Holman declines parole offer

02:57, May 05 2014

A Timaru man denied parole has turned down a new hearing in the near future so he can get help for his problems.

Johnny Grant Holman, 27, was sentenced to three years and nine months' imprisonment for manslaughter following the death of Shane Braddick, 28, who was found dead on York St early on May 11, 2012.

Holman was initially charged with Braddick's murder, but the Crown amended the charge to manslaughter. He was sentenced in March this year.

He appeared last month before the Parole Board, which in a decision released today, denied parole.

The board's decision said there had been "difficulties" while Holman was on remand.

"However, in recent times his behaviour has been more settled although earlier today he was dealt with on an internal misconduct charge involving the possession of a banned item," the ruling said.


Holman explained the items were bags of sugar, which he took from his workplace back to his cell. He had seven days of privileges deducted as a result.

He acknowledged drinking had been a significant problem over the past eight to nine years leading up to the manslaughter charge.

The Parole Board asked Holman if he wanted to be rescheduled for another appearance in two or three months' when a full parole assessment report would be available to the board.

He declined the offer saying he wanted to undertake a drug treatment programme as soon as possible, as well as a course aimed at helping offenders examine the cause of their offending and to develop skills to prevent them from re-offending.

Holman will reappear before the board in 12 months.

The Timaru Herald