Miracle cures and flowery fashions

03:44, Nov 13 2012
vintage ad corset
BIG SQUEEZE: The rustproof variety of corset was in favour.

One hundred years ago, there was a cure for the common cold - or so it was claimed in the pages of the Timaru Herald.

Modern science has no solution for the common cold, but go back 100 years ago and Hearne's Bronchitis Cure claimed in the Herald it had just the elixir.

Past Times has had a peek at the papers of November 1911 to see what the advertisements were all about.

vintage ad cough
CURE-ALL: Hearne's elixir was touted as the remedy for just about everything that ailed you.

For the health

Free from any of today's strict advertising guidelines, Hearne's Bronchitis Cure must have been a wonderful remedy.

"Those who have taken this medicine are amazed at its splendid healing power. Sufferers from Bronchitis, Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, Pain or Soreness in the Chest experience delightful and rapid relief, and to those who are subject to Colds on the Chest it is invaluable as it effects a complete cure.


vintage ad bald
PROOF: A baldness cure was readily available, according to this 1911 advertisement.

"It is most comforting in allaying irritation in the Throat and giving Strength to Voice, and it neither allows a Cough or Asthma to become chronic, nor Consumption to develop.

"Consumption is not known where Coughs have on their first appearance been properly treated with this medicine."

Just what was in this wonderful little cure-all their advertisement does not say.

vintage ad hat
TOP HAT: The latest fashion in women's hats for the 1911 summer was all about flowers.

Meanwhile, Holloways pills and ointment were advertised as the Star of Hope.

"Do not Give up HOPE of regaining LOST HEALTH. Thousands of Sick and Ailing have been cured in the past by the use of these reliable remedies and keep cured.

"The pills have gained their wonderful reputation by sheer force of merit, because every person who uses them recommends to others. They have positively no equal for thoroughly cleansing the system and putting the liver and kidneys in functional order without pain or griping. They are the best known remedy for Indigestion, Biliousness, Headache, Dizziness and the common condition of ill health known as ‘run down' or ‘out of sorts'."

The ointment was also claimed as "a Quick remedy for bad legs, old wounds and sores and skin eruptions of every kind". The ad claimed it was "the speediest remedy for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains and Stiffness of the Limbs and Joints, backbone etc".

Violetta Cough Cure

"Violetta Cough Cure today is one of the very FEW cough medicines offered to the public guaranteed by the Government Analyst of New Zealand, A A Bickering, to be ABSOLUTELY FREE FROM POISON."

For the gentlemen

J O'Rourke The Outfitter, Pareora Buildings, advertised "The Change of Season Demands a Change of Raiment".

"New for Summer Underwear, we have just to hand from the best English and Colonial manufacturers a large consignment of Men's Unshrinkable Underclothing - guaranteed absolutely Unshrinkable or your money refunded."

Men's singlets, long or half sleeve, sold from 3s (shillings) and 3d (pence) to 9s and 9d. Men's underpants sold from 3s and 3d to 9s and 11d.

Twenty-five dozen fancy half hose of the very latest patterns were on sale for 1s and 9d to 2s and 3d a pair, and 50 dozen of the Famous Hercules, half hose in navy and black, for 10 d to 2s 6d a pair.

A proven cure for baldness

"Brice's regenerator cures disease of the hair follicles, invigorates the weakened cells, and induces luxuriant growth. It immediately arrests falling hair.

"This is the peculiarity of this hair restorer - IT RESTORES HAIR. It is not a quack nostrum merely bottled to sell. It is the crowning achievement of Mr W Brice's fifty years as a hair-specialist.

"It returns to the hair cells just what is missing of Nature's original equipment. It extirpates disease by an absolutely natural process.

This wonderful cure could be bought for 3s 6d, or a special strength for 5s 6d. Also "Circassian Cream, a reliable pomade to use alternately with the Regenerator" could be bought for a further 2s.

For the ladies

Penrose Brothers, Timaru, phone number 245, had "Dainty Shoes For Dainty Feet".

"You may eat in private, but you have to walk in public. Therefore in these days of shorter skirts, one's foot covering should be above criticism.

"Penrose's Summer Footwear is made to give good service in addition to having a stylish appearance. For example, our newly imported Canvass Albany Shoes are light in weight and daintily shaped and perfect fitting."

Also for the ladies to look their best, PD Corsets were available - even a rustproof version.

The advertisement said, "You can't be beautiful unless comfortable. And, you can't be comfortable in an ill-fitted tight-laced corset".

"Nature never intended you to pull yourself sharply in at the waist. Nature's - and Fashion's - lines are smooth and flowing, such as ROYAL P D RUSTPROOF CORSETS." Apparently, P D Self-Reducing Corsets were available from all leading drapers.

From McGruer Davies and Co

"We Celebrate the Return of Summer.

"Our Millinery Department now is a Perfect Bower of Flowers

"Buttercups, Roses, Poppies, Lilies of the Valley, Geraniums, Carnations, Cornflowers, Artificial Grass, Forget-me-nots, Cherries and Sprays are all depicted in the most natural-looking groups, pleasing to the eye and economical in price.

"Glorious as the colour scheme and as perfect as the creations are, we have no Eccentric or Freak styles. Dame Fashion evidently intends this Season to be one of sensible although picturesque Millinery."

The Timaru Herald