Like attracts like, so let your positivity resonate

04:14, Aug 14 2012

I have experienced the law of attraction. According to Wikipedia, the law of attraction is "essentially a belief or theory, that ‘like attracts like' and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results".

I have known about this law for some time, and I recall my initial thoughts were "what a load of hogwash", particularly in the areas of this law that potentially sound a little like hocus-pocus.

Week 26

A big part of my journey to better health and a better life is being positive.

Since I began developing a confident and positive personality I have noticed how many positive, quality people and situations have come into my life.

Famous personal development guru Brian Tracy gave the illustration that if you have two pianos in the same room and you hit the note of C on one piano, the same C strings on the other piano will also start to vibrate, a phenomenon called sympathetic vibration.


Essentially what he was illustrating is that if you have particular values, goals and beliefs, and with the energy to achieve them, you will attract people and situations that will support you.

That has indeed happened to me on many levels. In fact just this week I am in Auckland attending a conference and as I was flying up I sat beside a complete stranger. Instead of just looking out the window, I decided to strike up a conversation.

I asked her why she was travelling to Auckland and learned that she was on her way to Hawaii as a guest singer. This to me was a amazing; imagine being invited to Hawaii! I needed to learn more about this woman!

Of course, trying to impress, I applauded her and discussed some physiological attributes she must have in order to achieve what she has.

As it transpires, she too is a motivational speaker, so our conversation was full-on.

Next minute it all seemed slow-motion, my vision became like a soft glow filter on a film lens, Tom Jones quietly playing in my head, and it abruptly ended when she spoke of her fiance.

It turns out that I was sitting beside Ria Hall, and she sang at the 2011 Rugby World Cup opening ceremony.

She agreed to an interview, but upon discovering she had only 10 minutes to get from the domestic to international terminals, we realised we didn't have time.

I did ask what the key to her success was. After all, she didn't have the best of childhoods, yet now she travels around the world and is regularly on television.

She said the biggest thing she pushes in her motivational speaking is attitude, and that comes from changing the way you think. Now going back to the piano illustration, everything she was saying was in harmony with what I have already written! The quality of thinking determines your actions and your actions are what causes different results.

She also said to think globally, or at least discover that there is more to life than the town you have been brought up in. This I took note of, I too having long-term goals of a global nature - world domination! Just kidding.

Word got out at the conference about my journey, and while sitting in the theatre trying to sleep, the MC asked if I could come up on stage. Some warning would have been nice!

Anyway, as a result of speaking briefly about my journey, I got to meet some amazing people who have pulled through some pretty tragic situations. Meeting these people provides inspiration, and associating with like-minded people breeds internal energy that fuels the goal of reaching my maximum potential.

I have a video at I had the opportunity to ask John Key a few questions when he came to Timaru to open the new aquatic centre.

In the meantime, at this conference I am surrounded by food, and I may have eaten a little too much!

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