Charity to reissue tax rebate receipts

18:40, May 20 2014

Central South Island Charity Bike Ride organisers are to reissue receipts to donors to allow them to claim tax rebates.

Some donors who had already filed this year's tax returns have been told by Inland Revenue that their donations to the bike ride did not meet the criteria for rebates as the receipts did not have all the required information.

The Charity Bike Ride committee said yesterday the receipts were the same as in previous years, but Inland Revenue had now made it aware they did not contain everything they should.

A spokeswoman for the committee said it would issue new receipts containing the required criteria for anyone who wanted one.

"All riders have been contacted and the committee will happily work with anyone affected by this oversight.

"The basis of this ride is transparency and open distribution of funds to needy charities."


The spokeswoman said donors should contact the rider they donated money to, who would be in touch with organisers for a correct receipt.

"The committee is very pleased with the support that it receives from the local community and is ecstatic with the response this ride has had for several local charities."

An Inland Revenue spokeswoman said she was unable to comment on a specific taxpayer because of customer confidentiality, but did say that for a receipt to be eligible for deduction status it must contain the following:

Name of the donor or donors, the amount and date of the donation, a clear statement that it is a donation, clearly stated at the top if the donation is from a payroll, the signature of an authorised person, and an official stamp with the name of the approved organisation receiving the donation.

The Timaru Herald