Police remove highs from shops

Police have removed psychoactive substances from two retailers in Timaru and another in Oamaru as part of Operation Recall.

The nationwide operation removed psychoactive substances from 148 retailers on Thursday, following the law change prohibiting the substances from being sold until tested and proven safe.

Police also visited eight retailers in Christchurch.

"This was done to ensure that retailers were no longer selling the product, including ensuring all remaining stock is removed from shelves and arrangements made for product to be returned to suppliers," Ministry of Health senior media adviser Mere Wilson Tuala-Fata said.

Inspector Rob Duindam, from police national headquarters, said there would be ongoing visits to retailers to ensure psychoactive products remain off the shelves. This may include carrying out controlled purchase operations to ensure sales are no longer taking place.

"It is now an offence to possess, supply or sell psychoactive products.

As with all illegal drugs, police can now investigate and prosecute manufacturers, suppliers and those found in possession of unapproved psychoactive products," Duindam said.

The Timaru Herald