Kerosene smell has firefighters baffled

17:00, May 16 2014

The smell of kerosene in Parkside has Timaru's fire crew baffled.

Timaru firefighters were called to the area yesterday morning after Timaru Hospital staff reported a smell of kerosene, but could not identify the source.

South Canterbury District Health Board acting chief executive Fiona Pimm said the DHB was investigating the problem.

"We are aware of the kerosene smell, have done some investigations and at this stage believe it is an ambient odour from the area and not localised to the Timaru Hospital site," she said.

"We are working with the Fire Service to find out the source."

Station officer Trevor Karton said there was not much the fire crew could do until it found out what was causing the odour.

He encourages people to help identify the source if they know where it is coming from.

"Even if they don't own up to it they might think ‘oh, that's me, I'll stop doing that'."


The Timaru Herald