Geraldine senior prizegiving 2013

21:41, Dec 15 2013

Here is the Geraldine High School senior prizegiving list for 2013.

1st Xv Trophy Rugby Award for most worthy player, Andrew Newark
Rugby 99 Trophy for contribution to school rugby, Dougal PolsonDuckham-Drennan Trophy for contribution to girls' rugby, Melissa Begg
Wood Sisters' Trophy Girls' Basketball Award for best effort, Alana Dodunski
Geraldine High School Trophy Boys' Basketball Award for most worthy player,
Mark Holder
Adrienne Mackenzie Trophy Netball Award for most worthy player, Millie How
Cartwright Trophy for the most improved netball player, Georgie Mcewan and Amelia Mcknight
Netball 99 Trophy for contribution to school netball, Kelsey Bush
Thatcher Family Trophy for most worthy male hockey Player, Thomas Byron Beeby Family Trophy for most worthy female hockey player, Kendra Plows
Duncan Turnbull Trophy soccer award for most valuable player, Shea Thompson
Payne Trophy for service to sport, Millie How
Geraldine High School Trophy for services to sport and to the junior school, Millie How and Kelsey Bush
Smith Trophy for service to the student council, Kate Mulligan
Currie Literary Cup for senior original composition, Janina Gillies
Su Cottam Memorial Cup for contribution to music, Annie Theewis
Geraldine Players Trophy for contribution to the performing arts, Annie Theewis
Adams Trophy for  senior speech competition, Roisin Scott-Towers
Geraldine High School Award for dedication and enthusiasm in the visual arts, Janina Gillies
Geraldine High School Cup for excellence in languages, Jessica Smith

Blues Awards: Dougal Polson, hockey and rugby
Rhiannon Brodie, art
Kelsey Bush, umpiring
Janina Gillies, art
Stuart Houston, swimming
Millie How, netball
Sam Kircher, hockey
Jamiema Lorimer, music; Kelsey Scott, athletics
Phoebe Tinning, tennis
Annie Theewis,  Music
Rosie Tulisi, netball

Senior Subject Awards

Year 11 Top Academic Prizes

Casey Daniell, agriculture
Shane Millar, New Zealand Primary Industries trade academy award
Helena Finlayson-Hood, English
Eva Izard, economics
Marlize Keet, health
Kerrie Mariner, physical education
Cj Mcmillan, food technology
Tj Nelson, General Science
Rosie O'brien, textiles
Casey Pascoe, art
Kelsey Scott, music

Cassidy Van Der Wielen, tools 4 work
Callum Bailey, agriculture and graphics
Lauren Donald, history and mathematics
Phoebe Bates, art, english and mathematics
Lucas Keggenhoff, English, digital technology and drama
Anneke Vogel, accounting, mathematics and physical education
Jessica Smith, French, geography, mathematics, science with biology and science with physics

Year 12 Top Academic Prizes

Dion Andrews, graphics
Lydia Blakiston, geography
Daniel Brown, Digital Technology
Kimberley Brown, English
Ashleigh Daley, hospitality
Raul Johnson, classical studies
Ashleigh Mcgee-Matthews, internally assessed science (Level 1)
Sean Mulligan, Agriculture
Kate Pinn, physical education
Lauren Stead, outdoor education Melissa Sparks, biology
Phoebe Tinning, mathematics
Shea Thompson, English; Rosie Tulisi, art
Tesa Drake, accounting and history
India Jack, art and mathematics
Thomas Mckeown, agriculture, mathematics intermediate and tools 4 work
Jemiema Lorimer, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, music and physics

Year 13 Top Academic Prizes

Mark Bates, tools 4 work
Kelsey Bush, accounting
Alana Dodunski, outdoor education
Nicolle Hills, digital technology
Ashley Parker, agriculture
Annie Theewis, drama
Jenna Boal, english and classical studies
Lauren Gibson, accounting (Level 2) and hospitality
Janina Gillies, english and visual art
Andrew Newark, biology, geography and history
Benjamin Sinclair, calculus, physics and statistics
Laura Pinn, biology, chemistry, physical education and statistics

PTA Prizes for excellence in work habits and independent study: Rory Abraham, Rhiannon Brodie, Lisa Danuser, Nicole Davies, Victoria Fletcher, Stephanie Gilbert-Keen, John Harrison, Cheyenne Ironside, Nikita Molloy-Collier, Eillish Morrison, Nuru Mzee, Courtney Oakley, Kendra Plows, Lucy Polson, Cassidy Sandrey, Eitenne Savage, Troy Titheridge, Nicole Wiles

Special Awards And Scholarships

The Chris Quigley Memorial Prize for most improvement in technical areas, Hamish Harrington; Geraldine Garden Circle Prize for most worthy in practical subjects, Mark Bates and Lauren Gibson; Geraldine District Community Arts Council Prize for contribution to the cultural life of the school, Lucy Polson; Westpac Prize for service to school and community, Kelsey Bush; B.L.Mitchell Cup for diligence, perseverance and courage, Cheyenne Ironside; Principal's prizes for head students, Annie Theewis and Benjamin Sinclair; Rangitata Rafts Scholarships, Lauren Stead and Matthew Walls; Charlie Tripp Award to assist students to pursue the development of outdoor education skills in year 12, Aleisha Savage; Vera Mary Allan Trust Award, Lauren Gibson, Kate Mulligan, Lucy Polson, Rachel Stanton, Stephanie Weeks; Geraldine Masonic Lodge Centennial Awards, Benjamin Sinclair and Annie Theewis;
Geraldine Licensing Trust Grants
For good work ethic in class and contribution to the wider life of the school, Kelsey Bush;
For academic potential and/or contribution to the arts and/or languages, Janina Gillies;
For academic potential and/or contribution to mathematics and/or sciences, Laura Pinn;
The Cotter Family Technology Bursary to assist a student to pursue trade training in a technology, Cassidy Sandrey; The Coles Family Agricultural Scholarship, Ashley Parker; Supreme Awards
Geraldine High School Jubilee Prize Outstanding Leadership, Kate Mulligan; Metcalf Family Trophy for best all round senior sports person, Dougal Polson; Aidan Scott Memorial Award for academic potential in science subjects, Laura Pinn; M.P. Watson Shields awarded for all-round academic and sporting ability, Kelsey Bush and Andrew Newark
Year 12 Academic Excellence Award, Jamiema Lorimer
Proxime Accessit, Janina Gillies Dux Trophy and Medal and $5000 Otago University Dux Scholarship, Andrew Newark;
Board Of Governors' Trophy Awarded for all-round Excellence, Benjamin Sinclair


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