Bullies get strong message in pink

19:12, May 26 2014
AGAINST BULLYING: Roncalli College pupils and teachers took a stand against bullying by wearing pink yesterday. Pictured from left at back: Molly McDougall, Kate Braddick, Rose Struthers, Shannon Wallace, Derek Vogel. Amelia Race, Olivia Waldron, Siobhan O’Connor, Libby Taylor and Emily O’Connor; middle row: Aui Ferrier, Ruby Sugrue, Grace Kemp, Molly Richardson, Naeve O’Driscoll and Olivia Milne; front row: Rebecca Roddick, Justine van Boomer, Lachie Scarsbrook, Richelle Cannell, Amy Richardson and Chante Cooper. Fronting up the group are Josiah Meleng and Jaim-Leei Kiernan.

Pink was the colour of the day yesterday, when schools around New Zealand took a stand against bullying by wearing pink.

The Pink Shirt Day bullying awareness campaign spread the message of "Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying".

Roncalli College was definitely in the pink. Year 13 pupil and organiser of Pink Shirt Day at the college, Lachie Scarsbrook, said most teachers and more than half the school took part by wearing pink in some way.

His reason for being the driving force behind Pink Shirt Day at his school, lay in his own personal experiences. "I suffered bullying when I was younger and some days I did not get to school because of it. I used all the hate and bullying and changed myself by talking about it."

Scarsbrook talked about his experiences at the school assembly and hoped it would help others share their experiences.

"We tried to focus on the message that if something is happening with them, talk about it. Do not keep it bottled up."

The school has peer mediators for pupils who won't talk to adults and they serve as the direct link to the guidance counsellor.


The Timaru Herald