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Bentley's first jam

21:01, Jan 28 2013
bentley and joe
Bentley and Joe

We asked readers to tell us about something they've done this summer so Bec Foster shared this story about 18 month old Bentley attending a Timaru band jam.

Bentley had a great time at his first Descendants of Darwin jam practice.

He loved the guitars (or 'tars, as he calls them) and was stoked to have a play on Rob's drums with Uncle Dip, making his "look what I've done!" face each time he hit a cymbal.

bentley with uncle dip
BIG BANG: Uncle Dip showing Bentley how to use the drums.

It was a struggle to get him to wear the earmuffs at first but he soon got used to them. He had a little dance and clapped along.

Uncle Dip got him a keyboard and microphone for Christmas so it won't be long until he is making music of his own.

But even with all the music he still managed a relaxing drink, a few yawns and a snuggle!


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