Defining your target 'vital'

19:18, Dec 26 2012
william bisset
CHANGES: William Bisset reflects on his journey to better health over the year.

YAY!!! My target for Christmas was to reach 95kg and I am thrilled to weigh in at 93.7kg!

That's a total loss of more than 40kg from my peak in 2011 and since starting at Performance Training earlier this year I have lost just over 30kg.

Week 45

In February, I started my public journey to "better health and a better life". Most weeks I wrote an article for the Timaru Herald and uploaded a video blog at

I must thank everyone for their kind and supportive compliments, the feedback I received from readers has indeed helped me rise to the challenge to succeed.

I have often discussed targets and the importance of them. If you start a journey with no aim then you will get nowhere fast with any accuracy. Successful businesses require targets that are regularly reviewed and measured. We all need long- and short-term targets that are regularly reviewed and amended where necessary to accomplish our goals. I had a goal of reaching 95kg by Christmas and over the past 12 weeks, that goal has been in the forefront of my mind. If I didn't have that goal, I wouldn't be where I am.


My journey hasn't stopped; if anything 2013 will be a year of growth and improvement. Whilst I have lost a great deal of weight, I still have rolls of unsightly blubber around me which will take time to burn off and work toward building a modestly toned body.

For now, my clothes cover the blubber and I am enjoying health and fitness as if I was young again. 2013 will be full of many outdoor adventures, including tramping, sports and hobbies etc. Many of these I intended to start in 2012 but they didn't, and that's OK I guess.

A final word for the year . . . many readers have contacted me, or introduced themselves when I'm out and about. When it comes to emotional and physical health, it has surprised me how many have struggles to deal with, so we're not alone. I hope you have taken something from my journey that is positive and inspirational. Wherever you are in your life, no matter what situation you are in, all of us have the ability to make changes if necessary to improve happiness. Everything starts with the quality of your thinking, setting personal goals and a plan to get there.

Remove anything that brings you down, including associations. Find new friends, join organisations that help improve the quality of our people in our community. What goes around comes around, and putting others first and developing a positive attitude will attract successful opportunities to you. Promise.

Ten months ago I felt discouraged knowing it would take me about 12 months to lose most of my weight . . . but I knew back then that 12 months was coming regardless of whether I lost weight or not. If you want to improve your health, start now. Visualise yourself as the ideal you, plan and just do it. The world didn't end last week, so I'm sure we all feel a level of confidence that the next 12 months will come . . . plan now, you can do it.

Please have a safe holiday and enter 2013 with ambitious but realistic goals. If you would like to contact me with feedback, or if you want 2013 to be your year of change, I would love to hear from you. Email me at I have uploaded a video blog to

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