Not running from fate this year

03:17, Feb 28 2014
old sneakers
FATEFUL FIND: The discovery of an old pair of running shoes has prompted one Herald staffer to get training.

A serendipitous find was made at the office of The Timaru Herald this week.

While digging about in a box stuffed under my desk, I discovered my old running sneakers. Fishing them out and dusting them off, I reached a conclusion.

Suspect logic aside, I concluded fate was giving me a nudge - telling me it was time to commit to a challenge - and the timing was perfect for this year's Hadlow to Harbour fun run.

Some disclosure: I've done the Hadlow to Harbour twice. Both times I've attempted to run at least some of distance. The first time I wasn't completely ill-prepared - averaging two or three short runs a week a couple of weeks in the lead up. The second time I probably hadn't laced up my sneakers for a year or so before lining up in the crowd at Hadlow. Both times I made it over the finish line, ecstatic to have done the race, but hobbled for several days after by spectacular blisters and offended muscles.

Going by time, not surprisingly, the first race was more successful than the second - but only by 10 minutes or so - leading me to wonder why bother running at all?


I've got just under six weeks to come up with an answer. The run is on March 9, and if I want to be prepared for the start line, now is a good place to start.

I've tried semi-commitment, I've tried signing up on the day; now it's time to give real preparation a go. Blogs - like training programmes - can be hard to commit to, so I've decided to give a six-week blog a go, too.

You might be considering doing the Hadlow to Harbour - and like me - you might be out of practice or contemplating a new-to-you challenge. The folk organising the race have an H2H website just for you. Each week they'll be uploading a suggested training guide for runners and walkers.

All going well, maybe we'll meet at the finish line.

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