Drink water, eat a healthy breakfast

04:27, Oct 10 2012

Two weeks ago I officially weighed in at 100.5 kilograms. My previous weigh-in four weeks earlier was 103kg and my goal is the mid-80kg.

Week 35

The weather is warming up, and with the many sunny blue days we have been enjoying, I am indeed feeling inspired to lose this extra 15kg of wobbly blubber around my stomach. While I have lost nearly 35kg from my peak last year, my stomach is still holding rolls of fat that have accumulated through years of neglect.

Recently, when I have walked down the Bay, I have been thinking about this coming summer and the recreational summer activities on our beaches and rivers that I intend to enjoy. This probably sounds a little vain of me, but I wouldn't feel all that comfortable in my current state running around topless down the bay, and I'd hate to be the one responsible for scaring away the tourists.

There are 12 weeks till the end of the year and I am going to set a goal of entering 2013 weighing about 90kg. This is nearly 1kg per week, which sounds like a lot to lose. I essentially have three months . . . a three-month challenge, I guess.

How am I going to do it?


Thoughts of injecting my body with helium gas seem a tempting option, but that is neither possible nor a good way to get lighter.

One thing I need to do is drink more water. It is well known that drinking plenty of water can help reduce weight and promote better health. Our body is made up mostly of water and our cells need to be well hydrated to transfer information and energy between cells.

I recall a friend illustrating the importance of drinking water this way. Imagine filling the sink with water to do the dishes, but the same water is used for several days, adding only a little fresh water from time to time. The water soon turns toxic unless it is replaced.

Our bodies are the same. Water helps to eliminate wastes and toxins and if we don't drink enough, we can risk serious health problems. There are several other benefits of drinking water, such as assisting with digestive problems, regulating body temperature, and improving energy levels.

Given that I have a target, I will need to be well organised with a good plan. I have learnt a lot in the last six months about what I should be eating, exercise and improving the quality of my thinking. Now I really need to step it up and put it into practice if I am to attain this goal.

A good healthy breakfast is essential to set your blood sugars for the day. I eat foods with slow-releasing sugars. This prevents insulin from rapidly rising and then crashing energy levels later.

I enjoy unprocessed muesli and, when combined with LSA (ground linseed, sunflowers and almond) and yoghurt, with flaxseed oil mixed in, it is a meal that is high in fibre which is good for the bowels and helps to absorb toxins. The yoghurt-oil combination provides an abundance of energy and increases my omega-3 essential fatty acids. This breakfast makes me feel full for a long time and I notice my thinking and memory improve too.

Being clever and budgeting is important, as it can be expensive to eat healthily. I will try to make larger meals that I can divide up for other days.

I will buy myself a crockpot so I can throw in heaps of vegetables, and little goes to waste when cooking that way. Having a crockpot simmering away means there is always some healthy food on hand if I am busy.

Generally, I try to buy when items are on special and I heard there are local Sunday markets where I can buy fresh vegetables and meats from farmers at reasonable prices.

There are a few things that can cost but are essential, such as quality oils and fats and LSA, and I will pay more attention to buying organic where possible. I will update you how I am doing in two weeks, including what I am eating and the activities I am undertaking to reach my 90kg target.

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