Positive reward for weight-loss effort

18:44, Oct 31 2012
william bisset
SOLD: William Bisset, also known as Willywilly Yumyum, raises money for charity.

I have succumbed to pressure to an unthinkable, debauched level. But before I explain, it was in the name of charity to raise money for children. So . . . it's all about the children, have that in the back of your mind as you read on about my dark depravity!

Week 39

It was at one of Timaru's largest parties, called Generation X, and my alter-ego Willywilly Yumyum was asked to be co-MC - conditional upon me being in roller-skates for the entire evening, too. Earlier in the afternoon I stressed out when my old costume literally fell off because it was way too big for me!

Luckily, I am handy with a needle and thread and large scissors, so all was OK. There should be a law about consuming alcohol at organisational meetings because I agreed (but not while in sound mind) to be auctioned off as a date, which included a three-course meal at Tussock Restaurant (remember the children). You could imagine the doubts running through my mind . . . what if no-one bids? I would be embarrassed and humiliated. Later in the night the bidding began. I held my tummy in and poked my chest out in a lame attempt to attract bids.

Much to my surprise the hands were going up, $10, $15, $20, I personally thought $50 would have been good, but then I heard $60, $70, $90 and so on. Relief turned into disbelief when I spotted one of the bidding women was super attractive . . . surely not . . . was this my imagination, has the stress of the situation caused a mirage-like affect? Or was she drunk/drugged or mentally challenged?

The bids reached $120 and I will not worry about dieting that night, although it's never a good idea to eat too much on a first date!


I danced from 7pm to 2.30am and then roller-skated home. Although I needed two days' sleep and had blisters on my toes, it was an extremely good workout.

Overweight can snack up on you. Indeed this is true. I have found that it only takes a few days of poor eating and little exercise to feel as if I have put all my weight back on! I was feeling this way last week until I went to buy some shirts. I was shocked and simultaneously delighted to discover that I have dropped another size! Now I am size XL (from 6XL)

It's funny how sometimes it doesn't feel like I am doing very well, because my weight seems to be hovering around 100 kilograms. But then my clothes are getting looser and many people comment on how much better I am looking. This is proof I am achieving, when sometimes it feels like I am not.

We all need to feel we are achieving something, that's what can keep us going. Setting goals and achieving them is the foundation of success and true happiness. Sometimes we don't achieve all the time and we can slip backwards. It's about developing the necessary strengths and character to pick ourselves back up and move forward, which is key.

It's easy to think negatively when we slip up, and perhaps we concentrate on or berate ourselves about what we did wrong. Instead, we should be thinking about what we need to do to pick ourselves back up and be determined to overcome our shortfalls. It's common when someone diets, they fail once, and then they binge as a result. So easy to do! Personally, I use techniques such as thinking "this will not benefit me" or "this type of food will always be around, so just not now". I also stop and imagine the remorse I would feel.

Eight weeks to Christmas. I have a goal to be in my mid-90kg by then, so no time for compromising or being naughty, except when I go on this date!

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