been overweight for many years, and much of that time I thought I would never lose weight. I remember starting diets with enthusiasm, but within weeks I would be back to my old eating habits. To see results and to achieve this particular goal has been extremely exciting for me. My weight has been such a huge obstacle in my life and now it's disappearing; and so too are all the negative emotions relating to being overweight.

The difficulty in dieting is that it takes a long time. You change your eating habits, struggle with desires to eat bad foods and because it takes so long for change it is easy to make justifications and before you know it you're off your diet. The more this happens, the more you condition your belief system that you will never achieve weight loss.

I have not had a perfect diet, neither have I been super-disciplined at attending the gym all the time as I should have. What I have done, however, is improve the quality of the living foods and reducing dead foods that are burdened with chemicals. I eat less, especially if I am eating something less healthy. I don't binge on takeaways but I don't stress about what I eat if I go to functions or parties. I have plenty of healthy fats, including flaxseed oil which provides a huge list of benefits.

With any change for good, it needs to start with the quality of thought, generating motivation and determination. If I do trip up, like I did the other night when I cooked someone burgers and fries, I don't allow a situation like that to dishearten me or allow myself the excuse to binge.

My journey to better health and a better life continues and I enjoy sharing my journey with you. The video shows me at Mac Shaw's with my new suit and Monica discusses more about supplementation.

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