Council cleaning up compliance backlog

18:52, May 20 2014

The Waimate District Council has spent more than $40,000 on consultancy fees in an effort to clear a huge backlog of unprocessed building compliance certificates.

The figures were released as part of a financial report at yesterday's council meeting.

A part-time staff member was employed at a cost of $24,900 to help carry out building inspections, as well as file several requests for additional information.

Another $16,200 was spent on a review into the council's building control systems.

In December, 370 code compliances had not been finalised, however that number was reduced to 144 by early May.

Some outstanding compliance certificates were close to eight years old.


Speaking to the Timaru Herald earlier this month, council regulatory manager Sue Kelly said council hoped to clear compliance certificates at a rate of 30 a month.

That has been achieved.

A code compliance certificate is a formal statement, issued under the Building Act, which states building work complies with a building consent.

The council began clearing the backlog in December, after an audit by International Accreditation New Zealand.

The Timaru Herald