Artist says her work speaks for itself

20:14, May 15 2014
anita rogers
ARTIST'S STUDIO: Anita Rogers uses her imagination to inspire her paintings which will feature in her exhibition at the York St gallery.

Making a statement through art is Anita Rogers' preferred way of painting.

Rogers has been painting for 20 years and shows no signs of stopping - with a new set of paintings now exhibited at the York Street Gallery of Fine Art.

"I have 20 of my recent works going up at the gallery," Rogers said. "People enjoy my work, but I have kept it to Timaru - because I have become lazy and old"

Her mind is her inspiration and she likes being different in the way she paints.

"I just enjoy doing it. I enjoy using bright colours and different shapes. My preferred medium is acrylic because I am an impatient painter and acrylics dry faster," Rogers said.

Some of the recurring themes in her paintings include poppies and the moon.


"I used to paint poppies, but now I just paint poppy heads capturing the essence of the flower, and the moon is symbolic for women," Rogers said.

Impressions, feelings and ideas from her extensive travels feature as basis for her paintings and she likes the idea of being able to concentrate and put together a few works for the upcoming exhibition.

"It is better to work for a purpose. That way more ideas come through," she said.

Rogers reckons art should speak for itself.

"I want people to look at my work and let their imagination take them somewhere as opposed to telling them what they should be looking at."

The exhibition is on until June 5.

South Canterbury