Meringues meet raisin boxes on catwalk

19:55, May 15 2014
wearable art
ALL OUT: Year 10 Geraldine High School girls, from left, Grace Lange, Anne-Marie Reith and Dhruvini Patel work with copious metres of white tuile to create their Winter Wonderland entry for the high school's annual Wearable Arts competition.

Geraldine High School's Kim Brown, 17, has been making hundreds of meringues.

No, she is not addicted to the small white dessert. It's all in the name of the school's now annual competition, Wearable Arts. Kim is creating an outfit for the Winter Wonderland category out of the meringues.

Wearable Arts is in its sixth year, with categories and initial instructions now set out at the end of the previous year.

Teacher in charge Shirley Lindroos said this was something they had learnt along the way. It was especially important for the recycled category.

"Some students need time to get all of their materials. It just wouldn't be possible otherwise," she said.

For example, this year one student is doing an outfit out of raisin boxes, and another of dried rose petals.


Time is needed to gather the boxes and dry the petals.

Kim has entered every year she has been at the high school and as this year is her final year, she has gone all out and put in five entries.

"It's heaps of fun," she said.

Part of the competition is sourcing a model for the outfit. Kim said she actually had the deputy head boy ask her if he could model for her.

"He (Dion Andrews) has been going around telling everyone he is going to be an i-Phone.

School cultural captain and Wearable Arts committee member Jamiema Lorrimer, 17, is entering for the first time this year. She has teamed up with two other pupils to collaborate on her outfits.

Jamiema said she is excited to be entering but what she is most looking forward to is seeing what everyone else produces.

Lindroos said the competition should be of a high calibre this year as there had been a record number of entries - 67.

Wearable Arts will be on May 22. Tickets can be bought from the school office. There will be garments in these categories: Recycled, Winter Wonderland, Fluoro (UV Lights) and Carnival.