Pursuing the passions of your life

23:12, Feb 09 2013

I did it!

I mentioned in an article a few months ago that I have been working on something, a big change in my life's direction.

Week 31

Recalling the lyrics by famous New Zealand band Split Enz, "better to jump than hesitate", I took the plunge and resigned from my job.

A part of my journey to a better life is to engage in something I am passionate about. While there is an element of risk in going out alone, if you study some of the most successful people in the world, many of them took risks and in some instances several failed many times before they made it.

I am not out to pursue riches; instead I want to be doing things that are in line with my values and what I am most passionate about. If I sit back and really think about what they are, it's quite simple . . . I like helping people, educating others and being in the glamorous world of TV, video and marketing.


In terms of helping others, I will now have more time to pursue projects for Literacy South Canterbury. It is surprising how many people, even successful businesspeople, struggle with basic reading and numeracy skills. In fact, this week is Adults Learners' Week. A great week to start my new career.

Of course I will need an income so I have launched a company specialising in marketing, video and multimedia productions and already I have picked up a few projects, including a marketing campaign for a new business and filming projects.

In addition to resigning and starting a new company, it's time I considered some recreational activities. So I met up with Cath Gilson, as seen in the picture. She teaches tango dancing and has agreed to show me a few hot moves!

Learning how to dance is on my to-do list, so it's great to get that started. I didn't really know much about tango dancing when I joined, but it seems it's a type of ballroom dance that is rather saucy and originated in South America well over 100 years ago. You can watch Cath and me on the video above.

Diet and exercise . . . mmm . . . change the subject quickly. If I wrote my usual confession I would fill up this entire page . . . let's leave that for now. But I would like to touch on something every important.

Negative emotions: They can hit us any time and can be extremely destructive if we do not manage them. I've been pondering on this subject for a long time and what I realise is that feelings of guilt, blame and holding grudges against someone who may have wronged us can enhance our feelings of negativity. Sometimes we may feel that we have the right to hold a certain grudge because it has hurt or has affected us dramatically.

It's like "I have the right to be angry" or to hold a grudge "because that person has caused me so much damage". And yet, when you really think about it, the only person being affected by this is you.

It doesn't matter how much I feel angry at someone, it won't affect them, only me. Why would I let someone else or a situation affect me like that? Holding grudges can make you sick and unhappy.

How can one succeed and move forward with a happy and positive attitude when holding a grudge? Well, that's impossible, hence I have decided I must forgive everyone who has wronged me in the past and not allow anyone else's attitude or actions to affect how I feel.

Don't be a slave to negative emotions, they will bring you down. No matter what the wrong is, forgive.

Write a letter to the person who wronged you and say "I forgive you for . . . I take full responsibility over . . . I wish you all the best", put it in an envelope, and post it. I tell you, as soon as you release the letter into the post box, your life will change.

Forgiveness will set you free and enable you to accomplish your goals faster. I can speak about this with some authority. I have had major wrongs done against me and I stewed over them for years.

When I forgave the people involved I felt free and no more was my mind hampered by that way of thinking.

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