Events are piling up, but weight keeps falling off

03:31, Aug 23 2012

I have been burning the candle at both ends.

Over the last few weeks I have been putting together broadcast quality 3D animations and video production showcasing each finalist for the 2012 South Canterbury Business Excellence Awards this Friday night.

Week 29

This has required me to work through crazy hours of the night and the weekends, sitting on my big butt at the computer.

It's worth it, of course; the business awards are exciting and professional and, more importantly to me, involve great food.

I enjoy events where the best are celebrated and acknowledged. I guess whatever is being celebrated, a business or a person, a finalist is already a winner in that they have put their hand up and put themselves forward.


This takes two qualities - confidence and attitude - and it's people or industries that display these that you want to associate with or learn from.

There's an old saying that is appropriate here: "Bad associations spoil useful habits". This is so true. If you want your life to progress you need quality associations and to be with people who have winning attitudes.

So, who have I been associating with recently? Actually, I had a punch-up with Shane Cameron, ranked 9th in the world as a heavyweight boxer, when he was in Temuka at the weekend. Shane gave me a few knock-out tips on diet, exercise and of course the importance of mental conditioning.

Some potentially exciting news here; the Timaru Herald and I are discussing the possibility of hosting a seminar where I get to discuss my journey and share some extremely motivational tips that I have been learning and trying to put into practice recently.

The idea of throwing such an evening comes from the many questions people ask about what I am doing on my journey and their requests for further information. I also had a good response to the articles relating to quality of thinking and maintaining a positive attitude and more and more people and groups want to hear about this. It would be great to hear your thoughts about us doing this. Email

It was supposed to be my weigh-in this week, but I never got the chance to catch up with Justin at Performance Training for the official event. I'll be honest, I was a little worried because I have been going to the gym only once or twice a week, plus a few walks, so I feared my results might be less than satisfactory.

However, I popped in to use the scales, making sure no-one was watching just in case I had gained weight. I had lost another two kilograms. How do I feel? Well, if I had stuck to my plan, I should have lost a lot more, but considering what my month was like, I'm thrilled to have lost something.

I have always preached that my focus is not about losing weight, but about health and lifestyle, and I must say, I am feeling absolutely fantastic. I don't feel like I am starving or missing out on any pleasures in life, which is not always the case for those dieting.

Extra responsibilities and pressures added to my routine have made being righteous with diet and exercise difficult. I'm still proud of not giving in to naughty food, especially fatty takeaways. Several times when working late, in combination with not have anything prepared because I've not got around to shopping, I've been tempted to order fast foods, but so far, I have resisted ... just.

A final note here; since I have a bit on my plate (excuse the pun) my articles will be printed every fortnight instead of every week.

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