All the fun of a weekend 'excursion' camp

00:58, Mar 28 2014
victoria-rose tucker
VICTORIA-ROSE TUCKER: With new friends she made at the Esplai club camp.

Victoria-Rose Tucker, a former Mountainview High School student, is five months into her AFS exchange in Spain.

This weekend I went on an "excursion" as they would call it here, or, as I would say, camp.

The camp was from Saturday morning at the train station, until Sunday evening and was with a big group of people from a club that my host brothers attend.

The club is called "Esplai" and it's similar to boy scouts or a kids club really. There are kids and teens of all ages from 5-16, and then there are the leaders who are 18 years plus.

The crew in Esplai are really nice and it wasn't difficult at all to find and make friends.

After a 30-minute train ride we jumped out and had to walk 30 minutes or so to the place we would be staying for the night.


It was a school-like building, quite big, and I was surprised to find that we didn't have it to ourselves, there were other people and another club staying there too.

On our arrival we had a wee snack (my host mum had planned out and prepared all my camp meals), and some free time.

This was when I took the opportunity to chat with new people and make friends. A little while later we were split into different age groups for activities.

Even though I'm 18, I went with my host brother Miquel, and his group which included 15 and 16-year-olds.

We went upstairs where we played board games and hung out.

Although it was fun, it was a really hot day and we wanted to go play outside, so we went out to play a game of basketball (I got quite of few points, just saying).

After lunch, we had to participate in activities which included using a scorecard.

First up we had to do an activity with puzzles. You had to say whether you thought you could put five, 10 or 15 puzzle pieces together for 1, 2 or 3 points.

There was a big pile of puzzle pieces and we all failed at putting together even five of them. Useless haha.

After that we had to make paper planes and I had no clue how to make one. Then we had to jump, next we had to skip rope and then we had to do running races. Wooo, felt like a wee kid, but in a good way I suppose.

What we did next was pretty fun to be honest. We split off into pairs and were told that we were going to do a "special mission".

The objective was to sneak through the corridors of the hostel, deciphering clues, and avoiding the guards (or leaders) who were patrolling the corridors (in the dark) with their torches and end up discovering where we would be sleeping.

My partner was Tomas and we did pretty well, but turns out the clues weren't straight enough and everyone kept getting stuck trying to figure them out.

So in the end we ended the game because it was getting late but not without having fun first.

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