Students tackle car design contest

21:25, May 12 2014
geraldine high school students
TEAM DRIVE: Students from Geraldine High School, Daniel Stanton, 16, Jordan Ritchie, 16, Jeremy Silby, 16, TJ Nelson, 16, and Cassidy van der Whielan, 16, are designing and making an electric car.

What do you do when you are given a motor and a battery?

A group of Geraldine High School students are taking part in an initiative to produce innovative new technology - an electric car. For the challenge, which is judged in November, they were given a motor and a battery.

Student Jordan Ritchie is part of the group designing the car. The cars would be judged on endurance performance, he said.

This included the car's ability to carry two weightloads of 10 kilograms.

"We hope it will carry that weight," Jordan said.

The group of students have approached the competition as a business and have assigned team members to core elements; marketing, design, sponsorship and computer programming.

Jordan said they were looking for sponsorship for their car.

"We are willing to advertise on the car and uniforms. We don't just need money, we also need solar panels," he said.

However, the students are not just seeking sponsorship to fund this venture, and are planning a few different ventures to raise the money, including a car wash.


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