Insights from a year's journey

21:31, Dec 12 2012
william bisset
William Bisset

The festive season is upon us.

Invitations to end-of-year parties, morning tea shouts and drinkies after work are on the increase and if I am not careful the same could happen to my waistline!

Week 43

I cannot believe we only have a couple more weeks till Christmas. This time last year I was well over 30 kilograms heavier than now and I feel on top of the world at having achieved this result.

At the beginning of 2012, I had a New Year resolution to improve my health and wellbeing. I set out on a "journey to better health and a better life". I recognised that if I didn't make changes, I was at risk of developing a serious illness caused by obesity.

I have fallen off the wagon a few times. While many good things have happened to me as a result of my public journey, this year was indeed one of the hardest I have been through emotionally.


Losing a loved one and relationship break-ups have at times dramatically reduced my enthusiasm. Finding inner strength and motivation was needed more than ever. Improving the quality of my thinking and leaning on close friends has certainly helped me get back on track.

What is your 2013 New Year resolution?

Whatever it is, ensure you have clear, written goals and a pathway to get there. Read those goals every morning so your determination will stay at the forefront of your mind all day. Eliminate anything that causes you to think negatively; try to turn a negative into a positive. Take full responsibility for your own actions and life. I often say to myself, "If it's to be . . . it's up to me".

Face your fears, don't underestimate the power of positive affirmations. When stuck, I live by the law "Fake it till you make it". This takes courage but it most certainly has helped me grow and find new opportunities.

I have not fully achieved everything I wanted to in 2012 but I see 2013 as a year of setting the foundations to reach my potential.

I already have a good start by being appointed strategic development manager for Literacy South Canterbury. This was only possible by me knowing what I wanted, aligning my career with my values and developing the attitude to help others.

Ten weeks ago I set a target to reach 95kg by Christmas. Since then I have actually gained a little weight, going back up to 103kg.

I am unsure if I will reach 95kg but I am confident I won't be far off it. I have been super-strict lately!

I have developed a healthy eating plan and nothing will budge me from it. Even when faced with temptations at functions, like finger food, I refuse. I have found this new inner determination like never before. With that said, resisting hotdogs and chips at fairs has to be one of the most challenging situations.

What has been helpful is preparing several meals in advance. The wok has become my best friend, for in it I can cook extremely healthy and tasty dishes. I buy fresh ginger in copious amounts along with garlic and vegetables. Within minutes I have prepared three or four meals that are healthy, tasty and cost-effective.

Over the holidays I plan to video some of these recipes and upload them for you to watch.

Christmas is less than two weeks away and so is my official weigh-in. I have a feeling I will be very close!

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